1. Fred

    I generally listen to these drs for their medical knowledge and ignore their talk if “god” bcuz I’m simply not interested in what they have to say there.

    Zelenko makes great medical sense so I pay attention to that.

    1. But Fred, this New Age doctors movement is coalescing into “spiritual Teaching” movement and we were lied to. You CAN’T be in the New Age Cult and be a CHRISTIAN- Most of these people said that they were followers of Christ.

  2. He is definitely creepy. The first I’d heard of him was by watching his documentary last year on 5G. Something just didn’t sit right. I appreciate people warning about the potential dangers of various technologies or medical procedures, but when it’s entwined with mysticism & earth-worship, the whole thing becomes suspect. That’s when great discernment becomes even more crucial, to have the LORD help us sort out what’s bogus & what’s bona-fide. …AND what’s spiritually deadly!

  3. K

    Hi Geri, Who is the woman speaking on the video? She didn’t identify herself and there seem to be more. Thanks for discerning everything. XO

      1. Christian

        Please be careful and check everything because woman of channel grainofsalt also posted this video here where she slanders JD Farag: (minute 14:25):

  4. Christian

    Dear Geri!

    Please be careful with the videos of “7grainofsalt3”. I checked some of them and I don’t trust this woman!

    Below the photo on the link “Hugo talks” on JD Farag´s site “resources”, you will find this link:

    On the channel of this link you will find 7grainofsalt3 slandering JD Farag (Minute 14:25)::

    Christians should not trust all sources, check everything, and we need two or three witnesses – and they too must be checked.

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