Is Your church Getting Paid by the Government to Convince the Flock to Get Injected? by Leo Hohmann


According to a report in the Epoch Times, the state of Pennsylvania is paying churches to convince their members to get vaccinated.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s administration wants pastors, rabbis and other faith leaders to turn their houses of worship into centers for “vaccination events,” using federal grant money as an incentive to lure churches into a partnership with the government.

But this is not just going on in Pennsylvania as reported by the Epoch Times. It’s going on across the United States.

The Epoch Times article reports that Pennsylvania’s public health leaders want to “harness the power of community trust in statewide faith-based organizations” to convince people to get a COVID-19 gene-therapy injection. That is a quote from the mission statement of an organization called the Faith-based Organization Coalition. This organization, the Epoch Times reports, is being formed under the state’s Department of Health and is expected to launch April 11.

The state aims to reduce vaccine hesitancy through the “Local Innovations in Vaccine Equity in Pennsylvania” project (LIVE PA), which is a grant program that pays churches and nonprofits to speak with their people and persuade them to get vaccinated, according to the Epoch Times.

And how much are these corrupt churches being paid by the government?

They reportedly get $10 for each person-to-person outreach including direct phone calls and text messages, direct social media messages, door-knocking campaigns, “and anything that involves one-on-one dialogue promoting the COVID-19 shot.” 

The church or other nonprofit gets another $10 for each person who actually goes and rolls up his or her sleeve for the shot.

Amanda McNaughton, member services manager and Resilient PA Staff Liaison for United Way of Pennsylvania, told The Epoch Times:

“LIVE PA is a collaboration between the Wolf Administration’s Office of Advocacy and Reform and the departments of Health and Human Services, working closely with United Way of Pennsylvania to fund hyper-local, grassroots nonprofit and faith-based organizations to partner with certified vaccine providers to help the populations they serve overcome barriers to vaccination.”

The funding originates from the federal government’s Center for Disease Control, which has $4 million dollars allocated to nonprofit organizations and $630,000 for faith-based organizations, McNaughton told the Times. Grant applications were open in July 2021 and will continue through the end of 2023. So far, 104 applications have been approved, the Times reports, combining faith-based and nonprofit organizations, and 93 clinics have been hosted.

Is your church or favorite ministry one of these organizations sucking up tax dollars to poison and sterilize their congregants and followers? It’s not just local churches, but big ministries that are involved in this evil. 

I reported previously that the the Vatican was encouraging Catholic churches to partner with governments worldwide to promote the vaccine, and some of the big-name evangelical ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse are doing the same.

I received hateful emails for weeks because folks didn’t want to believe that such a trusted name in evangelical circles as Samaritan’s Purse could be involved in this plan to vaccinate every man, woman and child with an unproven, untested, and now proven deadly serum. If you still don’t believe it, don’t trust me: Read herehere and here.

Many other churches and ministries are involved in this deadly propaganda campaign. My advice would be to check with your pastor and/or the financial records keeping department of your favorite ministries and ask if they have or ever will accept any of these funds.

I did a quick online search and found several examples of churches participating in this.

  • An ad from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, states: “Bethel AME Church of Ardmore, Love Your Neighbor, Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. Phi Beta Omega Chapter, VNA, Walmart Pharmacy and ACME Pharmacy will partner with the Montgomery County Immunization Coalition to hold a community vaccination clinic.”
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Church partnered with Penn Medicine Princeton Health in Princeton, New Jersey, to convert its church into a vaccine clinic last May. 
  • Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped convert First Baptist Church of Corona in New York City into a temporary vaccination center (see photo below)

You can find hundreds of such examples online of collusion between corrupt churches and the corrupt medical/pharma complex, all feeding off of taxpayer dollars.

I am sure not every one of these churches is being paid to promote this death shot. Some are no doubt doing it for free, thinking they are doing the Lord’s work. There are no more excuses for that kind of stupidity. That’s equally shameful.

When the lid finally blows on this story, and the perpetrators of the greatest crime in human history are exposed, every one of these church leaders will be held accountable for their roles in what is quickly becoming a genocide.

McNaughton, with the United Way in Pennsylvania, told the Epoch Times that working with faith-based organizations has been very helpful. I bet it has. Here is what she said:

“We have been thrilled to partner with local faith-based organizations because they are often trusted representatives with long, established histories in their communities. The remaining population of people who are not fully vaccinated are experiencing barriers such as lack of trust or lack of access. Faith-based organizations are uniquely placed to have long histories with the populations they serve and have earned mutual trust with them. Their efforts to promote the vaccine to their congregations and the communities they serve through their charity work have been successful at reaching vaccine-hesitant populations.”

Number one, those churches didn’t become trusted by working with corrupt governments that force experimental medical treatments on their citizens. 

Number two, how can this promotional work be considered “charity” if the churches are being paid to do it?

This is not earning trust. This is abusing trust, which is exactly what the globalist elites said they would do when they sat down at Event 201 conference in October 2019 to run a simulation of the coming global coronavirus pandemic. If you listen to those seminars, they made it very clear that they would tap into “trusted sources” in the community to promote their narrative and destroy competing narratives about the pandemic and the best way to combat it.

Recruiting pastors to entice their flocks to accept a medical treatment they know nothing about is fraud and abuse against the people of God. Only an extremely naive and stupid pastor, or one who is an evil globalist, would agree to work with the government on such an devious plan.

With more data coming out every day on not only the failed efficacy of these injections but the dangers to health and safety, there are simply no more excuses left for pastors to be naive.

God have mercy on any pastor or ministry leader who is participating in this program. brings you the news you won’t see or hear in the mainstream corporate media, and we don’t accept corporate ads or sponsorships, meaning we are 100 percent reader supported. Thanks for any help you can provide to keep us online. Contributions can be made c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below:

4 thoughts on “Is Your church Getting Paid by the Government to Convince the Flock to Get Injected? by Leo Hohmann

  1. Dale Vernon

    I listen to Christian radio alot & I have heard a couple “pastors” locally boosting the jabs. Other pastors seem neutral in their pronouncements for self abuse. In light of expert info available u cant be on the fence. If u are then u are afraid of something or on the take. Anything AOC supports is of the devil. Kinda like Christians saying abortion is a private matter between the person & God. Same with homosexuality then added to that “but I personally would never do that.” What else do u expect God to do, write it in the sky for u? Dont let the crowd influence your decision. Do what God wants u to do. Pray about it. Read about it. Keep an open mind. Dont just buy into the pressure & propaganda to do the jab. Look who stands to gain by it. Are the aftereffects & possible death or crippling capacity worth the gamble? Remember Big Pharma is absolved of liability as to damage their “vaccine” may inflict on you & your family. BTW look up the definition of vaccine & see that this is NOT. They NEVER isolated the virus which is a must to make a vaccine. That’s why it’s more accurately called the JAB of a witch’s brew of chemicals that will hurt not help you.

  2. Joy D'Andrea

    Talk about depopulation and the lives of many people will be ruined or pass away. Surely the love of money is the root of all evil. I don’t think these pastors have any conscience. God help us all.

  3. Worldsux2002

    The fact that these churches are in “bed” with these pharmaceutical companies despite them not being liable for any side effects caused by their pills/injections boggles my mind. There was one church in my local town that required the use of facemasks to even attend service. As a person who was personally screwed over by these drug companies, I know they are up to no good whatsoever. During my childhood, I used to take this drug called risperdal due to my autism which was giving me side effects plus I even found out recently that it could lead to diabetes but I didn’t get it thank goodness due to my parents catching on what was going on early then took me off the pill. As for the liability part, I can speak from personal experience because my parents tried to sue J&J that made the drug I mentioned above and they still havent won it yet. It was filed in the early 2010’s.

    Oh and the patents and videos as proof that this is a gene therapy should really catch someones attention. Patent number 10703789 which is on modernas website contains luciferase, crispr tech and hek293 baby cells. Crispr technology is used to cut out and modify genes in the genome. It is a gene editing tool. Even the board of management of bayer said the mrna is an example for cell and gene therapy. I also found out recently that the traditional shots like the mmr contains bovine serum which is from cows and recombinant ingredients. Recombinants are basically genes re arranged in a lab, not found in nature so it can be patented. It’s essentiallys gmos. They have been injecting the population with gmos for DECADES which could very well be slipping in the DNA and tarnishing the genetic code. I heard autism is usually caused by heavy metals in the vaccines but I think there is more than just heavy metals causing these disorders in people. The ingredients on the CDCs vaccine excipient page will have those ingredients listed such as the recombinants I mentioned above and the fetal cell lines.

    1. Wow…..I am SO sorry for what you have gone through because of the Big Pharma Cartel. These people are demonic and if they don’t repent (and most of them will not), they will spend eternity in a fiery hell.

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