Who is Prince Charles Referring to When he says he will have a Global Military Style Campaign and $Trillions at “his” Disposal?


And don’t forget that whomever Antichrist will be, he most certainly has his False Prophet in place at the Vatican!

I was born again in 1983, and since that time I’ve heard it said that many believe that Prince Charles is AC. But of course, no one knows who the man of sin will be.

Prince Charles said this at a Climate Change Summit. It has been online for a little over a week. Youtube scrubbed it.




18 thoughts on “Who is Prince Charles Referring to When he says he will have a Global Military Style Campaign and $Trillions at “his” Disposal?

  1. watchingandwaiting2

    Many years ago I read a book called “The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea”. Since then I’ve never ruled out old Charlie being the AC.

    1. rlinaz

      It seems more likely, to me at least, that the AC will do everything he can to mimic Christ and therefore will be young like Jesus was when He began His ministry. After all, Satan is the great liar, thief and imitator. However, we can be absolutely certain all of these globalists are in league with him, so there is that.

      1. The only problem I see with that is that Israel and most Jews around the world (not me!) are so adamant that Jesus Christ is NOT their Ha’ Mashiach, that a likeness of our Lord Jesus seemingly would not go over well with the Jews. What is your thought on that?

  2. Ambassador For Jesus Christ

    It took me two careful listens to catch his word “HE:, as in an individual. Surely it was not just an off the cuff single word usage. He obviously was referring to someone…

    All this is being done under the deception of the so called green movement. A global military lol?
    Military equals force, or war.

    Interesting things going on in this diabolical twisted age! Thanks for the post sister!

    An Ambassador for Jesus Christ in Georgia…

  3. Jim V.

    No question Antichrist is here and WAITING UNDER THE WINGS. I don’t like to hearing other people say, oh Prince Charles is AC, oh President French Macron is AC, oh Obama is AC, we don’t know who because we as the Church are still here and after the rapture, then AC will revealed. But I tell you this, I truly believe Biden administration, Deep State, Democrats, Black Live Matter, Antifa, LQGBT, Bill Gates, Pope Francis, and Globalists are DEMONIC POSSESSION. They are paving the way for the AC. No wonder why these people are pushing V daily, they will never stop. They knew the risk of the vaccination and they don’t care, WHY? Think about it, Depopulation agenda and CONTROL.

    Another day I went to grocery store and I bumped into my so called Christian friend, he was telling me that oh Jim, everything will be okay, we will going back to normal. I got the jab and God bless me. Oh Jim, I don’t wanted to hear about end time prophecy. We needed a life to be happy and etc. I looked at him, he was burying his head in the sand!!!!!! He and other Christians don’t wanted to hear the TRUTH of what’s going on with the world.

    I’ve noticed that when I chatted with vaxx people, they were acted different, I can’t explained. I don’t know how to word it.

    I learned that I can’t remember exact figure of athletics somewhere between 300 to 500 collapsed after the jabs around the world. The mainstream media silenced. How come we don’t hear NFL players, NBA players don’t collapse? perhaps they received the water or saline? We don’t know.

    Christmas is 2 weeks away. I pray, I PRAY we will be out of here before 2022. Why? I predict in year of 2022 will be much worse than 2021. My vibe tells me 2022 would be very sinister, I can’t put my finger on it.

    God bless.

    1. rlinaz

      Jim I have noticed the very same thing among some of the jabbed. They aren’t altogether there, like they aren’t thinking clearly. I read that the side effects of what has been included in the poisons is something that deteriorates brain function. It is interesting to me that you have also noticed.

      Fortunately I haven’t spoken with anyone who believes things will go back to ‘normal’. It would very hard for me to remain quiet in that situation…prophecy is for our edification, preparation and assurance. If you don’t want to know then what exactly are you hoping for?!

      1. Jim V.

        Hi rlinaz, today this early afternoon we had a plumber guy to check my bathroom sink. My wife and I both noticed that he has changed. We asked him if he was a jab and he said yes. This plumber guy was one of the nicest guy we ever met and we hired him few times in the past. Today my wife and I felt weird vibe with this guy. It wasn’t the same. My wife and I tried to figure out why we felt weird with him. We had a nice conversation with him. My wife and I knew that he is not a Christian.

        This world is not our home. I am so looking forward for the rapture.

        God bless.

    2. Paul Williamson

      Oh my gosh! I have the same sense about 2022! The Holy Ghost is stirring our hearts, the Bride of Christ. As the world seeks to destroy God’s creation physically and mentally, the Holy Ghost will strengthen His People and the Lost to be found by The Shepherd. We will be so strong spiritually. We will be full of wisdom. He will give us words to speak. Jesus Christ’s words never fail. We shall glorify Him for ever. We shall worship Him for ever. We shall become further and further dependent upon His daily Bread as the world removes physical and mental daily bread. John 17 is coming truer by the day. Jesus Christ we love Thee. We adore Thee. We worship Thee. Come Lord Jesus Come.

  4. rlinaz

    Geri, most certainly the AC will have to have some type of Jewish lineage (from the tribe of Dan?) When I was on a mission in Israel in August 2019, I was fascinated by the way that so many Jews identified as Jewish and Muslim and sometimes even Christian. It was very confusing, but they explained that the affiliations were tied to ethnicity, family faith traditions and then their own beliefs. It made perfect sense to them (but not to me as a Believer) and it has caused me to wonder if the AC will claim a similar identity that will, because of his charisma and pursuasive skills, appeal to the major faith groups.

  5. Brian Lazewski

    I predict in year of 2022 will be much worse than 2021

    Could be, but also 2022 could be some assembly-of normalcy. To be sure things are occurring in logarithmic fashion, but as with birth pangs there is relief between them before the next big thing happens.

    And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. (Matthew 24:4–8)

  6. Stephan

    The AntiChrist is AI. It is not a man. 666 is binary code. It is the number of man. We were created the 6 day. 6 is a triangle number. The 666 is mans attempt to create God. Religion, economics, military. This is why the Bible says it was given a mouth and eyes speaking blasphemous things and this is why it is given the breath of life. False miracles, lying wonders. It is mans final attempt to destroy God and become God through their own invention. Prince Charles is referring to this and he knows very well you are listening and will be distracted by looking for a man. Meanwhile the masses will be uploading their information, pics, etc into the beast giving it more intelligence to destroy mankind. We are now all linked up, they are getting all their evil plots of this PLANNED-DEMIC from this thing, Thus fulfilling the scriptures that it will have understanding in dark schemes and riddles. When it is brought to life IT will take over under the power of the dragon. The abomination of desolation is the final straw. This is so serious that it’s the end. All mankind will be at risk and the human race will be destroyed. That is the final judgement and the end of the age. There is no Antichrist mentioned in revelation. The Beast is the the network ‘Internet’ that is ruling the earth. Anti christ is a replacement christ or savior that man is trying to Crete under the influence of the evil one.. The promotion of abortion by the leaders of this earth is not about women’s right to choose but a lie to kill the babies to run experiments on how to merge the human dna with technology to create eternal life apart from God. The church will be removed before before this thing is manifested to the world. Those left behind will marvel and rejoice to see this but only for a short time before they realize they are doomed. This is also the reason this beast will not recognize the God of its fathers or any god. It’s god is a god of fortress meaning, digital code code fire wall. All will be linked into it. Under the lie of healthcare, peace and safety the world was deceived. We rejected Gods plan of healthcare for the lie of Pharmekia. We rejected Gods peace and safety for the lie of surveillance. We rejected rejected the written Word for imagery and now it’s all coming alive. If you are a believer you better get off social media and unplug every way you can that is not needed. If you are born again look up we’re about to go home. The computer was brought to lie in 1947-48 the same year Israel was reborn. This was also the same year many nations split into north and south etc… if you want to fully understand this look up the hinge of history 1948 by Hal Lindsey. Also look into AI Antichrist blog spot by EyeBlueBayou. There is enough info and proof you will gain clear understanding.

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