SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE! “An Old Man In A Chair” – “The Most Important Video I Will Ever Make!”

Rumble — Doctor Vernon Coleman ( ) blows the whistle on the COVID-19 “VACCINE”.

Back in 2020, I began to share the videos of Dr. Vernon Coleman. I knew that he was right in his thinking about the deadly Covid “vaccines” which were then on the horizon. If you wish to see Dr. Coleman’s many videos, either go to his website or put “Covid Chronicles” into the search box on this WordPress. Also you might type in “An Old Man in a Chair.”

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Coleman who has has been attacked by governments, media and many others who are part of this most evil plan for mankind.


10 thoughts on “SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE! “An Old Man In A Chair” – “The Most Important Video I Will Ever Make!”

  1. Mark V

    Wrong arm Tony. And people still listen to him while credible sources are banned. If they can’t comprehend physical matters how will the grasp the more important spiritual battle?

    1. Kat

      I love dr coleman, but the fact that nobody has ever been able to isolate any virus, i prefer the theorie about exosomes, makes much more sense

  2. Erica van Veen

    Where can I find the original post of this video? I’ve searched on Rumble, his two websites and on Brand New Tube, but I can’t find it anywhere! Can you please give me a link? Thank you very much

    1. King Shit

      He is exactly that, an old man in a chair. There is no credibility to this crazy theory. Just watching it I felt my brain drain. Be careful with what you expose your self to. This is clearly misinformation. It’s not even done well. I would not share it with people I don’t like.

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