Geraldo Rivera Loses It When Greg Gutfeld Lays Out His Pro-Life Stance: ‘You Insulting Punk!’


The unbridled emotion unleashed across America by the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision showing that justices could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion flared on Fox News’ “The Five” Wednesday as Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera clashed in a debate that began with principles and devolved into insults.

It started when Rivera declared that the justices nominated by former President Donald Trump — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — had planned all along to reverse the 1973 ruling.

“What this shows is that the Senate confirmation process by which a nominee is interrogated by both parties and give their reasons why they are fit to be on the high court, is absolutely, deeply flawed,” he said.

“Why? Because these nominees lied. They go before the Senate of the United States, they swear that they are going to be judicious and good, you know, shepherds of the court and its impartiality in the importance it has in the American society, and that the stare decisis that the precedent of these cases is well established,” Rivera said.

“And then they turn around the minute they get in the high court, they make a decision that is so dramatically opposed to what they said during the confirmation hearing,” he said. “Shame on them.

“Shame on Gorsuch. Shame on Coney Barrett. Shame on Kavanaugh. They knew … that they were going to vote to reverse or overthrow Roe v. Wade. They knew it and they lied about it.”

Rivera went on to say he fears that his three daughters in Ohio will be impacted by a so-called heartbeat bill that could take effect there if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Heartbeat bills outlaw abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“What am I going to tell my daughters now?” Rivera said. “That they don’t have control over their body? That they can’t make those choices for themselves?”

Gutfeld entered the debate after a clip was shown of Joy Behar of “The View” and others attacking the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. “Don’t think this is just a war on women. It could be a war on people of color and gay people,” Behar said.

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“This is why pro-lifers win,” Gutfeld said. “Because they can state their case so plainly. You ask somebody why they’re pro-life, they will say, ‘Because abortion takes a life and we believe life is sacred.’

“You could disagree with that, but you can’t disagree with the simplicity of it, right?”

He said the pro-abortion argument devolves into “I prefer freedom over fetuses.”

“My body, my choice. How much simpler can you get?” Rivera interrupted, and the two were off.

“Let me finish,” Gutfeld said “You already did your ad hominem.”

“Ad hominem? It was not,” Rivera said.

“You insulted a few people there,” Gutfeld said.

He said the mindset of pro-abortion forces now is that abortion is “something to celebrate, to cherish.”

“Oh, that’s baloney. That’s baloney,” Rivera said.

“I’ll give you evidence,” Gutfeld said.

The two men then talked over each other.

“Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates trying to get –,” Rivera said.

“The unborn child becomes,” Gutfeld said, as each man obliterated the other’s words until Gutfeld said, “This is exactly what I expected.”

“You are arrogant,” Rivera said.

“Go for it, Geraldo. Come on, keep going. You’re making a fool of yourself,” Gutfeld said.

“You know something, you insulting punk?” Rivera said.

“Hah! Oh, am I your new Bongino?” Gutfeld replied, referring to host Dan Bongino, with whom Rivera regularly argues.

“If you want that role,” Rivera said. Source

GREAT Job, Greg Gutfeld!! And Geraldo, you’re just the jackass you’ve always been.


2 thoughts on “Geraldo Rivera Loses It When Greg Gutfeld Lays Out His Pro-Life Stance: ‘You Insulting Punk!’

  1. robinlinaz

    Oh puleeze, as if G. Rivera’s daughters might not be able to get an abortion?! Who is he kidding?! He can put them on a private jet and fly them to Paris for an abortion in a private surgical suite at the Georges V if he wants to.

    Abortion is the sacred sacrament of murder that the unredeemed bow down to and worship. God is bringing His wrath upon the world for this, and our other reprehensible, in-His-face sins.

    Child murder has never been a human ‘right’ in God’s eyes, He has made that exceedingly plain. Since this abomination is straight from the Pit Of Hell we can expect the demons to scream and fight.

    No weapon formed against us can defeat our Lord and His righteousness.

  2. AGott

    It is a felony in the USA if you are caught abusing an animal, but to abort a human child until it’s 9th month or birth is No Problem! How messed up is that?!

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