4 thoughts on “PROJECT VERITAS: PART 3

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out my typo. I wish that I had an editor but do not. My eyesight is failing, I am covered in hives from autoimmune issues and have hardly slept in the last 2 nights. If you are a brother/sister in Christ – I’m sure that you were not trying to embarrass me, right? Blessings in Christ.

  1. Geri, please look into Bio-Protein plus, a cultured Thymus thymic peptide developed by Dr Terry Beardsley. It helps the three types of T4 cells to do their job correctly. Any autoimmune disorder is helped greatly. I have a rare form of Hec C diagnosed in 05 and has kept me alive until last year when a cure was finally discovered, Praise God. Blessings on what you do. Many believers like me rely on your website so I pray for God’s blessings on you and that He fills you withy His Spirit 24/7.

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