Influential Christians Pushing the Jab on their Viewers: Have you No SHAME as you Laugh at those who are Concerned that Covid-19 “Pass” is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast?

I have no need or desire to name names here. They know who they are and they will know that this is written to them

A beloved sister in Christ wrote this and sent it to me:

“To anyone who wants to support these Christian leaders pushing people to take the Covid vaccine, this is my go-to response: “Talk about the great falling away. Stunning to see so many Christians of prominence twist themselves into tight little pretzels to justify taking this.

And if that wasn’t discouraging enough, these same individuals try to use their “leadership” roles to push the vaccine as “OK” for others. That is just unconscionable!! Frankly, I don’t need to argue with anyone about their own personal decision. What is obscene and totalitarian is the attempt by governments, corporations and now influential Christians to push it on others.

Governments and businesses are clearly using a carrot but mostly stick approach, while leaving it to the Christians influencers to soft-peddle people in their orbit to comply and to comply quickly. Absolutely disgusting. One day, they will have to stand before Christ and answer for this.”

I have received many emails from readers, asking if the Covid-19 vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. I have written back assuring them that this Jab cannot be the mark of the beast because Antichrist is not here yet.

I certainly did not laugh at or belittle them for this fear. For “famous” Christians to do this is cruel and arrogant.

I agree with my sister in Christ when she said that she does not need to argue with anyone about their personal decision.

Perhaps these “Influential” Christians should quietly take the jab and leave others to make this very personal decision for themselves.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


20 thoughts on “Influential Christians Pushing the Jab on their Viewers: Have you No SHAME as you Laugh at those who are Concerned that Covid-19 “Pass” is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast?

    1. I agree with your every word! We should not condemn people for their decision, but I will continue publishing TRUTH about the V and the Jab.

  1. Cate Zaida

    I am really tired of hearing this called a VACCINE. It has not been tested long enough to label it as such. And yes. I work in the medical field, although I am not a doctor. This IS the precursor to the mark of the beast, and I can see why people are scared. Even in my own mind, I can see the similarities in the world system and the and the mark. And yes, the beast isn’t here yet, but the world system is and he IS pushing hard with those that follow him to get all in place before he makes his appearance. But even though he isn’t here yet, taking a shot that can potentially change my DNA and give the government a way to insert a chip to track me? I don’t think so! And LOOK at the adverse reactions that are happening! How can ANYONE with any conscience push this? But we are in the age of virtual signaling and the pressure is increasing. I do believe we are watching God separate the sheep from the goats. As for me, I will not be taking the shot unless they tie me down and force me, regardless of the consequences I face. I cannot know the hearts of those who are shaming others to take the shot, I will leave that to the LORD, but I DO believe that all this must take place to usher in the beast and his system. My heart soars at the thought of seeing Jesus soon, but my heart is also sad to see all the people who don’t know Him and the beautiful world destroyed in the upcoming Tribulation. And let’s not even start with arguing about all those different theories of when it happens. If there are those who want to stick around to see it, well good for you. I am going with my LORD, when He calls me to His side.

    1. The mRNA is NOT a Vaccine. That is why I refer to it as the jab. It is a the largest genetic experiment done on the entire world and it is SATANIC.

      1. Jim V.

        Yes Geri, it is SATANIC and they are paving the way for Antichrist.

        God bless.

  2. Mark V.

    A 1951 Planned Parenhood pamphlet titled ” The Gift of Life” shows a happy family strolling past a church window and goes on to describe how children get the color of their hair and eyes and shows the process of egg to birth (actually confirming life begins at conception) . What they don’t reveal is their goal to destroy life! Sound familiar? But also they thank a reverend, a minister, and a rabbi. This technique to influence the masses and silence the watchmen is shameful. Those who have been misled should “prove ALL things” and repent. The others were “worthless shepherds” from the beginning. Keep looking up!

  3. I’m a cautious person and a lawyer trained in parsing words. :/
    I think it might actually be “the mark” here in this babylonish country. (Not all countries get the same shot choices, and ours are the DNA changers.)

    The devious roll-out that gives an illusion of choice and the fact that so many take the idea of “worship” as literal bowing down might be a great way for the enemy to deceive even the elect, if possible. So, it behooves us to be circumspect. Watch! Be Alert! We must not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. We can fruitlessly argue all day long about whether it is the mark and why, but in the end, it doesn’t matter what we “think,” it absolutely matters what “is” and ignorance for the sake of convenience will never be an excuse.

    Full armor of God is required to stand against the wiles of the devil. Armor up, brothers and sisters! Love the Lord with all your heart soul mind and strength! TRUST only Him, not friends, not family, not talking heads, not “experts.”

      1. How can it be the Mark of the Beast? Do you think that God would trick any of His children into getting that mark when it’s a one way ticket to hell? the Bible says that the ones who take the Mark are taking It out of worship and obedience to Antichrist. Antichrist has not been revealed to the world – Not Yet!!

        Revelation 14:9-10
        Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.



    I also think that the jab is the precursor to the mark of the beast. The so-called “vaccines” do not have FDA approval, only emergency use authorization because they have not performed lengthy trials to qualify for FDA approval. Why in the world would any real Christian take a jab that influences/changes your DNA? God gave us life and it included our genetic makeup, we are all unique and equal and we should not be messing around with our DNA. VP Harris said that it’s okay to use aborted fetuses for research. It made me sick and it brought tears of anger. That is clearly demonic and everyone that has had an abortion and has had a hand in performing an abortion is going to receive God’s wrath because it is an abomination. They not only inhumanely kill a baby, but then sell their limbs and other parts, individually in a package deal. This satanic abomination will send them all to hell. There is no excuse for this. They dissect the bodies of the unborn like insects in a petri dish. As a practicing scientist for over 40 years, i know we would not have science without God’s Hand in it. As a Christian, I believe every single verse in Scripture because God’s Word is true. Unlike the government with the vaccines, God DOES NOT push you or force you to come to Him for your salvation. He invites you. He does not want you to come to Him kicking and screaming. He gives us choices and real Christians listen to Him, not the government. People, take the jab if you want, I don’t care, but leave us that don’t want it, alone!!

  5. The Jab is evil. The people who created it are evil. The people who insist that everyone must take it are under the influence of the evil one. They are not God’s children, they are children of their father, the devil. Did I make this clear enough ?


      Yes, you are absolutely clear Linda. I believe that the people under the influence of satan have no discerning spirit because they do not have Jesus Christ in their lives. So they blindly follow the evil in everything. The lefties do not want God in their lives. Like Biden, they can’t even say “God” in the National Prayer Day yesterday or day before yesterday. It’s like sprinkling holy water on them and see them shriek like vampires. God is exposing their evil ways, I love it!

  6. Michael

    Wife asked me if this passage applies here:

    “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22

    I allowed that I don’t know but it’s staring to look like it.

  7. Dianne4x4

    Rev 13:16
    And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead.
    I believe the “vaccine” passports, which are already being counterfeited, may lead to a more permanent “mark” or tattoo to prove that you have taken the jab. This MAY BE the
    mark of the beast, especially if given on the right hand or forehead.

  8. Dingo

    The sorry millions of M.D.’s who took a Hippocratic oath and have supposedly dedicated themselves to saving the lives of others, the millions of Ph.D.’s who have spent years in study and research, the other healthcare workers and scientists who say that this “vaccine” will not only save your life but keep you from most certainly killing someone way down your contagion chain are all duped! They’re confused, their minds clouded with years of satanic studies! Either that, or they’re all knowingly a part of the eugenics conspiracy, THE PLAN that Gates has forced upon the unwitting sheeples. How can the entire medical system say these things? How can they believe these things? Do they believe these things? They must be a part of it! Keeping their secret just between themselves. That’s how these things work. Just amongst themselves.

    More than 560,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 to date. More that 3M have died world wide. There will be millions more, perhaps several billion more given the mutations. But that is GOD’S PLAN. What would have happened if the deceased were vaccinated? Would they be alive? Probably….around 90% of them anyway. They’re in heaven now, GOD called them because he needed them, he’s saved them, spared them from THE PLAN and that is part of GOD’S PLAN, to save us from the eugenicists. Who are these vaccinators to deny anyone their appointment with God? Do they really think they have that power. GOD will take when he wants, he always has. He always will.

    You may question as I sometimes do, would the dead young be sterile from disease if they didn’t die? We will never know. Are those in their reproductive years who have been stupid enough to take the jab end up sterile? Only time will tell and time will tell the truth.

    I’ve lost a close friend, an uncle, two cousins and several acquaintances so far to COVID-19. My uncle and cousins would have never fallen for the jab. I don’t know about my friend. I have many, many relatives who contracted it, one cousin was in intensive care for four days but she stands firm against the jab. God and her nutritional supplements keep her and her family safe (except her dad; she gave it to him and he died.) Two relatives have been sick for months. The jab came two months too late for them. Thank God they did not get it though. They would just be unwitting soldiers in this satanical play, carrying God knows what in their DNA. They have GOD’S NATURAL IMMUNITY for now. Perhaps their prolonged illness will interfere with their ability to have or to care for children; but at least we know they won’t be passing unknown devil genes to their offspring.

    Billions will parish because of THE PLAN though. The eugenicist’s plan! I have read it! I have read it many times! Not just here but on many other blogs and FB posts. Those voices are growing. The eugenicists will parish in the end under the auspices of Satan himself. That is what those who know, who really know the truth are saying.

    Perhaps the believers will be raptured to a better world if that happens first. If not, the blessed will be left to repopulate the earth.

    Sometimes, though, I get confused. Maybe y’all can help. I wonder if this whole world wide event is GOD’S PLAN, he is omnipotent after all! But then I remember the fallen angel and how devious he is. It gets SO confusing. Why would God make all these people think they are doing good? Why would God give man the intelligence to counteract one of his own creations if he didn’t want him to apply it? Maybe he doesn’t want us to try. Maybe that is what God is doing. Maybe he gave us the intelligence to stop it but he is testing our faith to not make the attempt because it has been coopeted by Satan. Maybe he is using the Devil, Bill Gates, et. al., to paint a false picture of a way out. Those of us who don’t fall for it will be the chosen. Those of us who parish at least. Satan must be making the promoters think that they are doing good? is SATAN’S PLAN the same as that the Eugenicist’s PLAN? The one where the vaccinated don’t get sick or die? They just meander on with their earthly lives, with weddings, birthdays, and baby showers until their natural death or UNTIL SATAN gets rid in some diabolical way that GOD cannot and will not stop because the failed their faith? Or, maybe it is GOD’S PLAN to favor those who accept his gift of intelligence, to spare them providing they can avoid being plagued by those who choose not to use his gift, those who will continue to make people sick and die?

    God created everything including the coronavirus. God creates, The devil destroys. Maybe it is the devil who is destroying millions of lives. The virus isn’t evil. It has no soul, yet it destroys, like Satan. But God continues to make the virus more dangerous and the eugenicists keep coming up with more ways to defend against it in the name of “humanity”. God created Bill Gates and all the M.D’s and Ph.D.’s and the healthcare euthanizers. He made them and us in his own image?…….

    Wait, wait…. Are we mistaken? Is coronavirus the rapture raft we’ve prayed for? He’s directing us to not get vaccinated so that we can join him free of the devil’s foreign bodies? Maybe rapture has begun and we’re not seeing it through all the conflict. Maybe he is taking us, his children by plague and disease? Those that fell ill but did not die are not the chosen. They have to remain with the vaccinated. Is this the rapture raft we all long for? HIS methods hardly matter I guess. It’s the destination we yearn.

    See, I hate this!!!! I am rambling and being repetitive and not making much sense. Satan is making me question what I’ve been reading. He is trying to make me THINK instead of BELIEVE. That’s always been his tactic with me. GO AWAY SATAN! I have read the truth! I believe the truth. The truth has been shared with me and others here. You can’t stop us!

    If Satan isn’t behind all of this coronavirus, Biden, vaccines, Kamala, Antifa, the DNC and other acronyms, it just does not make any sense. It has to be him.

    Just sayin’.

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