“I Don’t Care Where You’ve Been Sleeping” by Don Francisco: Video by Timothy Ungurean

In January 1983 when I became born again, I was so happy and full of joy that I could hardly sleep that night. I stayed up late reading the Bible because I wanted to know more about Jesus.

  The next day while driving to work satan started messing with my mind. He kept saying how could God forgive all the sins I had committed in my life.

There were a few Christians I worked with so I ask one about what satan had put in my mind. I told him I know God had forgiven me but I couldn’t forgive myself.

He told me if I didn’t forgive myself, I was putting myself up higher then God. Well, that didn’t help me much. So, I talked to another man about this. He looked at me and said wait here.

When he came back. He gave me a cassette and told me to really listen to this one song and to talk to him the next day.

I went home and played that tape repeatedly. Then I prayed and cried and prayed some more. I had my joy and peace again knowing that God did love me, and He FORGAVE me. And He threw my sins into the sea of forgetfulness and I should do the same.

I pray this song helps someone going through what I did.

With the Love of Jesus

                                       Tim Ungurean