Are you prepared to live as the new ‘undocumented’? All of society is about to be transformed

Andrew Wiggins is one of a handful of NBA basketball players who publicly rejected the vaccine mandate – show your papers or you can’t play, at least not in certain stadiums in communist-run cities like New York and San Francisco.

Wiggins applied for a religious exemption and was denied by his employer, the NBA and Golden State Warriors, whose home games are played in the leftist/globalist haven of San Francisco.

This is what leftists/globalists do.

They bully, intimidate, and dangle financial incentives in front of your face. If you reject their communist and/or fascist demands, they cancel you. They preach tolerance but have never practiced tolerance a day in their lives.

And so Wiggins caved under the pressure. The state-run media has rolled out many of the league’s legends, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to slander and make fun of the players who are holding out against taking the experimental mRNA gene-therapy injections.

Andrew Wiggins had his application for a religious exemption rejected by the NBA and has now received the Covid gene-therapy shot.

O’Neal saved his worst criticism not for Wiggins but for Kyrie Irving, a star player for the Brooklyn Nets who remains unvaccinated.

O’Neal said if he was a teammate of Irving’s he’d go to management and tell them to get Irving “up out of here…Get his ass up out of here.”

If O’Neal was a real man, he would have said “Whoever owns the Brooklyn Nets, get him up out of here.”

But no, he went after a fellow athlete, Irving, who is standing on principle and who is aware of the U.S. government’s history of experimenting on young black men. Maybe O’Neal, Jabbar and these other bootlicking NBA legends should research the Tuskegee Alabama syphilis experiments, which the CDC conducted on black soldiers from 1932 to 1972 [more than 100 died].

Kyrie Irving, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, remains one of the few NBA vaccine refusniks and has been roundly criticized by basketball legends such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal.

In the end, Wiggins decided he simply could not give up half his salary. As Yahoo Sports reports, Facing huge financial hit, NBA player gets Covid vaccine.

Wiggins buckled under the pressure. He was one of the last few unvaccinated players playing for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, the league’s three teams that are requiring every professional athlete to be vaccinated before they can ply their trade on a basketball court, football field, hockey rink or baseball diamond.

It has been reported earlier that Wiggins was standing strong on principle, that he was willing to lose $8.9 million, which is about half his annual salary.

But on Sunday, Yahoo Sports reports Wiggins caved and got vaccinated.

I hope it works out for him. I really do. I pray he doesn’t get myocarditis [inflammation of the heart], brain fog or any of the other health issues that this injection is causing for men his age, including death.

But this young man just turned his back on his religious convictions because he apparently couldn’t conceive of himself living on a paltry $9 million a year. He had to have the other $9 million. Like the rest of his teammates, he showed he could be bought for 30 pieces of silver.

Now some undoubtedly had no religious beliefs and maybe they believed the lies of Anthony Fauci who says everyone needs to get this shot in order to save humanity, despite the fact that a young athlete in his 20s has virtually zero chance of ever dying from Covid.

But Wiggins knew the shot was not good for him. He held out almost until the beginning of the NBA season, then caved.

I can understand the ignorant ones, the mind-controlled ones, submitting to the shots. And there will be continuous shots. No one-and-done when it comes to the Covid injections, which is why they don’t even qualify as vaccines. Have you ever heard of a vaccine in need of a “booster” every six months?

Millions of us can’t be bought. We have done our research. We have counted the cost, and we will fight to the end for freedom — freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of bodily integrity.

We will not be any man’s slave.

No employer, no government, no corporate entity will ever be allowed to get inside of our heads and make us do something we know we will regret later.

I warned my readers months ago that this is where things were heading. That the ultimate cancelation was still yet to come. Now it’s here. We must resolve to stay strong.

We are the new undocumented.

Illegal immigrants pour across the border without worry of being tested or shot in the arm with a needle carrying an unknown foreign substance.

But we who have worked our entire lives in this country, obeyed its laws, paid its taxes, we are no longer afforded the right to make our own medical decisions.

Some have said we are being treated like second-class citizens, but it’s worse than that.

Second class citizens are forced to the back of the bus.

Non-citizens aren’t allowed on the bus.

Second-class citizens are given inferior medical treatment.

Non-citizens are refused all medical treatment.

Second-class citizens are charged higher interest for loans and mortgages.

Non-citizens are denied loans and mortgages.

Second-class citizens aren’t allowed into the best universities.

Non-citizens aren’t allowed into any universities.

Second-class citizens don’t get the best jobs.

Non-citizens don’t get any jobs.

This is where America and the rest of the formerly “free world” are heading.

We see it being rolled out in Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and just a little slower in the United States.

We must prepare our minds for that day.

Are you ready to live as the new “undocumented?”

Many of these denials of basic rights have already occurred in the U.S., including a university education. A healthcare job. A career in law enforcement, fire fighting, even jobs that don’t require people to come into an office or mingle with the public. They’re all falling by the wayside to those who refuse the experimental gene therapy that has killed at least 15,000, according to the government’s own records, and likely a lot more.

Air travel will be the next thing to be denied to the un-injected. Medical care is already being denied in many areas, at least the type of medical care you could count on when you went into a hospital pre-Covid.

We must form networks of like-minded thinkers who can barter and help take care of each other. We must “come out” of Babylon and its new normal.

There is still no law on the books that was ever passed by Congress that says companies of 100 or more employees must fire their workers unless they take the experimental serum. Joe Biden issued this edict in his now infamous Sept. 9 speech but there is no law requiring it, no OSHA rule enforcing it. And yet, corporations are obeying it. Biden said it and it became law in the demented, un-American minds of the fascist corporate CEOs.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of free America. The land of the free and home of the brave has been taken over by tyrants.

But while America is no longer free, that doesn’t mean we stop living as free individuals.

We still make our own choices.

The choices get harder but, once made, we still own them.

When Andrew Wiggins is a grandfather some day, if he lives long enough to be a grandfather, he will be asked by his grandchildren what he was doing when America became communist.

Wiggins will have to tell them he chose the money over his country.

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  1. Misty

    Matthew 24:13 (KJB) “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”
    We must make certain of our convictions for Christ today so we’re ready to stand on them tomorrow…come what may. HOLD OUT, HANG ON, LOOK UP–CALL US QUICKLY LORD JESUS!!

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