In Case With GLOBAL Implications, Finland Puts CHRISTIANS On TRIAL For Their FAITH


Meet the man who appears to be the first in the post-Soviet Union West to be brought up on criminal charges for publishing long-held Christian beliefs.

Juhana Pohjola wouldn’t be cast to play his own part if Hollywood made a movie about a bishop put on trial for his faith. The Finnish pastor has inherited a place in the church of Martin Luther, but it appears none of Luther’s pugnacity or vitriol.

In person, Pohjola, 49, is forthright but unassuming, and gentle. Stereotypically, the Finn is thin and tall. He often pauses while speaking to carefully consider his next words. He listens attentively to others with far less impressive resumes.

In more than two decades as a pastor, Pohjola has ministered to congregations as small as 30. He has spent his life building a network of faithful churches across Finland, many of which started with a few people gathered for prayer, Bible study, hymn-singing—and communion, if they can get a pastor. In an in-person interview with The Federalist, Pohjola urged fellow Christian leaders to be willing to seek out “one lost sheep” instead of crowds and acclaim.

This is the man who appears to be the first in the post-Soviet Union West to be brought up on criminal charges for preaching the Christian message as it has been established for thousands of years. Also charged in the case that goes to trial on January 24 is Pohjola’s fellow Lutheran and a Finnish member of Parliament, Paivi Rasanen.

Rasanen’s alleged crimes in a country that claims to guarantee freedom of speech and religion include tweeting a picture of a Bible verse. Potential penalties if they are convicted include fines and up to two years in prison.

Finnish Authorities: The Bible Is Hate Speech

Rasanen and Pohjola are being charged with “hate speech” for respectively writing and publishing a 24-page 2004 booklet that explains basic Christian theology about sex and marriage, which reserves sex exclusively for within marriage, which can only consist of one man and one woman, for life. The Finnish prosecutor claims centuries-old Christian teachings about sex “incite hatred” and violate legal preferences for government-privileged identity groups.

Writer Rod Dreher pointed out the witch hunt nature of this prosecution: “Räsänen wrote that pamphlet seven years before LGBT was added to the national hate-speech law as a protected class. She was investigated once before for the pamphlet, and cleared — but now she’s going to undergo another interrogation.”

Rasanen and Pohjola both have adamantly affirmed “the divinely given dignity, value, and human rights of all, including all who identify with the LGBTQ community.” Christian theology teaches that all human beings are precious, as all are made in God’s image and offered eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In advance of the trial, Rasanen and Pohjola have been interrogated by police for hours about their theology. Pohjola told me in the interrogation police treated Christian beliefs as thought crimes. In a statement, Rasanen noted that the police publicly admitted their interpretation of Finland’s law would make publishing the Bible a hate crime.

“It is impossible for me to think that the classical Christian views and the doctrine of the majority of denominations would become illegal. The question here is about the core of Christian faith; how a person gets saved into unity with God and into everlasting life though the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus. Therefore, it is crucial to also talk about the nature of sin,” Rasanen told Dreher. “As we are living in a democratic country, we must be able to disagree and express our disagreement. We have to be able to cope with speech that we feel insults our feelings. Many questions are so debatable and contradictory that we have to have the possibility of discussing. Otherwise the development is towards a totalitarian system, with only one correct view.”

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We are absolutely living in the last days, brethren. Jesus warned us what those days would entail.

Remember that GOD is in CONTROL and that these alarming events must happen to fulfill all Bible prophecy.


Thousands of Marines Defying Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate: Big Question is This – WHY is Our Congress EXEMPT From the JAB?



Thousands of active-duty Marines will miss the Marine Corps and Navy’s November 28 deadline to be fully-vaccinated, as ordered by the Biden Administration’s military vaccine mandate, according to reports.

About 91 percent of active-duty Marines and 66 percent of Marine reservists are fully-vaccinated as of last Wednesday, according to the Marine Corps.

That still leaves as many as 10,000 active-duty Marines not fully vaccinated, according to the Washington Postwhich the paper characterized as a “vexing outcome.”

The thousands of Marines will join almost 10,000 Air Force personnel who did not comply with the vaccine mandate by the deadline.

There will likely be thousands more not-complying, with the Army’s deadline looming on December 15.

The non-compliance poses a challenge to the Biden administration — which has threatened consequences, including separation from the military, for service members who do not comply with the mandate.

The Biden Administration has even opposed taking dishonorable discharges off the table for service members who do not comply.

But the resistance may stiffen.

Last week, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) ordered Oklahoma National Guard members to ignore the Pentagon’s mandate when not on federal missions and more governors may take similar steps.

Oklahoma’s Sen. Jim Inhofe, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, has called on Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to suspend the Pentagon’s ‘politically motivated’ vaccinate mandate,” saying it would hurt readiness and morale.

“This haphazardly implemented and politically motivated vaccine mandate must be immediately suspended or risk irrevocable damage to our national security reminiscent of sequestration,” he said, referring to defense cuts that happened during the Obama administration.

He also slammed separation from the military as a punishment for not complying with the vaccine mandate:

Plainly stated, no service member, Department of Defense civilian or contractor supporting the Department should be dismissed due to failure to comply with the mandate until the ramifications of mass dismissal are known. With an ever shrinking candidate pool, hastily executed policies such as this work to further diminish the ability of the Department to tap into the finite resource of people critical to national security.

The Marine Corps issued a warning last month that Marines who do not comply would be kicked out.

A number of Marines have applied for religious accommodation from the vaccine mandate, but the service has said it will not release any numbers until the deadline has passed.

According to a number of reports and statements from the services themselves, no service has granted any service member religious exemption from the vaccine mandate.

Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported exclusively that the Marine Corps has been using the same form letter to deny all requests for religious accommodation from the vaccine mandate, despite a legal requirement to consider each request individually.

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro told reporters last week that Marines would not be kicked out “on the day of the deadline itself,” according to Task & Purpose.

The Pentagon has argued that members need to be ready to deploy, which includes being vaccinated against COVID-19.

At the same time, members of the military skew younger and healthier than the general population and in general do not appear to suffer as severely from a COVID-19 infection.

An October 2021 Association of Military Surgeons of the United States article said the number of cases of COVID among civilian and military populations of the same size are not expected to differ dramatically, but that the severity in terms of ICU burdens and deaths is “substantially lower” for the military population. Source

Excerpt from about exemptions:

President Joe Biden‘s new vaccine mandates for federal employees don’t apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system.

Biden issued two executive orders on Thursday requiring vaccinationagainst COVID for federal workers and contractors who work for the federal government. He also asked the Department of Labor to issue an emergency order requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis.

However, Biden’s order on federal workers applies to employees of the executive branch. The House of Representatives and the Senate belong to the separate legislative branch, and the courts to the judicial branch of the federal government. Source

Washington State Trooper Forced out over Mandate:

Brethren, I think that we know why Congress and High Courts and Post Office are exempt from the Jab, but our Military is not. The ruling elites have to be in place to keep the Totalitarian government in place.

Since Globalism is now the name of the game, it is obvious that Biden would want to further weaken our military to get us ready for Interpol and the Globalist army to easily defeat us. Then we will be under the thumb of Globalism – just as the powers that be have planned.

But remember this – these things must happen to fulfill Bible Prophecy and ready the world for Tribulation. GOD IS IN CONTROL!