3 thoughts on “John Haller Bible Prophecy Update: “The World is Meshugge”

  1. Becky

    I enjoy your prophecy updates. They are very enlightening. In today’s message you were talking about “The Water” video and the snake venom theory. You said that you doubted that God would speak to someone e through a fortune cookie. But remember he spoke through a donkey, an ass. I had a very weird experience where he spoke to me through Charlie Brown. I know it was a message from Him and I was saved that day. If you want the whole story I can relate it to you.
    I’m not saying I believe the snake venom theory, but I do believe God uses unconventional methods to speak to us. He is God.

  2. watching68

    Thank you, for some reason I have not been getting your new posts so I came on here to see if you have been posting and you have so don’t know why I no longer receive them

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