Caroline Glick: “Where Were Hamas Rockets on Jerusalem Day?”

In this week’s episode I was reunited with my erstwhile co-host Gadi Taub. We discussed the successful Flag Parade in Jerusalem in the context of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Israeli government, and the previous Netanyahu-led government’s decision to cancel last year’s parade in the face of mass Arab Israeli violence and Hamas’s missile offensive.

We discussed the increasingly palpable atmosphere of rebellion among Arab Israelis in the face of Israel’s elites who refuse to defend the country. As Gadi put it, “If you look at the project of the new elects, what they really mean when they say ‘populism’ is hat they hate the populace. That’s the heart of it.”

From the threat of Israeli Arab rebellion and the betrayal of Israel’s elites, we moved to the state of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ongoing trial for bribery. Over the past six months, the prosecution has brought some 15 witnesses to the stand to make its case that Netanyahu received bribes for regulatory favors. First the claim of bribery fell apart. And over the past month, the claim that he provided regulatory favors has fallen apart. We summarized the state of play in the trial and what now hangs in the balance for Israeli democracy and the criminal justice system.


One thought on “Caroline Glick: “Where Were Hamas Rockets on Jerusalem Day?”

  1. saintsnotaints

    Agree with all caroline presented.agree both trump & netanyahu were railroaded. But i would never want either back in power as one of them could be the antichrist. Trump & bibi are the co fathers of the jab upon the earth and i despise both immensly.
    Bibi once was a good man i totally supported but he sold his soul to satan a couple decades ago. Bibi did much for israel but remember that the jesuit priest shimon peres once did good for israel and then went to the evil totally. Abba eban once said israel can never return to pre 1967 borders as thats auschwitz borders but later in life promoted return to those borders.very often good people in their latter years sell out to satan. Now bennett is a deceiver as he has always been evil.
    Bennett made a govt with hamas but it was bibi that started this, being first to open the door of talking with the arabs to try to get them to join him. It flopped but bibi opened the door enabeling shaked for bennett to do this horror deed. If bibi still loved israel, he would have quit and let likud have a new leader that would have won the election. Israels supreme court is very left and corrupt and how judges are selected is a horror to freedom loving people.
    And in about 1966 bengurion wrecked israels future by granting all israels arabs citizenship. Torah forbids such thing. Non jews are not permitted to rule in israel. Intil 1966 arabs were permanent residents. They get equal rights under the same laws and same benefits as a citizen and can even vote or serve in govt of the town they live in. Only restriction is cant vote or serve in national govt. Torah requires non jews ruled over to be treated well as God commanded but citizenship is not allowed.
    Last point is this is the end of the end times. Were told it will wax worse and worse. Were told the leaders will become fools. Point is each successive govt whether a new ruler or a returning ruler will be worse than the previous. Who ever replaces biden, bennett, bojo, trudeau, macron etc will wax worse, even if looks better initially will be worse. This is how the story goes and then Jesus comes. Amen.

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