HUMAN ENGINEERING: Kill us With MANIPULATED VIRUSES – Make us HATE MEAT by Taking a Pill – Making People SMALLER to Fight Global Warming (Yes you read that right) (VIDEO)

As we watch the news unfold about Covid and the Jab, it becomes clearer to the discerning mind what is really going on here.

The horrors of the Holocaust are difficult for most people to see and to remember that this REALLY DID happen. Being a young Jewish girl when I first saw the images, I was traumatized for life.

My dad always told us that the Jew was the world’s Scapegoat, and that he believed that another Holocaust was likely. Little did he know that the next time it would be unleashed on the world.

NEVER AGAIN becomes OH YES – AGAIN AND AGAIN, and they’ll do it by instilling FEAR in the hearts of all people.

I believe that there truly is a special place in hell for these Genetic Engineers. The fury and wrath of God is close at hand.

How Can I Be Saved?


8 thoughts on “HUMAN ENGINEERING: Kill us With MANIPULATED VIRUSES – Make us HATE MEAT by Taking a Pill – Making People SMALLER to Fight Global Warming (Yes you read that right) (VIDEO)

  1. Mary

    Thanks for the article Geri!

    That’s their answer to Everything, if they can’t get everyone to agree & do what they want, they’ll “restructure” humankind, MANIPULATE it to get what they want.

    They’re a SICK, MENTALLY Deranged BUCH of psychopaths, with a degree. They’re a DANGER to society.

    I REBUKE, BIND UP & COMMAND these pyschopaths TO STOP their experiments to reengineer human, & animal life in Jesus Name.

    Lord LOOSE angels to destroy their knowledge & works in this area of remaking humans, & animals. Things like humanized mice, chimps, etc. Also building a computerized brain into people.

    Lord STOP the madness, RESTORE Your creations to it’s Former Glory. Save the souls of mankind, grant repentance.

    We WORSHIP & HONOR You Lord, You ARE the Great I am, the Alpha & Omega. The Beginning & the End, it is to You, I bow my knee, & my head in reference to You, Amen!

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  3. Mark V

    These “inventors of evil” are under Satans control. Though some people do not see them as evil or their actions as intentional deception, I disagree because they have rejected the authority of God. Satans first lie was that through knowledge “you will be like God.” Man just loves to pride himself into thinking that he can increase his lifespan, yet he cannot. “Claiming to be wise they became fools…” They will lie, cheat, steal, murder, and oppress all who oppose them. “…The Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials…” And yes, His righteous judgment is coming soon. Praise God. Adonai ro’i dayenu!

  4. I love your articles, they can be trusted and are so current and enlightening. Thanks you for your dedication to the truth. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him in this way.

  5. Praying that the Lord will heal you, and continuing to pray for your 3 children.
    Grateful for all of your articles! The Lord has blessed you with discernment that is so needed in these last days before the coming of the Lord.

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