The NAZI Medical Plan for Control of the Planet; World War Two NEVER ENDED

From (Jon Rappoport)

Is it me, or can you feel something dreadful is coming? The majority of Americas are duped into believing that everything that is happening is for our good. For those of us who have the Holy Spirit, Truth is coming into focus.

Unfortunately, some leaders in churches are pushing their congregants to get the Jab. I have no explanation for this – but it IS happening.

The article by Jon Rappoport, on which I am basing this post, hits the nail on the head.


r 29  Jon Rappoport

At the end of the War, IG Farben executives were put on trial and, despite the efforts of Telford Taylor, the chief US prosecutor, and assistant prosecutor, Josiah DuBois, the sentences handed out were light.

For example, Fritz Ter Meer, a high-ranking Farben executive, was tried for mass medical murder and slavery, and sentenced to a paltry seven years in jail. He was released after three years, and went on to occupy a post as chairman of the advisory board of Bayer, a corporate branch on the tree of the infamous IG Farben, which supposedly had been disbanded…

by Jon Rappoport

October 29, 2021

I started writing about this subject 20 years ago, when I launched

In this article, I’ll present an overview.

In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, pushed Hitler over the top, enabling him to become Chancellor of Germany.

Farben was a global colossus. Pharmaceuticals, dyes, oil, rubber. It forged partnerships with Standard Oil, Dow, Dupont, Imperial Chemical Industries, Rhone-Poulenc.

US government official, Josiah DuBois, sent on a fact-finding mission to Guatemala, returned saying, “As far as I can tell, the nation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

The brilliant Farben chemists were modern alchemists. They were researching and producing synthetics far in advance of products formulated anywhere else in the world.

Their dream was material transformation: the ability to convert any element on the Periodic Table into any other element.

Meanwhile, Hitler was obsessed with another transformation: resurrecting what he believed was the lost Aryan Master Race. Through selective breeding, the elimination of lesser and unwanted human types, and other “scientific methods,” a revival of Supermen would occur. And of course, they would then control the destiny of the planet.

Near the close of World War 2 in Europe, the leading lights of Farben and other German corporations, knowing that Hitler was a madman and a rank failure as a military strategist, decided they would have to redirect their efforts, go underground, remain invisible, and from the shadows carry on their war by other means. They were not done. Far from it. They had money, resources, brains, allies. And time.

But what would this new war look like? How would it proceed? Whose strings would they be pulling, and for what purpose?

Should they align themselves with a political movement?

There was one possibility. Socialism. Communism. It would be a convenient ruse. After all, Europe was devastated and exhausted by the War. The prevailing attitude was: “anything to avoid another armed conflict.”

If the nations of Europe could enter into a cooperative future, link hands, bury long-standing enmities, soften geo-borders, engage in free trade, eventually adopt a common currency…

Thus, over a period of decades, the European Union was created. It was what Hitler had been aiming for: a merged continent.

And Germany assumed leadership, as the strongest economic powerhouse in Europe.

All without a shot being fired.

Socialism was spreading, in one form or another, all over the world. For the invisible Nazi architects, this was further evidence they should temporarily hitch their wagon to that star. After all, what was Socialism, really? Just a label for top-down control. The Marxist ideology was unimportant. Domination of populations was all that mattered.

And yet, something was missing. A method. A means. A non-political force that could gradually envelop the world and subdue it, torture it, assert control over billions of minds.

The Farben chiefs had the solution right in front of them. During the War, they had paid a pittance to the managers at Auschwitz, across the road, to send prisoners every day to their medical facility for “tests.” Experiments. Vile grotesque experiments.

And going back several decades, the Nazi leadership had joined elite American eugenicists—the Rockefeller-Harriman forces—to investigate, promote, and utilize sterilization, abortion, medical murder to rid society of its “unfit members.” Those Nazi-American connections still existed.

A branch of modern medicine was on the rise: psychiatry. This was a perfect opportunity to introduce, through completely arbitrary diagnoses of “mental disorders,” debilitating brain-damaging drugs to whole populations. For purposes of pacification.

In fact, the whole Rockefeller model of medicine—one disease caused by one germ—a preposterous form of reductionism—was coming into its own. This meant massive numbers of drugs to treat patients.

Surely, these drugs could be made into toxic destroyers.

A plan was taking shape. A medical plan. THIS would be the invisible conquering force, flying under a politically neutral banner of “healing.”

Create, in the long run, a cradle to grave system enrolling every human, who would trudge, during his lifetime, along a bleak road of 40 or 50 disease-diagnoses and toxic treatments—each treatment giving rise to new symptoms which would be labeled new diseases, requiring treatments…

As for the rank elimination of huge numbers of people on the planet—depopulation—this was a thornier problem. How to arrange it? How to conceal it?

The choice was clear: so-called pandemics. But how would they be staged? Microorganisms, those that actually existed and weren’t mere fantasies, were notoriously unpredictable. The human body, despite all attacks against it, was strong and resilient.

There was no super-germ that could be released which would wipe out a few billion people. That was a dead end. Researchers in their labs, fabricating absurd tests for fairy-tale viruses, and failing to isolate viruses at all, weren’t a help.

But a story about a virus, a story sold with enough fervor by controlled media and cooperating governments…that had possibilities, because the solution would be a vaccine.

The invisible architects would need a whole parade of these fake pandemics, over a long period of time, in order to convince the world population that such scenarios were real.

One by one, pandemic stories could appear and be sold. And DOCTORS would be the messiahs.

COVID is of course the strongest story to date. And the vaccines will, in the long term, be the most debilitating and destructive of all shots.

But it’s doubtful COVID will be the last pandemic story. If a product is a major winner, sell a variation of it. And another.

When we look at and examine horrific events of varying dimensions—the medical experiments in the Nazi concentration camps; the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment; the murder of many live infants aborted to obtain their organs for research; the use of high-dose AZT to kill people diagnosed with AIDS; the vaccine campaigns in the Philippines and Kenya designed to cause future miscarriages in pregnant women; the CIA MKULTRA mind control program…

These are glimpses into an overall medical war aimed at humanity.

The alchemical program of IG Farben is now supplemented with technological advances in the fields of genetics and computer science. The envisioned transformation of humans into Brave New World androids and brain-computer hybrids are medical assaults.

The Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, said: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

This is the slogan of the Nazi-Rockefeller medical cartel.

The hypnotic power of The Doctor needs to be dismantled and broken to pieces. Source

We must cling to Jesus and His Word. These times are without precedent. Remember that Jesus warned us of perilous times.



8 thoughts on “The NAZI Medical Plan for Control of the Planet; World War Two NEVER ENDED

  1. watching68

    Yes medical experimentation and something very nefarious is planned and the world is being conditioned and primed to accept it, even welcome it as the way forward for humanity in a technological age.
    Everything in plain sight here.
    Please read on Policy Horizons Canadian Gov website. Exploring Bio-digital convergence.
    What happens when biology and digital technology merge?

  2. Arthur

    I’d like to know where you got your information from? A lot of this is pure garbage, recycled lies. Hitler did not want war nor did he kill millions of Jews . He didn’t run all kinds of evil medical experiments.
    Before you start insulting me for breaking your false paradigm, get the book “Meet your Strawman and whatever else you want to know” for $5 on Amazon so you’ll know how the world really works and who runs it
    That’s just a start. There’s tons of info out there if you want the truth

      1. M. Grace

        There is OVERWHELMING historical evidence proving the extermination of Jews (and some others) in the numbers and by means reported by survivors and reliable documentation. Deniers are basically an antisemitic cult. I’ll watch to see your numbers growing as we near the return of the Lord.

        You can read about yourself in Deborah Lipstadt’s book “Denying the Holocaust.”
        Then come back here and apologize to everyone.

    1. Brian Lazewski

      I’d like to know where you got your information from?

      Uh, actual history, speaking to relatives that were there, and knowing personally survivors that were there.

      Hitler did not want war nor did he kill millions of Jews .

      Oh no, not at all. Poland was not really invaded along with France, the Low countries, Russia, all the while the UK was not really being bombed and set ablaze by Luftwaffe aircraft sporting imaginary Swastika’s on the tails of their not really existent planes.

      TO ADD… Cousins and uncles, friends, as well as mostly ALL ETO Allied troops in 1945 that ALL supposedly lied about the camps they stumbled upon in 1945 Germany. Those toothpick diseased infested people THAT happened to be sporting a yellow star of David were really not infarct Jews at all, only CGI and hired actors to perpetrate some lie. Not to mention all those tens of thousands witnesses all sworn keep this lie a secret. I think NOT!

      Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

      Arthur…. You really are misguided and possibly at heart a rabid anti-Semite. You really should seek the LORD If you want to know the truth. GET this book. It’s called The BIBLE, I’m sure Amazon has those also for five bucks or so *shrug*. And — it is the TRUTH.

      And indeed, if you seek the “TRUTH” The Truth has a name. It is Jesus Christ, your God. Oh, by the way this Jesus happens to be a Jew.

      I’m not insulting you nor soliciting trolling. I sincerely pray you do find the “TRUTH”

  3. Mark V

    Arthur I fear like Eve you have been deceived.It is you who insult the many eyewitness testimonies of survivors. May the Lord open your eyes to His truth.

  4. Evelyn mcmenamin

    Dear dear Arthur please talk to the remaining holocaust survivors and I have testimonies of how they were forgive in the name of Jesus they are telling the truth there is ample evidence

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