5 thoughts on ““A LESSON” How to Know If Your Society is DOOMED (VIDEO)

  1. Dale Vernon

    Just about everyone who reads this is thinking Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good & good evil. Too bad Ms Rand didnt apparently connect the dots between that truth she advocated & the God who originated it.

  2. Stephan

    The FBI is now posting billboards across America. If you are the victim of hate crime call the fbi. Then they display a number. The billboards have black and Hispanics or Chinese pics on them. This is straight up propaganda. The reason is to arrest and prosecute conservatives and Christians. The only hate crimes happening currently are all from the FBI, CIA and the left. When you see these billboards contact your representative let them know this is treason against the USA and it’s citizens.

  3. Travis

    It is interesting that Dale above mentioned Isaiah 5:20. That was one of my “memory verses” for the day. (I have a set rotation two months in length of daily verses to recite.)

    Ayn Rand was perceptive and the video makes a good point. My question, though, is where are we to go to if we leave? The United States or the “West” were obvious places in the past to escape from totalitarianism. Today, though, where? Should we move to homesteads in Costa Rica or the South American jungles?

    I do not want to be fool hardy, either by staying in the wrong place nor by hastily leaving without adequate preparation. My hope is to seek guidance from God in prayer. He was able to warn Joseph to flee to Egypt, but He was also able to preserve Daniel in a den of lions.

    Ayn Rand did not know God, I do not think; and the narrator in the video is not necessarily correct to think that her life choices led to a better ultimate outcome than those of her parents and siblings. Furthermore, we may have more power on a spiritual plane to change the course of history than the narrator supposes. I would encourage every Christian reading this to pray both individually and corporately that God remove all demons and demonic activity from the United States until at least April 2023, that He deal with those in the world who plot evil by bringing their schemes to naught, by bringing severe conviction to their hearts about the wickedness they plan, and by bringing the terror of Him upon them that they might repent and escape the torments of eternal hell.

    God has not left us as orphans nor without spiritual resources. It is reported that about 1000 years ago God moved a mountain in response to the earnest prayers and fasting of the Coptic church.


    I tend to believe this is true. Read James 5:16-20. I believe that the fervent prayers of righteous men and women can be effective to overturn even the plans of the “deep state” or the “global elite”. The victory is Christ’s and He has been given ALL authority in heaven and on earth! We are His and He is God’s! Let us not faint with worry or fear, but let us be perfected in love, praying always to be filled with God’s Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind!

  4. Karen Kimball

    This dying world is passing away. It is not our home. The events of the last couple of years have served to pry our hands off of this world, as Pastor JD Farag has pointed out. It certainly has done that with my husband and me. No political party, or candidate, or even praying for things to change will change God’s plans if we are in the end times, and I believe we are. Let go of the world and the things of this world. Jesus has prepared a MUCH, much, infinitely better place for us with Him. This world and the things in it are passing away. 1 John 2:17 And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

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