They are Calling Him “THE PROPHET” Yuval Noah Harari with Comments from Dr. Zev Zelenko

Recently I posted an article in which I embedded many short videos with Harari spewing his narcissistic views.

In this video, Dr. Zev Zelenko gives commentary on his thoughts about Harari – and he doesn’t hold back. Dr. Zelenko calls Harari extremely arrogant and compares him to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Pray for Harari. We don’t know if he is still reachable or if God has given him over to a reprobate mindso therefore PRAY.

This man, Harari, is the closest person to the embodiment of Satan himself. I am not saying that he is THE AC but he does come in the spirit of Antichrist.

I will be writing a piece soon on the various ways that man is trying to be equal or higher than GOD. They know that He is there, so I do not believe that they are atheists. They are God HATERS.



14 thoughts on “They are Calling Him “THE PROPHET” Yuval Noah Harari with Comments from Dr. Zev Zelenko

    1. robinlinaz

      I had the same thoughts but discounted them because Harari is the opposite of a religious man. Then I read saintsnotsaints comment below and that makes it seem slightly more possible.

      However, I do believe that the false prophet will come from the One World Religious system being created right now by “Pope Francis”, who is the perfect description of a false prophet if ever there was one. Since Francis is likely too old to be the FP (although with the Lord anything can happen), I absolutely believe he is paving the way for a global religious leader who will persecute untold multitudes of Christians and Jews.

      For these reasons I observed in my comment below that Harari is going to play a major role in the AC kingdom, though I don’t see how he perfectly fits either the AC or FP. And we can be certain that the men who are those two diabolical figures will both be a perfect fit for their roles!

  1. robinlinaz

    Again Geri, thanks for all your work to keep us informed!

    I don’t believe Harari is charming, attractive or diplomatic enough to be AC (he is so openly arrogant that he’s hard to listen to…AC will undoubtedly have more self-awareness until he is in full control) but I do believe he will likely play a major role in the AC’s short rule. Harari is deeply and openly conceited, and you’re so right, he hates God, and has many of the wicked characteristics of AC.

    We can only imagine how awful AC is going to be, if a monster like Harari doesn’t quite meet the description of who is coming.

    1. I shivered when you wrote “We can only imagine how awful AC is going to be, if a monster like Harari doesn’t quite meet the description of who is coming.” HOW TRUE!

  2. saintsnotaints

    This sadly brings out thoughts of long ago i set aside on a shelf. What i mention is not about nations and people but institutions within nations.
    Sounds like the false prophet. Am not discounting the wickedness of rome or mecca. A false prophet does not need be religious heirarchy as many ancient prophets were not of the heirarchy but called to prophet role.
    What comes to me is another term called, ‘the 2 horn beast. Horn means ruler, king , govt etc. 2 horn govt is a rare item. The british created in israel before independence a 2 horn co equal rabbinate. No other entity like it on earth. It looks lamb like but haa a Mouth speaking blasphemy. Is harari the mouth, the false prophet? Its the false prophet that gets out the mark name number and image to the whole earth. Hes close to schwab. Gives me shivers.

  3. Joy D'Andrea

    I couldn’t watch the whole video because I thought I was going to be sick listening to this evil man. Even so LordJesus come SOON!!!

    1. They Live

      It’s ironic that this frail vegan sociopath godless being that is only able to exist becuase he was created naturally by a man and woman being able to create life in a natural way, a gift from our Creator, denies all the miracles of life, manifested materials, emotions, consciousness that he views through his eyes, feels with body, and experiences through his sense that prove creation. Yet, he falls and stubnles in his own arrogance that technology (also only able to exist through creation by the Creator) to try and escape death, mimic this natural creation, imitate this existence. He knowingly or unknowingly knows his choices are Satanic. These people want to meege with fallen angel technology to escape death and judgment. I pray they change their foolish decisions and motives and repent.

      1. Absolutely true! Harari is an organic being who arrogantly thinks he can create life everlasting, but whatever he THINKS he’ll be able to create has to use elements already created by our Lord God Almighty! As stated in John 1:3–All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made; and in part, Colossians 1:15–all things were created by him, and for him; and also, Hebrews 3:4–…but he that built all things is God.

  4. Dale Vernon

    Stay tuned & keep ur Bibles open to all the end time prophecies. There are still good teachers of it out there at least until the Rapture. Everything we are seeing now is in total accordance with the Bible. Prayerfully ask for wisdom in dealing with the drastic changes coming in our lives as a result of this pack of Satanic rascals but also remember God has ordained these times & our presence in them is coming to a heavenly conclusion.
    I think Zelenko is right about not taking ANY jabs as the “serum” is created to form some kind of important internal link in the chain gradually turning people into bots with a promise of eternal life without accountability to God Almighty but in the meantime the secret “evolution” into the bot promise will require us to be slaves of the god-wannabees until we aren’t useful to them. Most will go along with the global baloney because it is the path of least resistance & the globalists will lie about the so called benefits like “you’ll own nothing & be happy” & dont forget the “safe & effective” slogan. So u can susposedly live forever without God & be ur own god, do whatever u want w/o the fear of judgement. That also means the subscribers to that are also gods, so everyone is a god & doing as they please. How do u think that will work? Chaos & wickedness will abound even more so the answer to that is the world will need a head bot-god. Like maybe one who has unsurpassed power? I expect his announcement when he commits the abomination of desolation & declares himself the numero uno, head bot god whom we know as the antichrist. No death, no judgement..better than endless reincarnation into a bug or whatever. Our redemption day is closer each day.

  5. They Live

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).

  6. I truly believe that Yuval Noah Harari IS The False Prophet and that Barack Hussein Obama IS The Antichrist. The former Republican U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman prophesied that Obama would bring about the end times and after Obama shared what she knew about him, from a podium at some dinner, Obama’s audience applauded and laughed along with him. Like Harari, Obama IS gay and so very arrogant (Daniel 11:37) that they both fulfill end time prophecies.

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