In Post-Roe World, Pro-lifers Will be There for Women and Babies: Lifeline President

A pregnant woman is seen getting an ultrasound scan. | PIXABAY

This needed to be said and must be organized so that this will be a promise KEPT.


With the U.S. Supreme Court potentially poised to overturn decades of precedent making abortion a national right, national and local pregnancy resource centers are making preparations to support women and babies in a post-Roe world.

“The truth of the matter is, Lifeline [Children’s Services] and other organizations like ours, we’re ready,” Lifeline President Herbie Newell said in an interview with The Christian Post. “We’re scaled for the ability to help more women.”

Newell’s organization helps pregnant women create an adoption plan and build skills through budgeting and job training classes. Lifeline currently has just under 200 staff members working in 16 states throughout the U.S. and about 60 international partners and staff members. It is primarily funded through donor and corporate support and private grants. 

While optimism in the pro-life community builds as the nation’s high court is expected to issue a ruling in the coming weeks on Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, Newell said his organization is about as ready as they’ve ever been for the overturning or weakening of the court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that interpreted abortion access as a right under the 14th Amendment. 

According to a May 2 Politico report, a leaked draft opinion shows that the court’s Republican-appointed Justices may be leaning toward reversing Roe. A statement the following day by the court verified the authenticity of the draft opinion but also said the draft does not reflect the final ruling. 

“We’ve already recruited and prepared church partners and legal partners to be able to get those women to the best places where they can be helped,” Newell said. “In the last year, we have scaled to the point where we’re ready to work with women in all 50 states and even in the states where we may not have a physical presence.”

Another organization that is ready to scale up its services in a post-Roe world is the Human Coalition, a national collective that has aided thousands of mothers through the years in making the hard choice to give birth instead of abort. The organization’s “unique” telecare services connect women to needed resources. 

Human Coalition President Jeff Bradford told CP that his organization is forming partnerships with state governments — particularly pro-life states like Texas — and local pregnancy centers to connect women with supportive services. 

Over the last year and a half, Human Coalition has brought on specialists to connect women to employment, housing or education services. They’ve also approached pastors throughout the country and equipped them with information about the group and its partners. 

Human Coalition plans to launch a “pilot program” in Texas sometime this summer to help reduce infant morbidity. Bradford said Human Coalition is working with doctors to help promote healthy pregnancies and connect women with early OB/GYN care.  

“We’re looking at programs that can help women, especially those that are in vulnerable situations, socioeconomic situations that are more difficult for that,” Bradford said. “And we want to make sure that we, as the pro-life movement and the Church, can come alongside her and help.” 

Roland Warren, the president and CEO of Care Net, believes it’s a “misconception” that the only response to a potential overturn of Roe is building more pregnancy centers.

Care Net provides practical support services to women and families, operating more than 1,100 affiliates throughout the country.

“You have to understand it’s not just about the woman. It’s not just about saving the baby. It’s about reaching the guy, creating a family,” he told CP. 

On March 4, the organization hosted the first pro-life men’s conference in Dallas, Texas, inviting men to participate in supporting pregnancy centers. Care Net plans to host another conference within 12 to 18 months. 

Care Net has also increased the number of coordinators involved in its Life Disciples Progam, recently hiring new coordinators in Florida and Texas. The program equips churches to come alongside and support women and men contemplating their pregnancy decisions. 

More than 2,000 churches have purchased and implemented the discipleship kit since Care Net began the program in 2015. According to Warren, that number has continued to grow over the years. 

Executive Director Susan Barrett of the Chicago-based Aid for Women pregnancy care centers said the organization opened two additional centers in Waukegan and Wheeling, Illinois, last year.

Aid for Women has five center locations. In addition to pregnancy support services, the organization offers maternity housing — Heather’s House and Monica’s House. The organization states on its website that many women choose abortion because they “lack adequate housing or will be otherwise homeless if they choose life.”

Aid for Women recently hired three nurses and sonographers, and Barrett said there are plans to potentially implement telehealth services. But the most significant push right now is to expand the number of hours at each location, she said. 

“So we’re definitely looking at different ways to expand and to meet the needs,” Barrett said. 

Caring Network President Kirt Wiggins, who leads a network of Illinois-based pregnancy resource centers, estimates the number of women seeking abortions in Illinois will be in the “thousands” if Roe falls.

Illinois is among 16 states that have over the years enshrined abortion access into state law in case Roe is overturned. According to, over 46,000 abortions took place in Illinois in 2020, and over 9,600 women traveled out of state for an abortion. 

Wiggins said that Caring Network was already strategizing about outreach efforts for the last two years before Dobbs and the leak. The possibility that Roe could be overturned added a “greater sense of urgency” to the organization’s work.

Caring Network has hired three new pregnancy consultants and one marketing writer within the last few months. They’re also looking to implement a telecare clinic to serve women out of state before they travel to Illinois for an abortion.

The third measure involves building new centers in the most “strategic” locations in Illinois to reach more women.

“I feel like the Lord has helped us be ready for this,” Wiggins said. “I’m thankful we’ve been able to be thinking it through well and planning well.”  Source

Some readers may remember my article about the abortion when I was in my early 20’s. The father of my baby wanted nothing to do with me or the child. My mother said that unless I had the abortion, I would no longer be part of the family. I remember having no Hope – no network of people who might bring support to a woman in this situation. I was not yet saved.

When I read this piece today from Christian Post, it made me so happy to know that the troops are standing by to help!

Praise God!

In case you did not read the article about my abortion, and you wish to:

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Pull The Plug on Klaus Schwab’s ‘Joe Biden Teleprompter’: How did this NAZI take Control in the First Place?


“Elon Musk slams Biden: ‘The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter’—Fox Business News, May 17, 2022

Tell us something we didn’t already know, Elon Musk. “The real president” controlling Biden’s teleprompter is creepy, manic World Economic Forum (WEF) head honcho Klaus Schwab.


ot many in the masses are “happy” that Schwab has turned the world on its head leaving Marxist Misery in its stead. Absurd that he would use the word ‘HAPPY”. ‘Happy’ is a state the Democrats work to erase, believing no one has a right to be that way, and having replaced happy with the one spelled “R-A-C-I-S-T!”.

“The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter,” the Tesla CEO said. “The path to power is the path to the teleprompter.” (Fox Business, May 17, 2022)

When Teleprompter talks, it lies, Mr. Musk.

Through all the lies, we should remember that President Joe is only pitifully dementia- burdened, while Klaus Schwab is outright crazy.

“I do feel like if somebody were to accidentally lean on the teleprompter, it’s going to be like Anchorman,” the CEO added, referencing the 2004 film in which Ron Burgundy reads whatever is written on the teleprompter, even if it would ruin his career.” (Fox Business)

But this is not just a movie, but real life, Mr. Musk, and what Schwab has already done is to have pocketed power of the whole North American continent.

He started with addle-headed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who ceded Canadian sovereignty over to the WEF, and is now teleprompting Joe Biden.

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose purchase of Twitter remains ongoing, slammed President Biden in a podcast interview Monday and warned that if the government continues printing money, inflation will get worse and the U.S. might follow the path of Venezuela. (Fox Business)

“Musk, who said he has voted “overwhelmingly for Democrats,” slammed the Democratic Party and Biden in particular. He suggested that Biden is something of an empty suit. “

The Emperor who had no clothes is now dressed in WEF ones!

“This administration doesn’t seem to get a lot done,” Musk said. “The Trump administration, leaving Trump aside, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done.” (Fox Business)

Some beg to differ that “this administration” does get a lot done—all of it destructive.

“He also claimed that the Democratic Party is “overly controlled by the unions and by the trial lawyers, particularly the class action lawyers.”(Fox Business) 

“He argued that when Democrats go against “the interests of the people,” it tends to come from the unions and the trial lawyers, while when Republicans do that, “it’s because of corporate evil and religious zealotry.” 

“In the case of Biden, he is simply too much captured by the unions, which was not the case with Obama,” Musk said. The Tesla CEO defended Obama as “quite reasonable,” but insisted that Biden prioritizes the unions ahead of the public.”

A flea like me, just another social media suppressed voice in the wilderness, dares argue that first promising than delivering The Fundamental Transformation of America could NEVER be considered “quite reasonable”.

“The Tesla CEO also weighed in on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s claim that the White House has resorted to “misdirection” in order to “muddy the topic” of inflation. (Fox Business) 

“I mean, the obvious reason for inflation is that the government printed a zillion amount of more money than it had, obviously,” Musk said, echoing Republican critics who claim that Biden’s American Rescue Plan COVID-19 relief stimulus bill contributed to the near-40-year-high inflation the U.S. experienced in April.  

“So it’s like the government can’t just, you know, issue checks far in excess of revenue without there being inflation, you know, velocity of money held constant,” the Tesla CEO argued. “If the federal government writes checks, they never bounce. So that is effectively creation of more dollars. And if there are more dollars created, then the increase in the goods and services across the economy, then you have inflation, again, velocity of money held constant.”

“Musk insisted that “this is just very basic” and “not like, you know, super complicated.”

“If the government could just issue massive amounts of money and deficits didn’t matter, then, well, why don’t we just make the deficit 100 times bigger? The answer is, you can’t because it will basically turn the dollar into something that is worthless,” he noted. 

“Various countries have tried this experiment multiple times,” Musk noted. “Have you seen Venezuela? Like the poor, poor people of Venezuela are, you know, have been just run roughshod by their government.”

“Venezuela’s inflation reached a staggering 65,374.08% in 2018 amid an economic spiral beginning with government price controls and plummeting oil prices. The government started printing money to cope, and prices skyrocketed, unemployment increased, and GDP collapsed.

“So obviously you can’t simply create money,” Musk said. He emphasized “the true economy,” by which he meant “the output of goods and services,” as opposed to mere money.

“U.S. inflation rose 8.3% in April, slightly below the 8.5% jump in March but still near the 40-year-high. 

“Musk addressed his purchase of Twitter, restating his belief in the need for an unbiased “public town square.”

Even with you at the helm, it will never happen, Mr. Musk—not as long as those who oppose government and media are banned from tweeting.

“I think there’s a need for a public town square, digital town square that where people can debate issues of all kinds, including the most substantive issues,” he said. In order for that to work, the platform needs to be “as broadly inclusive as possible” and it needs to feel “balanced from a political standpoint,” that is “not biased one way or the other.” (Fox Business)

“The reality is that Twitter, at this point, has a very far left bias,” Musk said. “And I would trust myself as a moderate and neither Republican or Democrat.”

Isn’t that the same as what the Democrats and RINOs are now doing?

“Musk also lamented the decline of the state of California. He said the Golden State was once “the land of opportunity” but it has become the land of “taxes, overregulation, and litigation.” (Fox Business) 

“He said, “There’s got to be like a serious cleaning out of the pipes in California.”

“He insisted that “there’s got to be an above zero percent chance of Republicans winning in California.”

“Musk said last week that his acquisition of Twitter is in hold pending details about spam and fake accounts on the platform, yet he added that he is “still committed” to the purchase of the social media company.”

Meanwhile, talk is cheap because the only way to stop Klaus Schwab’s takeover of North America is to pull out his teleprompter plug. Then “we will have everything and be happy.” SOURCE

PRAY that the WEF is brought down. But also at the end of that prayer, I add “According to Your perfect will.”


Report: Russians fire on IAF craft in Syria for the 1st time: How Close are we to Ezekiel 38-39 War?


S-300 battery, which can only be operated by Russian officers, reportedly launches missile at IAF planes operating in Syria.

IAF planes

Air defense systems operated by Russian officers opened fire at Israeli aircraft operating in Syria for the first time, Channel 13 News reported.

The alleged incident occurred on Friday, when IAF aircraft carried out an operation in western Syria.

The Syrians activated their air defense systems, which missed the Israeli planes. As the planes turned back towards Israel, the Russian S-300 systems were activated and launched.

Russia has supplied Syria with four S-300 batteries. However, only Russian officers are able to operate the batteries.

According to the report, while a missile was fired from the S-300 battery, the missile did not achieve a radar lock on any of the Israeli aircraft and did not pose a threat. All aircraft returned to Israel safely. Source

Students of Scripture will undoubtedly think about the future war of Ezekiel 38 & 39 when reading about this Russian (foiled) attack. In that war, our God will supernaturally assist Israel when Russia and a host of enemies will ascend from the north to attack Israel.

It does make one wonder how close we really are to that prophesied war!



We are Eagerly Awaiting

By Bill Boldham

There are many whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ. They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth. But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for Him to return as our Savior. He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like His own, using the same power with which He will bring everything under His control.” Philippians 3:18-21

         The citizens of this world are scurrying around, trying in every way to “cancel the culture”. But, they’re willingly ignorant of the truth that God cancelled this present culture a long time ago. In the hour that Adam gave up his authority to Satan, God placed this earth under a curse. So, all of the rewriting of history, all of the pulling down of statues, all of the changing and deleting of names and places, amounts to someone frantically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it sank into the deep.

This present world is headed for a fate far worse than the Titanic. “…The heavens and the earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly…Both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.” 2 Peter 3:6-10 there are only two nations of people on this earth: the citizens of this present earth and the citizens of heaven. Earthly citizens plot and plan, toil and sweat to obtain stuff which will all be left behind in a moment of time; God is providing a future for His citizens that will last forever.

Here, the citizens of heaven have no culture; our culture was nailed to the cross. The moment Jesus Christ entered our hearts, we willingly gave up all rights and ties to this present world and confess we are but strangers and pilgrims passing through. The world hates, mistreats, persecutes and kills the citizens of heaven because we are subjects of the King of kings, and to Him alone we pledge our allegiance.

But one day that will all change. Before the earth is destroyed, the Lord Jesus will return to this earth with His citizens, and on that day, “The Lord will be King over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and His name the only name.” Zechariah 14:9 On that day, His citizens will rule and reign with Him. “The sovereignty, power and greatness of all the kingdoms under heaven will be handed over to the holy people of the Most High. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey Him.” Daniel 7:27

Prior to that day, the citizens of heaven are going to be dressed with heavenly clothing; they will be transformed. They are going to be given new bodies that will look like Jesus. Their new bodies will be immortal, incorruptible and glorious. We are told exactly how that will happen and when.

“The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:17-18 And Paul tells us that, at that time, in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed” 1 Corinthians 15:52

         For that day we eagerly await!

Brother Bill is a Bible teacher and can be contacted at