I am sick and need your prayers

To my brethren – If you’ve noticed that I have not written a new article in the past week, it is because I am very sick.

I have Chronic Urticaria – in plain language I am covered with hives. My doctor is attempting to treat me, but so far it has not gone well.

I would appreciate your prayers and to pass this on to others who read Absolute Truth.

There is also a chance that I may have a blood disorder – possibly Leukemia. God is bigger than all of this.

I love you all so much.

In the Love of Yeshua,



60 thoughts on “I am sick and need your prayers

  1. The Greatest of these is Love

    I’ve been battling hives for a week now. I feel your pain. I will certainly pray for you.

  2. Beth Hess

    My husband and I missed you, Geri! Your emails are always the first we read and discuss. I’m so sorry to learn of your illness. We will be praying for our Lord Jesus to surround you and your family in His wonderful peace, healing for your body, and for wisdom for your doctors. He is faithful and His love is pure. He’s got this!
    Love and prayers, Rick & Beth

      1. Karla Oakley Anderson

        Prayers for peace of heart and mind, patient endurance ,doctors who are full of the Holy Spirit, loved ones to support and sustain you. I pray that the Great Physician, the healer of our body and soul, grant you full deliverance and restore you whole.
        In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.
        Thank you for all your labor in the Lord. He will not forget you.
        Much love, Karla

      2. Bonnie Suba

        Almighty GOD, we worship YOU and Praiae YOU, for YOU, LORD are worthy to be Praise! We come on bended knee and seek YOU for a healing touch from YOU, OH LORD JESUS on the body of Geri. Precious and JEHOVAH RAPHA, we call upon YOU to raise her from her sick bed and restore her to complete health. She loves YOU LORD and has been speaking truth concerning YOUR Gospel and the near coming Rapture in order to keep us spiritually and mindfully grounded on YOUR WORD! We ask for this healing to come upon her so that she may continue her annointed ministry, in JESUS Name! We declare and decree that YOU LORD JESUS have heard our prayers and that we considered them done, because by YOUR stripes we were and are healed, in JESUS Name! Amen. Thanking YOU LORD JESUS in advance and are forever grateful, Amen!

  3. Sherry

    I am so sorry for the ordeal you are going through. You are sincerely in my prayers. May God heal you quickly. In the precious name of Yeshua. Lookingforward to your return! 🌺

  4. Jeanne

    Please talk to your doctor about trying Tagamet- it’s usually given for stomach issues but is also a histamine blocker, and histamine causes hives. This worked for my daughter when nothing else did. Can’t harm, but could help!
    And I’m praying for you!

  5. Mark V

    Abba Father we come to your throne of grace in the name of Jesus and ask for healing of our sister Geri. We thank you for hearing our prayers and praise you.

  6. readernan52

    Bless your heart, Geri, I’m so sorry to hear this. I can empathize because I’ve had idiopathic urticaria for fifty years. I’ve only actually broken out in hives a few times, the rest of the time it just causes the most intense itching imaginable. I take Zyrtec to keep it mostly calmed down, as it has far less dangerous side effects than diphenhydramine. When I finally learned that I had a serious thyroid problem I was advised to eat gluten free, and that also helped immensely! I’m praying for your healing. God is bigger!

    1. Susan Kurzen

      So sorry, Gerri, that you are suffering from this condition. It sounds miserable. I will lift you up in prayer before our Father that He will touch you and bring comfort and healing. I just happen to be reading in Job right now and I have this mental picture of you being broken out with these hives. 😕……of course you know Job was struck with sores all over his body and was so miserable. (So when you mentioned hives, I immediately thought of my study in Job). You could possibly be under attack because of your honest reporting.
      God bless you and make healing come quickly.

    2. Mary

      Dear Geri, I am Praying for your HEALING.

      Lord Jesus, You see & KNOW EXACTLY whats going on w/Geri, the hives & concern of leukemia. So I’m asking for two (2) things.

      (1) REMOVE the source & reason for hives. Calm her immune system down, & put the Balm of Gilead Over her ENTIRE Body.

      (2) Give a GOOD REPORT on the bloodwork/tests CONFIRMING NO leukemia.

      I THANK You for HEALING Geri & Giving a GOOD REPORT.

      I REBUKE, BIND UP & COMMAND these infirmities to LOOSE her, & I CANCEL the curse that’s been placed upon her, you are sent to the ones who sent it out in Jesus Name, Amen!

      Lord LOOSE angels to minister an answer to this request QUICKLY restoring Geri to GOOD HEALTH.

      We Worship, Honor & PRAISE You Almighty God for DELIVETING Geri & restoring her to her normal self! You are a WONDERFUL, ALL POWERFUL God, FULL of Mercy & Truth, it is Your Report we BELIEVE!

      1. karen

        Dear Geri,

        You are loved and greatly appreciated for all that you do. You will be lifted up in prayer.

  7. Dale Vernon

    Hi Geri I am asking the Lord Jesus to give your earthly Dr the wisdom for the correct diagnosis & treatment that is effective, quick, inexpensive & unintrusive. Sometimes, though illness is a divine appointment to share the Good News with someone u would never have met otherwise. Jesus is the Great Physician as I have personal testimony to that fact & His healing is always the best. But the timing & ultimate purpose always belongs to Him & He feels every twinge of pain & discomfort, heartache you are having. He also experienced much more just for us. Just bear with it Sis as lotsa prayers are going up for you right now. Thanks for letting us help u. Keep us posted.

  8. Nancy Russell

    Geri, you are in my now-prayer! God is always good and he knows you are a VERY important person in his army. God bless you and heal you completely, my friend.

  9. For it is written in Isa 53:5 you were wounded for our transgressions, you were bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed, Rom 8:11 if the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwell in us it will quicken our mortal bodies, Father we just ask that you touch Geri and heal her now, as we bind these attacks sent by the enemy, as many are being attacked on here, the enemy is trying to do us great harm at a time when we need to be fighting with everything in us to expose this evil, and we ask that you touch her in a mighty way, and heal her body for thou art the God who healeth our disease, and cancer has no part either as we bind every sickness and command it to go, for she is a child of god and we taje authority you have given us in Jesus Christ mighty name, and claim her healing along with others be healed as we command her skin to clear up and her blood for the life is in the blood, and we speak a pure healed body in Jesus name.

  10. Rita Spencer

    Dear Geri,
    I have prayed for healing and comfort from our great Savior and will continue. This verse has helped me in times of trial.

    “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

    May you experience the presence of the Lord through this trial.

    God Blessings,


  11. Dearest Geri,
    Please know you are in my prayers. I have been off the computer for a while but hadn’t seen your writing for a while. Something made me check my E-mail tonight and that is when I learned you were ill. The enemy will pounce on us when we are down but you have many prayer warriors by your side.God will guide your doctor and the rest of us will keep you up in prayer. Much love to you,

  12. I will keep you in my prayers. I pray the hives will leave you completely and that you will have perfect peace and rest from all the discomforts. May our Lord and Savior touch you and heal you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, in His precious name I pray. Amen

  13. Jim V.

    I’m praying for you sister!!! Hang in there. I believe in my heart you will be OKAY. May the Lord Jesus Christ heal you from the top of your head to your feet, in Jesus name. Amen.

  14. Dear Sister, I have another friend who is suffering from this currently as well. I pray for Yahweh to touch you with His strong right hand of healing and that He will bring the wisdom to those caring for you and the healing in His Holy Spirit and the peace that passes all understanding to guard your heart and mind. In Messiah Meshua’s name I pray..amen

  15. Debbie Eid

    Dear Geri
    Great is His faithfulness unto us! He is the God that healeth thee! Ex 15:27
    Holding you up in prayer in this time of suffering and testing.
    Take courage in the LORD your God for even this shall pass, and you shall declare HIs greatness and wonder above all.

  16. Sharon Tastet Holdren

    I did notice but went on with my daily fight against my battle in the spiritual dimension. Your sharing not only reminded me to pray for you but helps me put things in perspective as I had poison ivy once every where and it was the most horrendous condition and can beat a person’s spirit down. Is it like shingles? I have not had the vaccine and am anti vaccine. You have the most wonderful prayer warriors and I prayed their prayers in spirit with them and am asking the Lord, Yahshua to touch you and heal you by His precious name.

  17. Thomas (Geoff) Knight

    Hi Geri, the enemy comes at us the hardest when we are winning the spiritual battle. You are a beacon of light in these trying times. Never give up. Prayers flowing your way. May the Holy Spirit wash you in relief and joy.

  18. Michelle Okeson

    Wow! I will pray for you. I had a breakout of hives about a month ago. I was covered from my chest to my knees. Interestingly, the day I broke out with it, I had read in Deuteronomy that morning, “I will afflict you with an itch that would not go away”. The next day, I was praying for relief and believe the LORD revealed to me tbat a spirit of fear had come over me. I asked the LORD to forgive me and cleanse me from the spirit of fear. Thankfully, within a day or two it went away. The LORD has made it very clear that we are in spiritual battle and the enemy is ruthless! “Have I not commanded you? Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the LORD your God will be with you…I will pray for you because I know how miserable you feel!

  19. Gary Ritter

    So sorry to hear about this, Geri. May the Lord be with you, protect you, give you peace, and touch you with His healing mercy.

  20. Gale

    Yes, praying for you!!!
    BUT please use colloidal silver!
    Spray on affected area several times daily, and
    Also take 2 or 3 tablespoons full , 2 or 3 times per day!!!

  21. I’m not a doctor but I just got over mild case of shingles. Sometimes shingles is misdiagnosed. It may be what you have. I took antibiotics for ten days and it is all cleared up. It was on left side of face. Prayers are with you.

  22. Linda Ann Fuller

    Most Definitely. will pray right now…..May the Lord heal you quickly and give you rest.

  23. Bridgett Burling

    Have you been around anyone who has received the shot recently? My nephew’s wife had hives for almost 3 wks after getting the shots. I heard that hives could also be one of the things transmitted by those who have gotten the jabs. Just a thought. Hope you recover soon.

  24. chirsan

    I am sorry to hear this Geri and am praying for full recovery and the Lord’s peace that surpasses understanding to be with you and your family throughout!

  25. Dear Geri, I am praying for your health. God bless you. I too have suffered great health problems. Sometimes the doctor’s just don’t know and then it’s up to the individual to look for healing alternatives. I highly recommend you take a look at MMS-Master Mineral Solution. It’s basically is an Oxygen Molecule. It has helped me!

    The Chlorine Dioxide molecule, known as the MMS Solution, has been shown to destroy bacteria, fungi, molds, yeast & parasites.

    It has also been shown that the chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes heavy metals from organic tissue. Oxidation is not the same as chelation – though the end result is the same. When a heavy metal is in fact oxidized, it it rendered harmless & simply flushes away.

    https://www.mms-supplement.com/faqs – frequently asked questions.
    https://www.mms-supplement.com/buy-mms – I purchased the MMS Product – Single Kit + DMSO $47.00

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way. hugs, Debbie in S.C.

  26. Bill Leutbecher

    May God bless you and your website as you provide so much valuable information and are a blessing to us all. We are all praying for you and to rid your body of the hives

  27. Mellany McKenzie

    I agree with every prayer and I am adding my own as well; blessings in Christ; thank you for all that you.

  28. Mike McDonagh

    Sorry to hear it Geri. May the Lord your Healer, Adonai Rophe, minister to you. You are in our prayers. Maranatha Lord Yeshua.

  29. philip marsh

    God bless geri. dandelion tea is highly effective for treating leukemia get ph strips and make sure youre alkaline too bi carb of soda with lemon oil will do this dandelion tea on ebay God speed

    1. Hi Geri, I am very sorry to hear this news. One of my family members went through this. Theirs was caused by stress. Their nervous system became unbalanced and they could not handle anything else. They got healed by taking herbs and boosting their immune system. Here is an article if you want to read it by Dr. Axe, https://draxe.com/health/hives-treatment/

      His website is draxe DOT com
      Hives Treatment: 9 Natural Home Remedies

      May the Lord heal.
      Psalms 55:22 Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

      God Bless

  30. gdkruk

    May the Lord heal you from the top of your head to the bottom of the soles of your feet. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

  31. pznpod31129

    This may sound like I am crazy but I know what is wrong. I had the same condition for three years and thought I was going to die. After seeing endless doctors, God sent me to an allergy doctor and things changed from there. After a simple blood test I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Urticaria, which is different from chronic urticaria. Once the blood test came back the allergist knew how to treat the condition. After getting the full body hives under control I take Zyrtec twice a day to keep the antibodies from accumulating. If the Zyrtec does not work there is an injection that the doctor can do. There is no cure, but it can be managed.
    Please get your doctor to run the blood test for autoimmune urticaria. Running the test won’t hurt and if it comes back negative then your doctor will know to search for other issues.
    Praying for you always.

    Your sister in Christ,

    1. Dear sis,
      You are not crazy at all! My body is riddled with autoimmune disorders. I had Graves disease years ago and then my thyroid went the other direction – Hashimotos Thyroiditis. My GP is well aware of my autoimmune issues and he is sending me to an allergist/immunologist on July 13th. My doctor has me on 50 mg of Hydroxyzine (antihistamine) every 4 -6 hours and Zyrtec. He upped the dose of Zyrtec to 2 (it was 1) because I am not sleeping and he is hoping that the 2 Zyrtec before bed will allow me to have a restful night’s sleep. Thank you so much for sharing about yourself, and caring about me.
      Much love in Yeshua,

  32. diane

    My sweet, bold sister in Christ…I have been praying for wisdom for the Doctors that are treating you. Please don’t even give thought to the worst case affliction they try to label you with. You are ill, but you know in your heart of hearts it is from the enemy…you have been discouraged lately and that is when he attacks. You are covered in the Blood of Jesus, and the enemy can not stop you. That is his wish, as you have been exposing all the evil and it also ran down your immune system. My husband and I and friends we know, will continue our prayers for you in this spiritual battle. If you have noticed, all the watchman and watchmen have gotten attacked in the last two years will a strange illness….and they have recovered GLORY TO GOD, and you will too. May you be comforted by the peace that surpasses all understanding that will guard your heart and mind in Jesus Christ. Our prayers continue…please give us an update when you can. Love in christ…..sending heart hugs to you and your family. XO’S

  33. I cannot express the joy as I read your precious comments. As I was reading, I kept thinking about being gathered around the Throne – seeing our Lord Jesus face to face; and seeing one another in heaven where He will wipe away every tear! Much love to all of you!

  34. Hope

    Oooh. 💕🙏Praying. I had all over hives once. It was pityriasis rosea…6 weeks.. doctors were unable to help. But i found the cure was uv light… a tanning bed…. nuts!

    Praying for your healing dear Geri.

  35. Walter Coslovi

    Hi Geri, Praying for you. I don’t if you have heard of Joe Cross an Australian who started “Reboot with Joe”, he suffered from Chronic Urticaria and travelled across America and doing green juice only for 60 days and got a lot better. Check out “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” video . https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/joes-films/ Good luck praying for your healing.

  36. Donna

    Lord when we are weak You are strong. We are hard pressed but not in despair. We comfort one another in our trials and glory in the Lord who delivers us from all our enemies. Prayers of healing for you Geri and all who have been led to lift you up. Lord hear our prayers.

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