Pastor Brandon Holthaus Prophecy Update “Are YOU Ready for the Spiritual Battle?”

Pastor Brandon Holthaus from Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, CA brings us his Prophecy Updates like no other pastor I know.

They are concise and Biblically sound. Pastor Brandon has his finger on the pulse of this evil “train with no breaks” coming at us; and shows us how all of this was foretold in the Word of God.

We MUST be ready for the Spiritual Battle ahead. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that we must cling to Him and His Word during this very unsettling time in history.

We have HOPE. I cannot even imagine how people who are not believers are rationalization the events before us. They have no hope. They have no reference to read to attempt to understand why this things are taking place.

It is our job as Christians to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost and also to explain why these events are happening.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


13 thoughts on “Pastor Brandon Holthaus Prophecy Update “Are YOU Ready for the Spiritual Battle?”

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  2. gradylarson

    This was the best summary of current events with a biblical/prophetic perspective I have heard, maybe ever. Great Job!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. He is so right on! It breaks my heart to hear what is happening and what is coming but he has shown us how to prepare, and that was very helpful.

  4. cyndylu53

    On a good high note, there is a prophecy that is so refreshing to hear from Robin Bullock, His prophetic style is the same as Kim Clement (RIP) but very calm & refreshing although both are very musically talented. “ROBIN BULLOCK: GOD SAYS: “STOP WORRYING. I HAVE SET UP A SURPRISE” On Timer 24:00 of this video, Robin explained the division in Republican Party. On Timer 37:57, Robin explained his dream (prophecy) on Nov 18, 2020. He saw the name TRUMP in a Road made out of water but the water is with numbers. He also saw another Road made of water with numbers with Biden’s name. Robin said the Road with water with Trump’s name is continuously going up while the road with water with Biden’s name is going down. Then he heard GOD’s voice: “You don’t think I can change everything by Christmas, do you? Oh yes I can. I am going to give you a December surprise and we will laugh together; and I am going to give you a surprise “DJ” and you will laugh too.” Robin was surprised who GOD was referring to as “DJ” then he thought about President Trump – Donald John Trump. GOD BLESS US ALL.

    1. I stay away from people who constantly have dreams and visions – ESPECIALLY when they do not line up with the Word of God. I know that Kim Clement is deceased, but didn’t he prophesy things that did not come to pass? It just makes me very uncomfortable when God has given us everything we need in His Holy Word.

  5. cyndylu53

    Thank you Geri and thank you for sharing your wonderful articles (different topics) to “We the People.” Yes Kim Clement passed away right before he was supposed to meet President Trump after the 2016 Presidential Election. As far as I remember, his prophesies came through & it is still coming through. Basically the prophets like Kim, Robin they always refer back to the verses in the Bible like the time of Moses, etc. They didn’t just invent the words coming out of their mouth. Actually they know the Bible by heart, referring to the exact verse, etc. This is not comparing notes of whose prophecy is right or wrong or if it came through or not (out of respect to each one of them) but just listening to them esp those prophets that give us hope and make us aware that GOD/JESUS/THE HOLY SPIRIT as ONE is always present in our day-to-day lives (24/7) so I appreciate every prophet that gives valuable information to wake people up esp our youth whose mind were infiltrated through the school system via MK ultra mind control (CIA Project) and Communist China “Confucious Institute” Program; and with the Prophets’ teachings from the Bible comparing with what is happening right now, that awakens a lot of our youth. Just the last big DC March for Trump re the 2020 Election, there were half a million who attended & they were mostly early 20’s to early 40’s, And some were teens. Dr. Marshall Taylor reading Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to President Trump and he started with the Lord’s Prayer, some of the attendees were confused of-course, but I noticed now the large gathering they start with prayers or pledge of allegiance (In GOD We Trust) and that is a great awakening. Of-course President Trump always say those words, “In GOD We Trust.” There is another big gathering coming Dec 12th @ DC started by the Trump Bus Tour last week & they are visiting 2 States a day until the 12th at DC, I am so delighted to see thousands & thousands of people gathering and protesting peacefully for what is right and they are surely in the process of Great Awakening. GOD BLESS US ALL.

  6. Lucy Kahle

    Greetings Pastor Brandon,
    How can I find the list of preachers and news sources that you recommend? Thank you!
    Lucy Kahle

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