12 thoughts on “Dr. Ardis Interview with Mike Adams of Natural News (Video)

  1. RobinL

    Thank you Geri, for this, I decided not to watch the Stu Peters production because I don’t like or trust Mr. Peters now. I am protecting myself from the overload of hype and bombast being thrown at us from all directions.

    Since those of us who follow you know exactly what is underway, from most vantage points, these new stories only substantiate what we already know. I just want the facts, they could send it out in a spreadsheet for all I care.

    I’m burnt out on the drama. We weren’t created for the constant barrage of bad news and the profiteering that comes with their non-stop reports of horror and fear.

    Jesus said to fear not, and look up. I’m minding my Master.


    1. But since most of the media reports FAKE NEWS, I will continue to publish what I feel to be important articles, videos and interviews. I think that this is what most of the readership want.

      1. robinlinaz

        I totally agree, that’s why those of us who follow you are well informed…you give us what is truth! Thank you again!

        Hugs XO

      2. Mary

        Yes, Geri it’s EXACTLY what I want. I’m Also Glad you posted Stew Peters. I do like Stew & he’s VERY Passionate about what he speaks on. He’s Emotionally Invested. I’m Not sure what he meant when he said he was swatted, maybe swat team raided him? Anyhow he puts his life on the line without regards for his own life. He yells it like be sees it. He investigates and gets Proof before he speaks on a subject. He claims to be a Christian, is he Perfect, No AND Neither am I.

        So PLEASE CONTINUE Posting Stew Peters as well. So what somebody did a better interview, hurray that they did. I like Mike Adams as well. I’m going to listen to this one too!

        THANK You, Geri!

        Btw, I NEVER see my posts or get notifications, this WordPress apparently doesn’t like my new phone 🙁

  2. Fred

    I’ve watched part of Stu’s interview and thankfully he allows Ardis to just talk mainly without interruption. Haven’t watched the whole thing to know what is meant by “watch the water” yet.

  3. Carol

    I listened to the whole interview, fascinating, except like the last 5 minutes I fast forwarded some. I know Mike asked about ivermectin and Dr Ardis said he’d get to that but I don’t think he did, am I wrong

  4. Mark V

    I didn’t hear anything about the water in this interview only in Stu’s. I did watch both entirely.

  5. Stephanie

    Stew Peters is polarizing but evidence of envenomization exists independently and is rapidly coming to light. While Peters did break the story Ardis actually says he talked to Mike Adam’s first. Adam’s is releasing a three part interview of which two have been released. Due to the length of those segments they were able to delve more deeply into the documentation and are worth watching. The latest Dr. Ariyana Love interview with Peters presented more evidence of venom in various patents for Covid and HIV vaccines and use in FOOD. She also answered yesterday’s ubiquitous questions regarding children not being affected due to their high levels of glutathione and the volume of venom needed for a scale of this magnitude being supplied by AI generated synthetization and venom production using lab grown venom producing organs independent of actual snakes.

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