MARBURG VIRUS? Are You Ready For The Next Big Plandemic? If THIS Doesn’t Stop People from Getting the Poison Covid Jab BOOSTER – NOTHING WILL (VIDEO)

Brethren, aside from the “How Can I Be Saved?” article on this WordPress, I consider this article to be Second in importance to How to be Saved. This subject is THAT Important.

The globalist powers that be, led by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, have the most HEINOUS “Plandemic” in store for our world.

PLEASE share this with everyone you know. Knowledge is power, and the plans of the Globalists are hard to even fathom. These are truly monsters, and I do believe that they are demon possessed. Such HATRED is Demonic.


You may have recently heard about the emergence of the Marburg virus as it is gradually creeping into press conferences and beginning to create waves both in the mainstream and alternative media. 

An alarming video containing a stern warning message hit social media platforms in late September 2021 and has now been widely circulated, in which Kieran Morrissey delivers a foreboding message claiming that the next pandemic will be based on the spread of the Marburg virus, a rare haemorrhagic fever. You can see the original video below. According to Morrissey, who holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has worked as an engineer at an academic teaching hospital in Ireland for over 20 years, the Marburg virus will be used to explain the adverse reactions provoked by the SARS COV-2 booster shots due this winter. 

Kieran Morrissey Speaks out About what is Coming

The common symptoms of Marburg include bleeding and blood clots, which, as Morrissey notes, are immune responses that are already being witnessed in patients suffering from reactions to the experimental vaccine since the original role out began in December 2020. Morrissey has also discovered evidence that a PCR test to detect Marburg has already been developed and will be used in an effort to grossly manipulate the data and produce false-positive tests, as was the case during the so-called Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, we will be presented with the threat of asymptomatic spread, a theory that was discredited during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Perhaps even more concerning however is the proposed vaccine role out that Morrissey has uncovered with his extensional research, a ricin rich vaccine marketed as RiVax. Ricin is toxic agent which has been used in terrorist attacks in recent times, raising serious questions of safety and ethics and yet it appears as the main key ingredient in a vaccine that will be permitted for use under an emergency license, should an ‘outbreak’ take hold. Source

From <click here to see all documentation from Kieran Morrissey.

Brethren, again I say to you that this information MUST be disseminated to people EVERYWHERE. Covid 19 was simply a trial run for this horrific plan to kill millions if not billions of people.

The ONLY way to stop this if for people to cease getting any Covid boosters or anything related to so-called Covid.

Brethren, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that they will be able to discern TRUTH in this matter. There are well known Christians who are pushing the Jab to believers. They are like Pied Pipers of DOOM.

PLEASE understand the gravity of the situation.

How Can I Be Saved?


11 thoughts on “MARBURG VIRUS? Are You Ready For The Next Big Plandemic? If THIS Doesn’t Stop People from Getting the Poison Covid Jab BOOSTER – NOTHING WILL (VIDEO)

  1. Geri,
    I’ve been putting my “money” on smallpox since that’s what Bill Gates has been talking up lately. Regardless what it is, I absolutely agree they have more horrors planned so as to convince people to take the jab.

      1. M. Grace

        There were several suspicious statements in this man’s story so I’m finding it difficult to believe. Maybe I’m nitpicking because I don’t want to believe it, but this man allowed his underage daughter to get the Gardasil vaccine, for starters. I’m not a scientist, but even I knew this was a dangerous shot. One third of the docs st the IHS and CDC are supposedly unvaxxed for covid because they know it’s dangerous.. He says Marburg will be spread by a new vaccine, but that wouldn’t be necessary since it’s spread by body fluids. Am I missing something?

        I’ll take smallpox because it’s survivable. The correct treatment can be found somewhere on the web. I read people died in huge numbers in the last epodemic because they treated it wrong. What I remember is that you’re not supposed to eat or drink and especially take nothing to reduce the fever. And don’t cover the pustules…let them erupt and drain naturally. Rinsing with clean water afterwards. I’m going to look for the natural cure again. I think it was on several years ago. My smallpox vax probably expired decades ago ok, but what about young people? Their vaccinations should protect them. I hope. Should we go get a smallpox booster ahead of time?

        Unless Jesus raptures us, we’re going to succumb to something. It’s a third or fourth part of the population left on earth after the rapture that’s going to die of the plagues, right? So if this stuff is for real, I’m pretty sure the church will escape, or what use would there be in calling the rapture our blessed hope? Whatever would we be hoping for? I’m looking to escape all these things, before the death toll reaches the millions, not when there are so few of us left that the rescue is almost meaningless. Soon, soon.. Maranatha.

    1. Mary Beth Eling

      After touting the vaccine, franklin graham develops pericarditis. Any connection with the vaccine?

  2. rlinaz

    Since I saw the video in June of 2020 where Bill and Melinda Gates snickered and said the next one (virus) will really get the attention it deserves, I have been warning everyone I know. I have shared that video with many people. When the enemy tells us what they are planning we must believe them. In retrospect they told us long before it happened that Covid was coming, and now we know Marberg, or Small Pox or something else, will come as well. And it will be horrific.

    I trust in my Lord. I will not take any vaxes no matter how awful a virus might be. I will not go to a hospital or do anything else to prolong my life in the event of another pandemic.

    To live is Christ and to die is gain.

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