THE CULLING OF HUMANITY CONTINUES: WHO Calls ‘Urgent’ Meeting After Marburg Virus Outbreak Kills 9 in Africa

I don’t doubt that this horrific disease has killed 9 in Africa. But I must say that I remain suspicious of WHO and its affiliates.

Is this how the powers that be will wipe out a very large portion of humanity?


The World Health Organization convened for an “urgent” meeting on Tuesday in response to an outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus in Africa.

A least nine people have been confirmed to have died from the virus’ first-ever outbreak in Equatorial Guinea, prompting WHO officials to meet to discuss progress on vaccine and treatment candidates.

The Marburg virus is one of the deadliest diseases known to man. It causes hemorrhagic fever with a fatality ratio as high as 88% — far deadlier than its better-known cousin, the Ebola virus, according to WHO.

Like Ebola, the disease is transmitted to people from fruit bats and spreads in humans through direct contact with bodily fluids of infected people and surfaces such as bedsheets or clothes, the WHO said. 

Marburg is highly infectious. Thanks to the rapid and decisive action by the Equatorial Guinean authorities in confirming the disease, emergency response can get to full steam quickly so that we save lives and halt the virus as soon as possible,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

Samples from Equatorial Guinea were sent to a lab in Senegal to pinpoint the cause of the outbreak after an alert from a local health official last week, the WHO said.

So far, nine people out of a suspected 16 cases have died, with symptoms including fever, fatigue, diarrhea and blood-stained vomit.

Symptoms of the Marburg virus

Painful symptoms take hold rapidly, and patients typically develop severe hemorrhagic symptoms within seven days, WHO said.

After days of infection, patients have been described as showing “ghost-like” drawn features, deep-set eyes, expressionless faces and extreme lethargy, the agency said. 

Fatal cases usually involve blood in vomit and feces as well as bleeding from the nose, gums and vagina.

The WHO said it was sending medical experts and protective equipment to help officials in Equatorial Guinea curb the outbreak.

In neighboring Cameroon, suspected cases were detected on Monday in Olamze, a commune on the border with Equatorial Guinea, and the country restricted movement in the region. 

“Surveillance in the field has been intensified,” said George Ameh, WHO’s country representative in Equatorial Guinea.

“Contact tracing, as you know, is a cornerstone of the response. We have … redeployed the COVID-19 teams that were there for contact tracing and quickly retrofitted them to really help us out,” Ameh said.

Currently, there are no authorized vaccines or antiviral treatments for the Marburg virus, however, WHO said that survival is improved with supportive care like rehydration with oral or IV fluids.

A number of treatments such as blood products, immune and drug therapies and vaccine candidates are being evaluated.

“We’re working on a 30-day response plan where we should be able to quantify what are the exact measures and quantify what are the exact needs,” Ameh said.

Marburg killed 90% of 252 infected people in a 2004 outbreak in Angola. Last year, there were two reported Marburg deaths in Ghana.

The rare virus was first identified in 1967 after it caused simultaneous outbreaks of disease in laboratories in Marburg, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia. Seven people who were exposed to the virus while conducting research on monkeys died. Source

How Can I Be Saved?


MARBURG VIRUS? Are You Ready For The Next Big Plandemic? If THIS Doesn’t Stop People from Getting the Poison Covid Jab BOOSTER – NOTHING WILL (VIDEO)

Brethren, aside from the “How Can I Be Saved?” article on this WordPress, I consider this article to be Second in importance to How to be Saved. This subject is THAT Important.

The globalist powers that be, led by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, have the most HEINOUS “Plandemic” in store for our world.

PLEASE share this with everyone you know. Knowledge is power, and the plans of the Globalists are hard to even fathom. These are truly monsters, and I do believe that they are demon possessed. Such HATRED is Demonic.


You may have recently heard about the emergence of the Marburg virus as it is gradually creeping into press conferences and beginning to create waves both in the mainstream and alternative media. 

An alarming video containing a stern warning message hit social media platforms in late September 2021 and has now been widely circulated, in which Kieran Morrissey delivers a foreboding message claiming that the next pandemic will be based on the spread of the Marburg virus, a rare haemorrhagic fever. You can see the original video below. According to Morrissey, who holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has worked as an engineer at an academic teaching hospital in Ireland for over 20 years, the Marburg virus will be used to explain the adverse reactions provoked by the SARS COV-2 booster shots due this winter. 

Kieran Morrissey Speaks out About what is Coming

The common symptoms of Marburg include bleeding and blood clots, which, as Morrissey notes, are immune responses that are already being witnessed in patients suffering from reactions to the experimental vaccine since the original role out began in December 2020. Morrissey has also discovered evidence that a PCR test to detect Marburg has already been developed and will be used in an effort to grossly manipulate the data and produce false-positive tests, as was the case during the so-called Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, we will be presented with the threat of asymptomatic spread, a theory that was discredited during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Perhaps even more concerning however is the proposed vaccine role out that Morrissey has uncovered with his extensional research, a ricin rich vaccine marketed as RiVax. Ricin is toxic agent which has been used in terrorist attacks in recent times, raising serious questions of safety and ethics and yet it appears as the main key ingredient in a vaccine that will be permitted for use under an emergency license, should an ‘outbreak’ take hold. Source

From <click here to see all documentation from Kieran Morrissey.

Brethren, again I say to you that this information MUST be disseminated to people EVERYWHERE. Covid 19 was simply a trial run for this horrific plan to kill millions if not billions of people.

The ONLY way to stop this if for people to cease getting any Covid boosters or anything related to so-called Covid.

Brethren, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that they will be able to discern TRUTH in this matter. There are well known Christians who are pushing the Jab to believers. They are like Pied Pipers of DOOM.

PLEASE understand the gravity of the situation.

How Can I Be Saved?