“I Don’t Care Where You’ve Been Sleeping” by Don Francisco: Video by Timothy Ungurean

In January 1983 when I became born again, I was so happy and full of joy that I could hardly sleep that night. I stayed up late reading the Bible because I wanted to know more about Jesus.

  The next day while driving to work satan started messing with my mind. He kept saying how could God forgive all the sins I had committed in my life.

There were a few Christians I worked with so I ask one about what satan had put in my mind. I told him I know God had forgiven me but I couldn’t forgive myself.

He told me if I didn’t forgive myself, I was putting myself up higher then God. Well, that didn’t help me much. So, I talked to another man about this. He looked at me and said wait here.

When he came back. He gave me a cassette and told me to really listen to this one song and to talk to him the next day.

I went home and played that tape repeatedly. Then I prayed and cried and prayed some more. I had my joy and peace again knowing that God did love me, and He FORGAVE me. And He threw my sins into the sea of forgetfulness and I should do the same.

I pray this song helps someone going through what I did.

With the Love of Jesus

                                       Tim Ungurean

Standing in the Valley of Decision: First They Came for You, Now They Want Your Children

By Leo Hohmann

This has by all estimations been a tough year for a lot of people, both the slumbering and the awake.

Many of those who remain asleep have been forced to get a jab that they really didn’t want, just to keep their jobs or their healthcare plans. 

Some did it without so much as a second thought and they will get however many “boosters” the system requires of them. Some can be seen on Facebook actually getting excited when they hear of each new injection that gets the government’s rubber stamp of approval.

Others did it with much pain and suffering. They did not want it. But they felt they had no choice, they felt trapped in a world gone mad.

They knew there was something wrong about this, something unprecedented: 

You mean I have to inject something into my body, the contents of which remain a mystery and the track record of which only spans a few months and has already killed more people than all other vaccines combined? And if I don’t you’re going to what? You’re going to fire me?

They knew with every fiber of their being that something wasn’t right about that scenario. But they did it anyway. They submitted to the world system.

And they almost immediately regretted it.

“Jab regret” [prikspijt] has been named Word of the Year 2021 by the famous Dutch dictionary Van Dale. The word received 82.2 percent of the 49,000 votes cast on the Van Dale website.

But it doesn’t matter in the end whether you took it smiling or took it crying.

In the end, you own your decision.

Nobody can actually force you to do anything.

Nobody held you down and forced the needle into your arm.

The only thing you were forced to do was to make a decision.

That’s why I reported back in the spring and summer of 2021, when they rolled out these shots, that we all stood in the valley of decision.

The year 2021 was a year of decisions.

Some will never allow anyone to give them a serum that has unknown contents and makes radical changes to the human genome, causing one’s body to actually manufacture a toxic, synthetic spike protein that causes inflammation and sickness.

The year 2022 will be a year of warfare. Things are definitely heating up in the spiritual realm and that means things will heat up in the natural realm. Continue to prepare on both fronts.

We who are awake and know who the enemy is have felt compelled to expand our reach. Time is short. We have to get the word out about the globalist power elites and their evil plan to kill, steal and destroy.

Some gave more financial support to the voices they feel are nailing it with the truths people need to hear in these particular times. Some started speaking out themselves on social media, among their friends, family members, confronting them with the truth like never before while at the same time praying for that truth to sink in and take root.

For me, 2021 was pivotal. I expanded into public speaking and podcasting, and you can see a sampling of the fruits of that by clicking under “media appearances” on this website.

I’ve always been a writer but I’ve never relished being the center of attention, and public speaking has a way of placing you center stage, under the spotlight.

After several of these speaking engagements in 2021, I realized God must be in it. In my weakness, He was able to show His strength, His hope, His mighty truth. The call that I keep hearing God say to relay to His people is this: “Come out of her my people lest you share in her plagues,” from Revelation 18:4.

This speaking project has buttressed my radio and podcast work with Sam Rohrer’s Stand in the Gap Ministries, with Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight podcast, and several other more secular radio and podcast platforms that allow me to speak freely about what I believe and see coming on the horizon. And of course my written articles will always be the bread and butter of my outreach work, almost all of which in 2021 have focused on the deadly experimental gene-therapy shots, the related digital health passports and the one-world system they call the Great Reset.

We have encountered stiff resistance to our message from Facebook, Twitter and the other mainstream social media platforms. Twitter banned me in 2021 and Facebook, while allowing me to stay on their platform, has a way of making sure fewer and fewer of my followers actually see my posts.

But at the same time, people are clearly hungry for the truth and even Big Tech can’t stop them from finding it. I have seen this firsthand at my in-person speaking events and also in the huge increase in readership my articles have received this year. Even as the social media giants tried to hide or ban my work, more people found me online. My articles on this site have received 3.7 million reads in 2021, up from 1.6 million in 2020.

People are drawn to truth. If we have to at some point go back to leaflets posted on trees, that’s what we will do! The global elites will never shut us up!

Resistance to the truth can emanate from some of the most unlikely sources.

The silver lining of the medical tyranny that came with the launch of the death shots this year was that we found out who our friends were and were not.

Let me say that I’m not writing off anyone who took these first round of shots. You will end up regretting it, if you haven’t already, but that’s between you and God.

But those who continue to promote the shots based on the lies of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the corrupt governments of the world, you will pay a horrible price for your avarice, if not here in this world then definitely in the next.

On the political level, we learned that former President Donald Trump is not on our side on the most important issue of our time – experimental gene-therapy treatments that have the ability to at some point create transhumans [exactly how many “boosters” will be required before you cease to be fully human remains unclear, but with each successive shot, you grow further from what God created you to be.]

While spiritual blindness coming from politicians may be expected, it’s really eye-opening when you see blindness on the part of certain pillars of the Church, men and women who are supposed to see things with spiritual eyes.

I’m talking about Christian leaders like Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Dr. Russell Moore, Pope Francis, TD Jakes and many other pastors, rabbis and priests who we learned were either not tuned in, or deliberately tuned out, to God’s Word in these treacherous times. How else could you not discern that experimental gene therapy is bad for humanity? There is no gray area here. You are either for the experimental tinkering with God’s image in us, our DNA, or you are not.

Trump appears to have launched a crusade of late to convince his followers that the shots are good. They “will protect you” and “everybody should get it.”

In almost the same breath that he says “everybody should get it,” he throws in what sounds like a disingenuous disclaimer, that “you have your freedoms” and “forget about mandates… nobody should be forced to get it.”

As we celebrate Christmas, we worship the Christ, the Messiah, who came into the world in the lowliest of venues, a barn or a cave meant for animals.

This was life, precious life, holy and perfect. Just as we are holy and perfect at birth, born with an immune system that is so amazing and wonderful it doesn’t need to be changed or boosted.

Every child that is born into the world has a certain innocence.

These innocent ones must be protected from those with evil intent, those like the mad Dr. Fauci who fund barbaric human-animal experiments, the transhumanists like Klaus Schwab, and the greedy billionaires like Bill Gates, who have done so much, lobbied so hard, to get these genetically modified serums into the bodies of our children. They injections could change them forever, not to mention physically harm them.

Anyone who disrespects the vulnerability, the innocence of a child will be severely judged. That’s why Jesus said, “It would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.” [Luke 17:2]

On Dec. 28, the traditional Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents. We commemorate that awful period in history when the evil Herod the Great ordered the slaughter of every baby boy under 2 years of age in Judea. Herod was a sociopathic dictator who sought to keep his power over his subjects, a mindset that is still very much alive today, although it gets hidden by all of the media noise in our modern society. Those possessed by this same demonic spirit to dominate and control, hide behind technology and often come dressed in white coats and wearing smiles, telling us to just “trust” them. They are science. They are above reproach.

This feast day should give us pause to reflect extra hard this year on what is happening to our children.

We, the resistance, those who recognize tyranny in all its forms, will fight against it not just because we don’t want to live under its clutches but because we do not want our children or grandchildren to endure its torments.

So we go forth, strong in our faith, placing our hope in no man but only God and his Son Jesus Christ.

I thank everyone who donated or otherwise contributed to this website over the past year. I thank you for reading and sharing the posts. For sharing your comments. For encouraging others on this platform to fight the good fight. Amen. Merry Christmas.

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2 Timothy 2:9 – God’s Word Is Not Bound!

Gary W. Ritter

(Jeremiah 23-24; 2 Timothy 2)

Timidity seems to be the order of the day in many churches.  Government dictates have caused many places of worship to either close down or greatly curtail their services, limiting attendance and demanding that all who attend wear masks and distance themselves from each other by six feet.  Even well over a year since the worst of the pandemic porn of COVID, far too many pastors continue to spread fear by kowtowing to the demands of the State.  If the leaders of these churches aren’t adhering to these physical codes, many of them comply with the unwritten rule that political and/or socially cultural relevant themes cannot be discussed in depth.  Thus, issues like the wickedness of abortion, the evil of the homosexual agenda, the horrors of what is in the “vaccines,” are never preached so as not to offend those with delicate sensibilities.

One of the worst offenses is the misuse of Romans 13:1-2, which says:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

This is obviously good and Godly advice.  But what happens when the governmental authorities demand their constituents (or subjects) think, say, or do those things which are contrary to the will of God?  What if the State makes laws or Executive Orders that violate Biblical mandates?  What then are the people of God to do?  Should they obey because such things are “the law”?

Surely, as Paul goes on to say in Romans 13, if someone disobeys lawful laws, the sword of the State is there for punishment and that is only right.  But Paul never issues a direct command to adhere to that which is contrary to God’s will and His laws.  As a result, it appears to me that we need to examine Scripture more deeply to understand our obligations when immoral leaders and laws are the rule of the day.

Let’s briefly consider a few examples.  In Egypt around the time that Moses was born, the Hebrew people were multiplying like crazy.  Pharaoh feared they would become so numerous that they would be a threat to him and his kingdom.  He issued an edict that all male children be killed.  And what did the Hebrew midwives do?  They disobeyed and lied to this evil king.  They honored life and made a way for the children to live.  For this, God honored them with families because they feared Him and not man.

Fast forward to Israel’s captivity in Babylon.  King Nebuchadnezzar issued a ruling that his golden image should be revered as god by being worshiped at the sound of various musical instruments.  This was the law.  What did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego do?  They refused to worship anyone but Yahweh as God.  As a result, the Lord protected them in the fiery furnace.

Sometime after that, Daniel came to the attention of the authorities because of his daily practice of praying to the God of Israel.  This went against the grain because in Babylon many gods were worshiped.  Evil men convinced Nebuchadnezzar to prohibit prayer to any but the pagan gods.  When Daniel violated this law, the king had no choice but to throw him to the lions.  Yet despite his having broken the law of man, Yahweh kept him safe.

In the book of Acts we read that the Sanhedrin prohibited Jesus’ disciples from preaching about Him.  They did it anyway and broke the earthly “law” that they’d been instructed to keep.  For their faithfulness, Christianity flourished.

What about today as we see governments worldwide, along with ours in America, clamping down on our freedoms?  Already in Australia and Canada, the State has taken extreme measures against the Christian community.  Of course, this has been the norm in communist China and in Muslim nations for many years.  In these other locations around the globe, what did God’s people do?  Did they obey the orders of their governmental leaders?  No, they continued to obey God, going underground when necessary, so as to remain faithful to their Savior and Lord above the demands of men.

The question is: As darkness increases in our land and the State demands obeisance to it alone, what will the people of God do?  Consider what Paul said to his young disciple in 2 Timothy 2:8-9:

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel, for which I am suffering, bound with chains as a criminal. But the word of God is not bound!

Paul suffered for continuing to preach God’s Word.  The authorities prohibited him from doing it, but he did it anyway.  He placed God and His commands above those of the religious and governmental leaders of the day.  Why?  Because God’s Word is not bound!  It cannot be restricted and will not be confined by those who are faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is what the apostle went on to declare in 2 Timothy 2:11-13:

The saying is trustworthy, for:

If we have died with him, we will also live with him;

if we endure, we will also reign with him;

if we deny him, he also will deny us;

if we are faithless, he remains faithful—

for he cannot deny himself.

In other words, if we die in service to God, we live with Him regardless of what men do to us.  Through faithful obedience to the Lord, we earn the right of ruling and reigning with Him in the Millennial Reign of Christ.  In trying circumstances, if we should choose not to boldly exalt His Name by trying to protect our own skin, we dishonor God, perhaps losing the protective armor that is ours when we’re faithful.  Despite our lack of faith at times, God never reverts to a condition of unfaithfulness to us.  He loves us and always will.  This is His nature, i.e. the character of God.

What are we to do when man makes ungodly laws?  We are to be faithful to the Lord and His Word.  If that requires civil disobedience, that is what we’re to do when commanded by an unrighteous government to violate any of the things we know God has taught and given us.  From Scripture, the pattern is clear.  When we honor God and do His will above that of men, He will bless us.

The Lord put it on my heart this year to write a daily essay relating to my practice of Reading Through the Bible in a Year.  Last year, that resulted in my producing the Awaken Bible Study Notes, a 4-volume set correlating with each quarter’s readings.  This year in my writings, truly through the grace of God, I’m producing the 4-volume Awaken Bible Commentary and Reflections series.  Volume 1, which covers January – March (Genesis 1 – Judges 5; Matthew 1 – Luke 7), is now available on Amazon in both paper and Kindle e-book formats at this link:

Awaken Bible Commentary and Reflections series Volume 1

If these daily writings have been a blessing to you, I hope that you’ll acquire this first book and the subsequent ones as I finish editing them.  My intent in all I write is to bring God the glory and to make His people think.  As in the Study Notes from last year, the Commentary and Reflections delve into the prophetic and supernatural nature of God’s Word, a combination you simply won’t find elsewhere.  They attempt to show the parallels to our times and the peril from the past when God’s people turn away from Him and His commands.  Scripture is very much a blueprint for today.

Gary W. Ritter is a lay pastor, Bible teacher, and prolific author.  His Whirlwind Series comprises three books: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind, and There Is a Time.  These books are contained in the collected volume of the Whirlwind Omnibus.  Gary has written many other Christian thrillers that will challenge you, and which you can learn about at his website: www.GaryRitter.com.  Recently, Gary wrote a novella for the new Kindle Vella platform called Tribulation Rising: Seal Judgments – The Coming Apocalypse.  This seven-part short work can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099Z462WD.  You can also watch Gary’s video Bible teachings on Rumble at his Awaken Bible Prophecy channel: https://rumble.com/c/c-783217.