Pastor Olaf Latzel Speaks Against Chrislam: Preaching that GOD Has a Son But Allah Does Not – Therefore Allah and GOD Are NOT the Same (VIDEO)

If you ask a Muslim if Allah has a son, the answer will be an emphatic NO!

As a matter of fact, the mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has inscribed in Arabic on its roof “Allah has No Son.” Can’t be any clearer than that!

So, Chrislam which is being pushed and promoted by Pope Francis all around the world, is a false satanic religion. Brethren, this is a teaching that there are more ways to the Father than simply through His Son Jesus Christ. HERESY!!

I wrote a piece on Pastor Latzel recently because he is being punished for standing on God’s Word regarding the topic of homosexuality.

This article further shows this man’s commitment to Christ and to His Word.

But in this video, you will see Pastor Olaf Latzel explaining why our GOD and Allah are NOT the same:

Pastor Latzel asks for the prayers of American Christians. I am not sure if he realizes how small the true Remnant of Christians there are left in the U.S.

The Social Justice False Gospel is being preached and accepted by a great portion of those who call themselves followers of Christ. In this Cult, God is only seen as Love. His other attributes are ignored: Holy, Just and Righteous.


We must pray for the body of Christ all over our planet. We must pray for the brothers and sisters in Christ who are being slaughtered and dismembered in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa.

And we must pray for the Remnant of true believers in America to stay strong in the face of intense persecution which is coming quickly.

And we must pray for Pastor Olaf Latzel, his congregation and the church in Germany.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


9 thoughts on “Pastor Olaf Latzel Speaks Against Chrislam: Preaching that GOD Has a Son But Allah Does Not – Therefore Allah and GOD Are NOT the Same (VIDEO)

  1. bryan Johnston

    ALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB OF GOD! Chrislam is an ABOMINATION! AMEN to GENUINE Revival in Germany. In Christ’s invincible Name. Amen!

  2. Nita Downum

    Yes, will be praying for him. Islam is so evil and now it’s being taught in our public schools. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  3. Mark Valdivia

    Greetings in Christ! just recently saw a video from R.C.Sproul on the Holiness of God. Paraphrasing he said only will you find- Holy, Holy,Holy… you won’t find mercy, mercy,mercy or love, love, love; not to dimish any of His attributes but an emphasis on His holiness; likewise,as Peter quoted the Eternal Word, Be ye holy,as He is Holy. God bless.

  4. Robin Leigh

    What a faithful servant Pastor Olaf is, we need more like him; instead there are less and less. The US church is following suit, there are so many pastors (many who are famous) who are falling away. They are being revealed as afraid to speak the truth or worse, they don’t really believe the Bible and are not saved.

    As Jesus said, the number of the true faithful is small because the gate is SO narrow.

  5. Dale Vernon

    America needs more pastors like this brother. What he said about Allah is true. The pope’s ecumenical attitude has no bounds at the expense of truth. The Catholic catechism (chap 1) is replete with dogma about God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit & it sounds orthodox to me. It even talks about the Triune God at length. We know Muslims don’t believe in our Trinity. (BTW I’m no Catholic). My point is the Magisterium seems doctrinally confused. They carefully explain the Trinity as a core belief in chapter 1 but in Cat section#841 they talk about the church’s relationship to the Muslims which is very simplistic and heretical.
    “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.” What! “Together with us”
    NOT this us ie “separated brethren”. This is NOT the plan of salvation. Its ecumenical & syncrestic gobbeldegook. The Catholics at large unknowingly spit in the face of the one & only Savior of the world if they accept this garbage “theology”. The “God” in this section could be the Watchtower god Jehovah with his created angel son Michael disguised as Christ, Mormon evolution god of this planet & his naturally propagated son Christ, New Age god (smorgasbord), Jewish (no Trinity) et all ad nauseum. Comfy? Anything goes, no conviction here. The real plan of salvation MUST include Christ God the Son but how can it when the Muslims deny Christ’s Sonship? That’s as bogus a “plan of salvation” as there is because with these devilish rascals there has to be many plans of “salvation” not just ONE and ONLY one. I firmly believe the Roman Catholic Church is THE church of the end times false prophet. The woman that rides the beast. If you are a Catholic LEAVE IT BEHIND. That “church” is the church of hell. U dont need it you can ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins & you want to follow HIM ALONE not the pope or a religion. If you mean it He is faithful & true & will lead you on a guaranteed path directly to Heaven not purgatory or hell. Take the advice of Mary (His mother) John2:5..”Do whatever He says”. Read the Bible ONLY to find out what she means.

    1. Dear brother, I want to apologize because I don’t know how this was passed over. I am the only one on this site and it sometimes is a bit overwhelming, but your post is absolutely sound and true. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. God bless you in Christ.

  6. Dale Vernon

    If this site doesn’t put up a comment does it mean they didn’t like it? If so does someone tell u why or does it just disappear? Personally I would like to know if anything I submitted was not doctrinal, offensive or whatever. So far I haven’t found any guidelines. Someone please clue me in…

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