ACHTUNG Facebook Users! New Rules from the Social Media GESTAPO


Facebook recently updated its Terms of Service (TOS) to include a fresh warning against the sharing of information that the social media giant deems as a threat to the official government narrative surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Mark Zuckerberg empire will no longer allow people to share content “coordinating interference with the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.” The platform also now prohibits content “calling to action, advocating, or promoting that others not get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

According to Facebook, such content violates its new “Coordinating Harm” policy because refusing Chinese virus vaccination, or encouraging others to refuse the jab “promotes the active and deliberate spread of communicable diseases.”

Furthermore, Facebook says its users are not allowed to even call it the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan flu” because this insinuates that a certain “race,” in this case China, “created the virus” or is otherwise “spreading the virus.”

Even though evidence shows that Chinese germs did, in fact, come from China, Facebook says stating these facts violates its “Hate Speech” policy.

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No further talk about 5G, influenza’s disappearance, or fudged coronavirus numbers is allowed on Facebook either

Another major no-no under Facebook’s new policy guidelines is any suggestion that the Wuhan flu is less serious than Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization (WHO), Joe Biden, and others claim it is.

To suggest that Chinese germs are no more serious than the common cold, for instance, is a violation of Facebook’s “Community Standards” as stating this could “contribute to imminent violence or physical harm.”

“The goal of this policy is to reduce health harm to people, while also allowing people to discuss, debate and share their personal experiences, opinions and news related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Facebook contends.

Despite the fact that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fails to meet Koch’s postulates since the alleged virus has never even been properly isolated, Facebook insists the Chinese virus is real. As such, anyone who suggests otherwise is in violation of the platform’s new policies.

Pointing out the fact that the government just flat-out stopped counting influenza-related deaths this year is also a violation of Facebook’s new policies because according to Facebook, the flu really did disappear this year.

Facebook’s apparent position is that every person who got sick or died from something this past year succumbed to Covid-19, even if their symptoms mimicked the flu.

Any talk about 5G exposure symptoms oddly mirroring those associated with the Wuhan flu is also prohibited on Facebook, which says such discussions are “conspiracy theories” that might cause people to die if they end up refusing to get jabbed for the Chinese virus.

Any recommendations that others try zinc, green tea, vitamin D, or other natural remedies known to protect against deadly pathogens is likewise prohibited because according to Facebook, only Fauci has the answers as to what can “cure” the plandemic.

Facebook is also, of course, opposed to any “negative” talk about face masks, which the company regards as a “good health practice.” To suggest that masks inhibit normal oxygen flow, or that they expose wearers to deadly chemicals like phthalates that are known to damage hormones, constitutes a “false claim” and will not be tolerated.

“For the duration of the COVID public health emergency, we also remove additional COVID-19 misinformation that public health authorities say could lead to negative outcomes,” the platform further says about its draconian restrictions. Source

Brethren, it seems that since we are under a Totalitarian Regime in D.C., Zuck feels emboldened to rule Facebook accordingly.


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      1. I’m happy to say I’m free from Fake book-all glory to God through Jesus! I believed that this vaccine was a farce from the beginning-not because of anything I read anywhere-but because I believe it came from God’s Holy Spirit-that is the only place it could have come from 🙏🏻❤️

  1. watching68

    Well facebook may eventually find itself on the wrong side of the law because no one should be coercing people to take experimental medical procedures. There are lawyers that are investigating and will be bringing cases against those who must be held accountable of fraud and contravening the Nuremberg Code because the Corona pandemic is being fueled by false PCR test results for reasons best known to those authorities.

  2. Teresa

    You might consider Telegram for communication. We knew this would be happening with Big tech. I have closed my Big tech accounts.

  3. bryan Johnston

    Thanks Geri – i’ve posted this article top item on my FARCEbook page (with a pointed question to Mark Zukkerburger.) Shalom/God bless+++

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