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  1. Misty

    Great video! The gal behind the desk reminds me of the bossy angel in the movie “Chances Are” who gives earth’s recently deceased and heaven’s new arrival, Louie Jeffries, a hard time for not taking his proper place to be processed at the Pearly Gates. She then yells and criticizes Omar the angel for neglecting to give Louie the “shot” that will erase his earthly memory.

    The children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” also comes immediately to mind. The story goes: If you give a mouse a cookie, then he’ll ask you for a glass of milk. If you give a mouse the glass of milk, then he’ll want a bedtime story. If you give the mouse a bedtime story, then he’ll ask you for a flashlight. If you give a mouse the flashlight, then he’ll want a …. The requests go on and on until they come full circle and the mouse again requests a cookie.

    In our world’s present “health crisis” scenario, the mouse is the New World Order. The glass of milk is the jab. The bedtime story is the mandated vaccine passport. The flashlight is the vaccine boosters. And the “requests”, or rather, “demands” go on and on until all inhabitants of the earth have bowed down to the antichrist having fully received the mark of the beast.

    The authors of the New Testament warn for this generation 1) not to be deceived; 2) Watch and pray; 3) discern the times and the seasons; and 4) when you see these things begin to happen then look up as your redemption draws near (Matthew 24). What things? Great deception upon the whole earth, wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, famine, nation against nation and culture against culture, and earthquakes in diverse places. We’re seeing all these things happen simultaneously in the world today!

    We, the body of Christ, must make our convictions for the Lord today so we can stand firmly on them tomorrow–our eternal lives depend on it! Singing praises and worship songs to the Lord is one of the best defenses against Satan’s fiery darts while at the same time strengthens our faith,

    Stand up! stand up for Jesus!
    Ye soldiers of the cross;
    Lift high His royal banner,
    It must not suffer loss:
    From vict’ry unto vict’ry
    His army shall He lead,
    Till every foe is vanquished
    And Christ is Lord indeed.

    Stand up! stand up for Jesus!
    The trumpet call obey;
    Forth to the mighty conflict
    In this His glorious day.
    Ye that are men, now serve Him
    Against unnumbered foes;
    Let courage rise with danger.
    And strength to strength oppose.

    Stand up! stand up for Jesus!
    Stand in His strength alone;
    The arm of flesh will fail you;
    Ye dare not trust your own.
    Put on the Gospel armor,
    And, watching unto prayer,
    Where duty calls, or danger,
    Be never wanting there.

    Stand up! stand up for Jesus!
    The strife will not be long:
    This day the noise of battle,
    The next the victor’s song;
    To him that overcometh
    A crown of life shall be;
    He, with the King of glory,
    Shall reign eternally.

    Copyright: Lyrics © Original Writer and Publisher
    source: https://www.lyricsondemand.com/miscellaneouslyrics/christianlyrics/standupstandupforjesuslyrics.html


  2. Mark V

    😂 So true. The drama of the left has lost touch with reality. Men can’t have babies or periods. Period. There is no observable science in evolution. It’s a revolution against God- only He was there. True science deals with facts not censorship of proven facts. What happened to the “Stop the bullying” narrative? That’s all they’re trying to do. No one has to be ashamed of the tone of their skin – there is no black or white, just lighter or darker depending on the melanin. We are all descendant from one man and one woman. And there is salvation in no other name but Jesus Messiah. “I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My cousel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose.’ ” What blessed hope we have!

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