Report: Russians fire on IAF craft in Syria for the 1st time: How Close are we to Ezekiel 38-39 War?


S-300 battery, which can only be operated by Russian officers, reportedly launches missile at IAF planes operating in Syria.

IAF planes

Air defense systems operated by Russian officers opened fire at Israeli aircraft operating in Syria for the first time, Channel 13 News reported.

The alleged incident occurred on Friday, when IAF aircraft carried out an operation in western Syria.

The Syrians activated their air defense systems, which missed the Israeli planes. As the planes turned back towards Israel, the Russian S-300 systems were activated and launched.

Russia has supplied Syria with four S-300 batteries. However, only Russian officers are able to operate the batteries.

According to the report, while a missile was fired from the S-300 battery, the missile did not achieve a radar lock on any of the Israeli aircraft and did not pose a threat. All aircraft returned to Israel safely. Source

Students of Scripture will undoubtedly think about the future war of Ezekiel 38 & 39 when reading about this Russian (foiled) attack. In that war, our God will supernaturally assist Israel when Russia and a host of enemies will ascend from the north to attack Israel.

It does make one wonder how close we really are to that prophesied war!



8 thoughts on “Report: Russians fire on IAF craft in Syria for the 1st time: How Close are we to Ezekiel 38-39 War?

  1. saintsnotaints

    A strong sensible nation would immediatedly target and take out those russian missle batteries.
    Ive studied the military ante and in an hour israel can blitzkreig all russian bases in syria into oblivion. And there is nothing russia can do about it, save launch nukes at israel from russia itself. Russia wont do it as it puts also and end to so called palestinians and possibly lebanon and jordan.
    Israels timidness with both russia & nato may actually cause the future exek attack.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Interesting the vaunted S-300’s didnt do much except for contrails. The “feared” crewless Russkie tanks are very vulnerable targets & the rest of their massive convoys suffer from bad or no maintenance, absent crews, no parts or repairs. Even their newest tanks appear most usefull as target training aids for the Ukrainians. True Russkie artilery does much damage against the hapless old, infirmed, mothers & children as any bully would agree but if this is all the “Bear” can do then Putin better read about his future commupance in Ezekial if he decides to invade Israel. He’s certainly no match for Almighty God.

      1. saintsnotaints

        In 1982 israeli airforce and syrian air force battled in skys over syria. It ended with 100 syrian migs downed and no israeli planes downed. One israeli plane did crash from malfunction. The point is migs are russian made.(actually good planes), so it was russian planes only with syrian markings. And most pilots of syrian migs were russian pkanes. Israel shot down the soviet airforce. Perhaps russians are better trained now or perhaps God helped israel.

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