Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Speaks to Hasidic Leaders from Israel: The People of Israel Are Taking Part in a Genocidal Experiment – Why Would We Vaccinate With a Poison Death Shot?

Zelenko (Trump’s Doctor) Tells Israel They Genocided the Jews & Just Sacrificed Their Kids to Moloch. He speaks about HCQ and Ivermectin which is NOT available in Israel.

FEAR has motivated people to trust evil globalists and run to get the death shot.

 “I’m sure there are many Israelis who were complicit in carrying out the Greatest Crime Against Humanity the world has ever seen, but whoever these elders are, they look genuinely surprised to learn about just how stupid they were.”

Dr. Zelenko even invokes God Almighty and says that everyone who took the shot turned away from God and turned to the worshipers of Moloch instead. (We’ll see how that works out for them) Dr. Zelenko equates jabbing kids with child sacrifice and informs them all that the majority of “vaccinated” (which is over 80% of the population) will likely be dead within 3 years.”


Pray for Dr. Zelenko that his eyes would be opened to Yeshua and he would be saved!


25 thoughts on “Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Speaks to Hasidic Leaders from Israel: The People of Israel Are Taking Part in a Genocidal Experiment – Why Would We Vaccinate With a Poison Death Shot?

  1. vivian wydrzynski

    Thank you for sharing. People are not listening to me, I hope they will listen to him!

    1. RR

      Dr. Zelenko is amazing!! Thank you, Geri, for posting this! I forwarded it to others and urged them to listen to the 30 min. video. You gotta hear him lay the smackdown on the fraudsters!

      1. Yes……I LOVE Dr. Zelenko. He gives them the facts and I believe that he greatly influences his audiences with TRUTH. Did you see the looks on the Hasidic Leader’s faces??

  2. Jim V

    Like I said before Geri, I’m still dumbfounded that many Jews in Israel took the jab. I don’t get it. Israel government needed them (healthy people) to defend of their country to fight against their enemies. Why jab innocent healthy Jews? Israel will having war very soon. I have always standing behind the Israel. God bless.

    1. I’m with you, Jim. It shocked me that Israel made a pact with Pfizer and it shocked me even more that Bibi was involved in that decision. Didn’t my people learn from the Holocaust???

      1. Jim V.

        I don’t know what to think. Who knows, perhaps George Soros behind it? He hates the Jews which is very weird because he is a Jew himself. I strongly believe George is a demonic possession.

        My opinion, Satan knows the Bible, he hates the Jews and Christians. It could possible Globalist knew about the end time, Israel will win the war in near future, perhaps, they, Globalist were trying to depopulation in Israel (not to win the upcoming war) ? Israel will be next new Superpower in the Middle East after Psalm 83 War or Ezekel 36 War. Satan would do everything with his power to destroy the Israel. God won’t let that happen.

        I’m still shocked that Israel government allowed Pfizer jab the Jews. I was dumbfounded. To tell you the truth, I don’t like this new Israel government under Bennett. I don’t trust him. I pray for the Jews to wake up before it too late. I know God is in control.

        I’m telling you Geri, time is short. Daily we all have been hearing jab, jab, jab, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Rapture is not far away. I pray we will be out of here before this Christmas.

    2. Jim…….Here is my take on why I think that my people in Israel took the jab. Also, why the government has been so stern about this. The Jews have always been the world’s scapegoat. My dad taught me that when I was a child. If they did not jump onboard with the jab plan, the collective pointed finger of the rest of the world would say “You see? They don’t care about our world – they want others to be sick yada sada yada!”

  3. As far as the Dr. Zelenko is concerned, OH HOW I’M PRAYING THAT A MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN and Dr. Zelenko will see that Jesus Christ died for our Sins and lived again as our Saviour. I pray he will feel the LOVE that Jesus has for all his Christians the immense happiness and joy that Jesus’ love gives to us, his followers. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

    As far as all the Jewish people taking the JAB, I believe God has left them to their reprobate minds. I pray for the people of Israel, that they will have peace and find Jesus! Amen

  4. Armando Silvier

    In case any comments are made here against “Jews.” I would like to point out that a real Christian, who is born again by the Spirit of God, has eyes to see the truth and that Truth is Jesus the Messiach; Jesus stated that there is a group of people (even 2000 years ago when he walked in Jerusalem) calling themselves “Jews;” but they are “not; they are a Synagogue of Satan.” The same group of people have, today, become extremely powerful. For example, the Rothschilds, who are not true “Jews” but Khazarian AshkeNAZI imposters, own and control at least $500 Trillion in assets. The Rockefellers and Desmarais and individuals like Soros, also control many Trillions and Billions in assets; which they have used to divide and conquer the world. In fact, the 1918 “pandemic” which killed at least 50 million people directly and many more millions indirectly, was caused by the Rockefeller Institute, which injected many troops going to the Front (World War 1, which they financed to set up the false State of Israel) with an “experimental flu vaccine”. These false “Jews” also started World War 2; in which they liquidated no less than 66 millions of Poles, Ukrainians and others (including 12 millions of Germans in “POW” camps) and the majority of these unfortunates (shot and starved, often on their own farms) were Orthodox Christians (including the Tsar and his family). They were instrumental in financing the genocide of more than 120 million ethnic Chinese and others in the “Communist” Revolution in China under their whore for Satan, Mao. You may feel i am exaggerating; but the Holodomor is deliberately never spoken about in mainstream “news” or our brainwashing institutions (“colleges and universities”) because the Synagogue of Satan controls all such governments and their “think tanks” and “training schools (while the Holocaust is constantly shouted about everywhere).” Most people, including most ordinary Jews and Israelis, wherever they live, are completely unaware of the existence of the false “Jews” who were the controlling and financing engine (from the USA, no less) of ALL the wars, invasions, plagues, genocides and mass murders of the past two centuries (including the USS Liberty, UK 7/7 and 911). People like Cuomo and Obama (the homosexual transvestite) are actually not “Jews” but they obey their false “Jew” masters; this is why we are in such peril at this time. I just wanted to make it clear that, if there is any “war” in the future, especially as a result of the destruction across the world caused by the Covidian Psyop, it will be the false “Jews” the Synagogue of Satan who will finance and instigate that war; and that they will blame everything (and i mean EVERYTHING including the “pandemic” itself) on the ordinary Jews (after all, if “6 million Jews” were murdered in the Holocaust, it was the FALSE JEWS who ordered their deaths (read up on Chaim Weitzman; this fact is well known). The peril we face is that 95% of the world is not born again by the Spirit of God and (judging by the number of “vaccines” they have allowed to be injected into themselves, their loved ones, friends and children), they are oblivious and woefully ignorant as to who the true enemy of souls is; and what it is capable of; and, they will make NO distinction between “Jews” and the Synagogue of Satan. That truth will be used, as in all past wars, plagues, psyops, invasions, and genocides, to destroy not only ordinary Jews (again!) but, unfortunately, this time, the majority of people on the planet. We must do much, much more, to make it clear that ordinary Jews are not the same wicked and loathsome creatures who love and worship Lucifer/Baphomet/Baal/Baalzebub/Molech/Remphan before it is too late!

    1. Jeremy Pate

      Very interesting… I would like details on where information can be found related to your response. I agree that there are many in high places (politicians/wealthy elites/faith leaders) that are pushing an agenda/deception. So many people are falling right in line with the set plan/plandemic and don’t have enough decernment to even ask the most obvious questions. How can so many people not have critical thinking ability? They blindly follow what they are told to do. They are as sheep led to the slatter!!!

  5. Armando Silvier

    Why can’t i leave replies? Every time i post here, my comment never appears. Censorship, anyone?

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  9. William Burke

    Wow. God bless Dr. Zelenko for standing up and speaking the Truth. And may god intervene and restore the health of all who turn back to Him.

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  11. eldamaris

    Thank you Geri for posting this deathclear interview of Dr. Zelenko with this 3 religious leaders who seemed to be shocked!
    I looked it 2 times.
    It went viral in Germany, too and was translated/got subtitles for the german audience.
    As I’m not too familar with Hebrew and the relig. factions in Israel I’d like to know who those 3 leaders are or to which relig. or political organisation they belong.
    I could partially read their names, but could not find them by internet research.
    Can you or someone here perhaps help?
    Thank you very much, again!

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