MAYO CLINIC SURGEON: Unvaxxed Patients “To The Back of The Line;” Says “Morality is Moot”

Mark Sawyer believes patients who choose against the shots being called “vaccines” should be triaged for death, while at the same time brave medical doctors that honor their Hippocratic Oath and put their patients first are being fired for trying to actually save the lives Mark Sawyer is willing to take.


9 thoughts on “MAYO CLINIC SURGEON: Unvaxxed Patients “To The Back of The Line;” Says “Morality is Moot”

  1. Denise Benjaminson

    A Bloomington, Minnesota hospital did this to my daughter this past weekend. She was refuses care until she got the vaccines.

  2. Mark V

    I saw a satire from Babylon Bee last week that said doctors are refusing to treat patients who got into a accident and weren’t wearing their seatbelts. Could you imagine the uproar if ? Yet they are all gung ho over denying people a lifesaving kidney transplant even if they aren’t covid positive.”While evildoers go from bad to worse…”

  3. C F

    Please, this is so important. Someone must know how to help me.
    I’m unvaccinated and will not get vaccinated even though it may cost me my current job. I can find a new one but that would mean interacting with the vaccinated public.

    This is my problem: repeated exposure to vaccinated individuals makes me sick. First a sore throat, them a head cold. I can only image what comes next but I removed myself from all vaccinated company before I could find out. A few days away from them, gargling with salt water and eating plenty of fish corrected it. I’m fine again.

    This is my question: How can I live among the vaccinated and not be injured by the spikes they breathe? Is it quercetin? Ivernectin? Folic acid?

    Please. Someone must know the treatment.

    Thank you.

  4. Dale Vernon

    I believe it’s too late for reversing this once great nation’s demise. God has not sent any inspirational leaders or preachers to rally sinners to repentance with a goal to save our nation and kick out our corrupt govt. Its as if our citizens/leaders, preachers are mostly comatose zombies affecting even the visible “church”. I was baptized when I was 13 in a Gospel preaching church but now its a church full of Sodomites who love their sin. We need a type of Jonah & I don’t see any on the horizon. I have prayed much for the Lord to bring a national repentance but it seems as if the heavens are brass on this matter. I have long wondered when God would finally lower the boom on our sinful nation & now He is making us the laughingstock of the world in the process. I am fed up. My own brother who was raised as I was in a Christian home wont allow me to talk of Christ in his home. He, the smug one, doesn’t want Geri’s msgs any more either. Well nuts to all of you of like mind. U are fools to reject He who died & took your sins upon Himself. The Lord will be forced to blot you out of His Book of Life not because He rejected you but because YOU rejected Him. That is the only unforgivable sin & it is YOUR fault. Ur not a “victim” & the blame game is over. If you continue to reject the ONLY way of salvation God provided thru the Lord Jesus Christ then you can look forward to an eternity suffering God’s cup of wrath measured out specifically for you alone in the Lake of Fire. So congratulate yourself on “doing it my way”. God is searching for the lost to repent & be saved but I believe He’s done using America as the beacon of God’s msg of hope to the world. How can He continue to bless a nation who is the biggest protector, exporter of abominable sin in the world? Refer to Dan6:25-27
    MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN; as it applies to the USA, “You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient”.

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