Counties With Highest Vaccination Rates See More COVID-19 Cases Than Least Vaccinated


A medical volunteer prepares a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for a patient in Orange, Calif., on March 9, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Counties with the highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19 are currently experiencing more cases than those with the lowest vaccination rates, according to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The 500 counties where 62–95 percent of the population has been vaccinated detected more than 75 cases per 100,000 residents on average in the past week. The 500 counties where 11–40 percent of the population has been vaccinated detected about 58 cases per 100,000 residents on average in the past week.

The data is skewed by the fact that the CDC suppresses figures for counties with very low numbers of detected cases (1–9) for privacy purposes. The Epoch Times calculated the average case rates by assuming the counties with the suppressed numbers had 5 cases each on average.

The least vaccinated counties tended to be much smaller, averaging less than 20,000 in population. The most vaccinated counties had an average population of over 330,000. More populous counties, however, weren’t more likely to have higher case rates.

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A group of teenagers receive a dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine in Detroit on April 6, 2021. (Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

Even when comparing counties of similar size, the most vaccinated ones tended to have higher case rates than those least vaccinated.

Among counties with populations of 1 million or more, the 10 most vaccinated had a case rate over 27 percent higher than the 10 least vaccinated.

In counties with populations of 500,000–1 million, the 10 most vaccinated had a case rate almost 19 percent higher than the 10 least vaccinated.

In counties with populations of 200,000–500,000, the 10 most vaccinated had case rates around 55 percent higher than the 10 least vaccinated.

The difference was over 200 percent for counties with populations of 100,000–200,000.

For counties with smaller populations, the comparison becomes increasingly difficult because too much of the data is suppressed.

Epoch Times Photo
A nurse administers a dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles, Calif., on Jan. 19, 2022. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

Another problem is that the prevalence of testing for COVID-19 infections isn’t uniform. A county may have a low case number on paper because its residents are tested less often.

The massive spike in infections this winter appears to have passed in recent weeks. Detected infections are down to less than 30,000 a day from the high of over 800,000 a day in mid-January, according to CDC data. The seven-day average of currently hospitalized had dropped to about 11,000 on April 1, down from nearly 150,000 in January.

The last wave has been attributed to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. The variant is more transmissible but less virulent. The variant also seems more capable of overcoming any protection offered by the vaccines, though, according to the CDC, the vaccines still lower the risk of severe disease. Source

It never ceases to amaze me how highly intelligent people refuse to see that this virus was developed using ‘gain of function research’ and the Jabs have been used for depopulation along with the virus in the elderly and infirm.

I am seeing people who have had four jabs and two boosters and CAN NOT WAIT to get the next on the insane protocol.

It’s like an addiction. Hmmm…….maybe that’s one of the GOFR tweaks?



From Jew to Completed Jew and the Amazing Miracle From God: He Wanted to Assure Me That Jesus is Lord

I like to bring this piece out at least once a year. If you have Jewish friends with whom you have shared the Good News of Yeshua – this might be a good thing to print out for them.

Original Article

Ever since I was a small child growing up in a Jewish home in Bethesda, MD, I remember having a hunger inside to really know the truth about Jesus Christ. My family was more “culturally” Jewish than religious. We went to synagogue on the High Holidays. My parents did send me to school in the synagogue, and I was confirmed (not Bat Mitzvah’d) at the age of sixteen.

While growing up my parents allowed me to occasionally go with friends to Vacation Bible School and Pioneer Girl events at their churches. I remember helping neighbors decorate their Christmas trees, and I remember a feeling of sadness that we did not have this in our home. My father used to say to us: “Jesus was a good man, and if the world would live by His teachings it would be a wonderful place – but, He wasn’t who He said He was.”

This confused me throughout the years because it was a contradiction in terms. A good man….but he wasn’t who He said He was? That meant that he was a good man, but a liar? This is what sent me on my quest to find out the truth about this “man” who completely changed history.

In synagogue, during class, I would raise my hand, and when called on, I would ask, “Who is Jesus?” The teacher would be more than a little annoyed at me. She would say, “Shhh…we don’t talk about Him! We are Jewish!” I remember getting my first Bible in the synagogue at confirmation. Obviously, it was only the Old Testament. I would read it at night in bed…I didn’t understand it, but somehow it made me feel warm and happy just holding it.

I grew-up, got married and had children. I kept having this gnawing feeling inside that I wasn’t “right” with God, and that I really didn’t know how to raise my kids the right way. I wanted to be a godly woman – I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I did want to be a really good mom. I decided that the Catholic Church was where I needed to go to find God. A VERY old priest who began Catholic instruction with me, did not remember me week to week! He would say, “Have we met?” I think that he was a bit senile. 

I just wasn’t feeling that I was going to have my questions answered in the Catholic Church, so I quit going.

A couple of years later there was a tragedy in my family; a woman I was very close to committed suicide. I lived in a high rise apartment building when this happened. In the hallway, a couple came up to me and introduced themselves. They told me they had heard what happened and how sorry they were. They said that they would like to help us during the funeral. They wanted to make food for us and also offered to watch the kids during the funeral. I didn’t know this, but they were Christians.

After the funeral, I was so upset with God. I remember walking up and down many flights of stairs—yelling at God….asking Him how He could let this happen. The Christian couple were making us dinner and planned to bring it over. I was crying so much, and really didn’t want company, so I decided to knock at their door to get the meal. When I went in, I began to cry like a child.

Everything came pouring out of my heart. John (the husband), sat me down. He began to tell me about Jesus. He told me about His love for me. He told me about salvation. It was miraculous, because everything was so clear! I told him I wanted Jesus to live in my heart. I told him that I was ready to repent of my sins and follow Jesus as my Lord and my Savior. John led me in prayer that night to my glorious Messiah Yeshua!

I had searched for God for many years… He came to me that night—a night that stands alone in my memory—forever.  My rebirth date was January 2, 1983.

I had never really appreciated being a Jew until I met Yeshua on that incredible night.  I lost most of my family when they found out about my believing in Jesus. But the Lord allowed me to lead my dad to Him on the night of his death.  I have another article about that amazing night, and also a miracle in my mom’s life as well. I will post that piece another time.

Praise Yeshua! He knew that my heart hungered to know Him. His faithfulness is beyond our comprehension.  I cannot imagine life  without Him!

The Gift From God to Assure Me That Yeshua IS the Messiah of Israel

Originally written in 2015, I bring this article out every few years.  And I pray that some of my people might happen upon it, and believe in their hearts that Yeshua was and IS the long awaited Messiah of the Whole world.

If you have Jewish friends who are searching for truth, perhaps this article would open their eyes!

This story makes my heart leap inside my chest whenever I tell it. Being Jewish, it was miraculous enough that the Lord opened my eyes to Jesus, and helped me see Him with my heart. But what transpired a couple of weeks later was truly a gift from Him.

After the glorious night of my salvation all I wanted to do was read my Bible. I honestly forgot to eat meals sometimes because I was so absorbed in His Word. I wanted to please Him in every way. Almost instantly I knew that He wanted me to stop doing certain things. I had an aversion to off-color TV shows and movies. Soap operas were gone forever, and I had been addicted to them for years.

I saw the world differently. It was like He gave me new vision, like I was seeing people through His eyes. I wanted to stop every person I saw and ask them, “Do you know Jesus?” I was even able to discern people who loved Him. It was a certain look in their eyes. When I would finally ask if they knew Him, the answer was almost always, “Yes” and if not, it gave me an open door to tell them about Yeshua and His love for them.

My Jewish parents and siblings were not so thrilled. Well, perhaps that’s an understatement. They thought I was completely meshugana (crazy in Yiddish). But I quietly treasured in my heart that I knew the truth, and I prayed that my family would one day know it as well.

A week before my water baptism, I spoke to a lady at a Messianic congregation in Maryland – Beth Messiah. I was very excited to know other Jews who knew the truth about Messiah Yeshua. She was as excited as I was. She asked me if I had looked at Isaiah 53. I had not, but I told her that I would look after our conversation. She told me that she would mail to me literature about Beth Messiah.

Isaiah 53. OY! How did I miss that for so many years? It was an accurate description of Yeshua being led to Calvary to be slaughtered for the sins of the world. I read it over and over. I could not believe that such a picture of the Crucifixion was in my Old Testament that entire time.

I wanted to obey Him in all things. My friend told me about baptism, and how He wanted us all to be baptized after we were born-again. I told her that I wanted to be baptized—the sooner the better. Then the day of my baptism came.

As I came up from the water, I uttered some words which I did not understand. I felt that God wanted me to remember these words so I kept repeating them quietly to myself. The next day I received an envelope from Beth Messiah. There was a cover page which told about the congregation. I saw the first words which I had said “H’brit Chadashah” on this page.

My heart was beating so fast. Beside the words was the translation: “The New Testament.” I realized that I had spoken Hebrew! I was not Bat Mitzvah’d -only confirmed in my synagogue, so I did not learn Hebrew.”Then I saw the next word I had said “Yeshua” which means Jesus.

But the last word I had said was not there. It was “mannah” and I had to know what it meant. I called the home of my rabbi. His wife answered. I told her who I was and that I found a word and thought it was Hebrew. I told her it was “mannah.” She said, “Of course that is Hebrew. It is manna, the bread from heaven.”

Well, I almost passed out. I had said in Hebrew: “The New Testament of Jesus is the bread from heaven!” What a glorious gift to receive from Him; a confirmation that what I believed was TRUE, and given to me in Hebrew.

I told a Baptist minister this story. He told me that in 38 years of hearing “tongues” stories, mine was the first one he believed. He said that it was done in accordance with Scripture. He told me that he would never forget it.

All things are to glorify God and edify the Body of Christ!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


NIH Admits it Suppressed Wuhan Genetic Data, But Disputes Watchdog’s ‘Deleted’ Label

Sequence data was removed from public access.

Little by little, truths will emerge but they will be ‘half truths’ at best.


NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins holds up a model of the coronavirus as he testifies before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee looking into the budget estimates for National Institute of Health (NIH) and the state of medical research, on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 26, 2021. (Sarah Silbiger/Pool via AP)

A National Institutes for Health (NIH) spokesperson is disputing a nonprofit watchdog group’s claim that the agency “deleted” genetic sequencing data on the CCP virus from a Chinese lab, but the same official acknowledged the data was “suppressed.”

“The headline says the sequences were deleted which is inaccurate. They were not deleted. This is a really important point, and I’ve highlighted what did happen from what we provided to you earlier this week,” NIH Media Branch Chief Amanda Fine told The Epoch Times in a March 31 email.

Fine was referring to a March 29 Epoch Times story headlined “NIH Deleted Info Received From Wuhan Lab on CCP Virus Genetic Sequencing, Watchdog’s FOIA Finds.” The information Fine referenced as having been provided to The Epoch Times by NIH earlier in the week was included in the published story:

“’In June 2020, in response to a request by the same [Wuhan] researcher, National Center for Biotechnology [NCBI] gave the sequence data the status of “withdrawn,” which removes sequencing data from all public means of access but does not delete them.

“‘NCBI subsequently reassigned the status of the sequence data to “suppressed,” which means that sequence data are removed from the search process but can be directly found by accession number. This action to reassign the data was identified as part of NLM’s ongoing review into the matter. We are working to make more information available,’ the spokesperson said.”

The biotechnology center, which is part of the institute’s National Library of Medicine (NLM), is the U.S. component of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration.

The Epoch Times story was prompted by a report published on March 29 by Empower Oversight Whistleblowers and Research (EO) that was based on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses the group received from the institute.

“On June 5, 2020, a Wuhan University researcher requested that NIH retract the researcher’s submission of BioProject ID PRJNA637497 because of error. The Wuhan researcher explained ‘I’m sorry for my wrong submitting,’” Empower Oversight said in a statement (pdf) on March 29.

“BioProject ID PRJNA637497 is also referred to as Submission-ID SUB7554642. Three days later, on June 8th, the NIH declined the researcher’s request, advising that it prefers to edit or replace, as opposed to delete, sequences submitted to the SRA,” EO reported. SRA refers to the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data resource made available by NCBI, and it “stores raw sequencing data.”

“But then, on June 16, 2020, NIH officials reversed themselves and deleted the genetic sequencing data, as requested by the Wuhan researcher. That researcher was quoted by EO as explaining to NIH: ‘Recently, I found that it’s hard to visit my submitted SRA data, and it would also be very difficult for me to update the data. I have submitted an updated version of this SRA data to another website, so I want to withdraw the old one at NCBI in order to avoid the data version issue.’

“After some discussion about what would be deleted, the NIH concluded the discussion by reassuring the Wuhan researcher that it ‘had withdrawn everything.’”

Asked for a response to Fine’s claim the information was not deleted, EO Founder and President Jason Foster told The Epoch Times that NIH’s actions ensure the CCP virus genetic sequencing info is only available to the few individuals possessing its “accession number,” which effectively deletes the data from open access and research.

“NIH documents released with Empower Oversight’s report demonstrate that the sequencing data was deleted from public view by the NIH at the request of the Wuhan researcher,” Foster said.

“Our report also details emails between professor Jesse Bloom and the NIH’s Steve Sherry from October 2021 that clearly indicate NIH retained copies ‘for archival purposes.’ Yet the emails demonstrate that NIH refused to share that data in an open, transparent scientific process sought by professor Bloom.

“The NIH should make more information available about each and every time it reassigned the status of sequence data and any information potentially relevant to the origins of COVID-19 should be made available for scientific inquiry.”

Fine didn’t respond when The Epoch Times asked who “has access to all of the genetic sequencing information provided by the Wuhan researcher and which was requested by that researcher to be removed.”

The Epoch Times also asked that because “NIH must know who in fact has accessed the data … who did so and when since the Wuhan researcher requested the information’s removal?” SOURCE