Everywhere we look in the past couple of months, we hear scientists saying that mRNA has no direct effect on DNA. Well, Physicists disagree. This is being scrubbed off of the internet, and it took me quite a while to find the archive of the piece.


Modified RNA has a direct effect on DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Credit:

An article titled “m6A RNA modification as a new player in R-loop regulation,” by the Dynamic Gene Regulation research group led by Arne Klungland at IMB, was published in the January edition of Nature Genetics.

Following a new collaboration between UiO and research groups in Nottingham and Oxford, it has now been revealed that RNA has a direct effect on DNA stability, according to Professor Klungland’s research.

He believes the discovery will provide the health service with an important tool, since many studies have shown that the regulation of modifications to RNA is important for the development of cancer.

If genes that are important for the chemical compound 6-methyladenine are completely removed, this results in neurodegeneration in both mice and humans.

Where and how

In areas of DNA where RNA binds to one of the DNA threads in such a way that the complementary DNA thread becomes the sole thread (R-loop structures), the DNA stability will change if RNA is chemically modified by m6A.

“Several research groups are now working together to study what effect this can have on the DNA molecule. We already know that R-loop areas are associated with sequences of DNA containing active genes and that this can lead to chromosomal breakage and the loss of genetic information,” explains Klungland. (emphasis mine)

Modified RNA has a direct effect on DNA

New field of research

Normally, epigenetic gene regulation is studied by examining dynamic modifications of DNA and proteins—so-called epigenetic modifications. The modifications can turn genes on or off without changing the underlying genetic code.

Less than 10 years ago, it was discovered that dynamic modifications also exist in RNA and that these have an important role to play in gene regulation

Important modification

The most common modification is on mRNA is 6-metyladenin (m6A). It has now been shown that this modification is essential for the survival of cells and model (non-human) organisms.

Over the last five years, there has been an enormous increase in the amount of research into RNA modifications—a field called epitranscriptomics.

One of the first studies in this field of research was the result of a collaboration between research groups in Chicago, Beijing and Oslo (Zheng, Dahl et al., Molecular Cell, 2012, 49, 18-29)SOURCE

So there you have it from top scientists about the effect that mRNA has on our DNA.

God made us just as He made the Universe. These experiments on mankind remind me of the Tower of Babel.

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  1. I understood this to be true even though I am not a biologist, but I understand enough to know that modifying RNA or mRNA has a direct effect on DNA. I also understand that scientists do not fully understand how the human genome works – they know bits and pieces, but not the whole thing. So, it’s presumptuous of them to attempt to modify part of the human genome without knowing how tweaking one part will affect another part. The information you have presented serves to reinforce what I already believed. I’m sharing this on Facebook. Let’s see how long it stays up.

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