Brothers and sisters, I am posting these interviews, NOT for you to necessarily study them; but to understand that this is Part of STRONG DELUSION of which Jesus spoke.

I think that true blood bought – born again believers will not have to watch much of this “garbage” before they understand that this is straight from the enemy of our souls!


The plan is DIABOLICAL, and of course it would be, coming from the DEVIL himself!

As I watched these videos, it did not take me long to understand that all of this “garbage” from the New Agers was leading up to quite a few events of which Satan is familiar because of his knowledge of the Word. I would say that the devil knows the Word of God better that any strong Christian. Now please understand that he extracts from God’s Word events which will happen, unlike Christians who read the Word to gain godly wisdom and for sustenance in these dark times.

I wrote a piece not long ago in which I posted many New Age terms and what they meant. This New Age indoctrination is coming at us at breakneck speed.

New Apostolic Reformation is playing a part in all of this

I have written many articles on this “Cult” called NAR, DOMINIONISM and many other names. I call them a cult because I believe that they are. They have strayed from God’s Word and the Jesus they are worshiping is certainly not OUR JESUS From God’s Holy Word. The reader can go to a search window on this blog and type in NAR to bring up the articles.

When did Jesus ever tell his disciples that in order for Him to come back, Christians must take charge of all government across the earth?

I believe that these New Agers on ‘Steroids’ are placed by Satan and there job is to create a narrative (Satan has written it) and now their job is to decimate this false information for a few reasons:

1) Their narrative will explain away the disappearance of millions of Christians from the face of the earth (THE RAPTURE). They will simply say that we were taken to various planets to help us realize that we need re-education. They believe that Christianity has been the cause of most problems in this world.

2) They want to capture the minds of the unbelievers so that these lost souls will hang onto every word they speak.

3) They speak of Nirvana which they call the age of Love.

Have you noticed that the New Agers are all Conservatives and are like minded with us in many areas? But they are NOT like minded with us about God. They teach that we are little gods……….think about the serpent in the Garden!

I believe that these people have been chosen by Satan to prepare the way for the Antichrist to be revealed to the people of earth. And I believe that the LIE of which Jesus spoke is this New Age story which is (as I have said) PURE GARBAGE.

READ YOUR BIBLES EVERY DAY, and pray to God that you are not deceived! Help others to see the Strong Delusion which is now upon us.

disclosure part 1

disclosure part 2



8 thoughts on “DECEPTION LIES & STRONG DELUSION DISCLOSURE PART 1-3: All New Age Teaching Comes from One Source – SATAN

    1. K

      Dear Geri, thanks for exposing the wiles of the devil. I watched it all, as in the past I was fooled by “New Age”, before I was saved. I like knowing what lies are told, so that they can be rebuked by Scripture when the unbelievers quote this rubbish.

      I saw a few clips from this Shurka fellow last year that seemed conservative. But listening to him, he always threw in “oneness”, “collective consciousness”, etc. We all know that is not Scriptural. So we should be “one” with the evil elites, men parading around as women, abusers, etc?

      This “Ray of Light” fellow (hmm angel of light hiding in the darkness) contradicted himself often. His main points are : religion is BAD….brought on woes of the world, go to Tibet to learn from the gurus, there is no god. ..As we are all little gods, and space alians are good and want to help this world.

      Looks like they are priming the lost with the narrative that people who don’t want “oneness”, will most likely be taken by these “loving” aliens for gentle, loving “reeducation”. Will be a great lie to explain the rapture.

      We rebuke the devil!

      1. We indeed rebuke the devil. I’m glad that you are so discerning. A little bit of truth – a bunch of lies, and then a tiny bit of truth on top. YEP that’s the devil’s MO, yes? Come Lord Jesus!!!

  1. Donna

    So I tried to listen to these videos but begging with the music and then trying to listen to Ray made my skin crawl. I did not get to listen to much of his interview and have no intention of listening to any of his nonsense. I will continue to read my Bible, attend my Bible studies, and attend my church where the word of God I’d preached. Thank you for the opportunity to listen but I think I will pass on these videos.
    please have a blessed day.

    1. Ray gave me the creeps too and he is not very intelligent. I just skimmed through then. I guess it’s a matter of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. These people are GOD HATERS and they believe that they will become “little” gods.

  2. Blessed be the name of The Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ, our Lord! May The Living Lord’s Peace be with you and upon you, brothers and sisters!
    As we continue in the paths our nation-The United States Of America is taking us, it is clearly evident that these are the beginning of “BIRTH PANGS”(“beginning of sorrows”), which our Lord stated in Mathew 24 or, in Luke 21. It is evident here in our country, as well as in every other country in the world. Unrest, lawlessness, violence, lack of faith, lack of love and the onslaught of the NWO push, are seemingly in every place and in every corner of the earth. Obviously, these current events are mild, compared to what is coming, according to our Lord’s descriptions.
    We as believers must prepare our hearts and strengthen our faith by continuing to study The Word of God and praying for God’s Holy Wisdom, to stand in these coming dark times. Our Lord has promised that He would be with us throughout these times and that He would not allow a hair on our heads be harmed. Our full trust in these wicked times should be completely in Jesus. We know what to expect, who will be coming against us and how it will be played out because The Lord has told us all that we need to know in His Word. Trust in Him and be blessed as you do. Amen! May The Lord be with you all!

    In His Grip!

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