Project Runway: April 2019 Model Named Kovid Comes on the Show Wearing Outfit With Matching Mask

I don’t even know how I came upon this video. To say it shocked me is a gross understatement.

Are the powers that be playing with our minds?

Deception abounds, brethren. I have no idea about how much of this insanity we will endure. But this I know- our Lord will be watching over His own.

Jesus spoke so much about deception in the last days. We are witnessing some of this deception. We MUST keep our eyes on Jesus and remind ourselves and the brethren that He is in control ALWAYS.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


Seismologists Warn: Massive Earthquake May Hit Israel Any Day


A recent study concluded that a massively destructive earthquake is due to hit Israel any day. The same researcher said that such earthquakes served as prophetic mile markers in the Bible and may even have been responsible for the earthshaking victory of the Children of Israel at Jericho.


Researchers from Tel Aviv University published a report in Science Advances journal in which they warn that a potentially devastating earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale is expected to hit Israel in the near future. The study reviewed about 220,000 years of Dead-Sea geology by drilling and studying the seabed concluded that a major earthquake hits the region once every 130-150 years, though shorter intervals are possible. 

Israel is in a geologically active region. Israel is seismically active, located along the Syrian-African fault line, which runs along the Israel-Jordan border, part of the Great Rift Valley that runs from eastern Lebanon to Mozambique. The Jordan Rift Valley is the result of tectonic movements within the Dead Sea Transform (DSF) fault system. The DSF forms the transform boundary between the African Plate to the west and the Arabian Plate to the east. The Golan Heights and all of Transjordan are part of the Arabian Plate, while the Galilee, Judean and Samarian highlands (West Bank), Coastal Plain, and Negev along with the Sinai Peninsula are on the African Plate. This tectonic disposition leads to a relatively high seismic activity in the region.

The region has experienced many earthquakes, the most destructive ones being those of 31 BCE, 363 CE, 749 CE, and 1033 CE. The 1759 events, along with the earlier 1202 Syria earthquake and subsequent tsunami with over one million deaths attributed to it, were likely the strongest historical earthquakes in the region. 

The last major earthquake to hit Israel was the 6.5 magnitude Jericho earthquake in 1927. The death toll in Jerusalem included more than 130 people and around 450 were injured. About 300 houses collapsed or were severely damaged to the point of not being usable. The earthquake also caused heavy damage to the domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the al-Aqsa Mosque. The death toll in Shechem (Nablus) included more than 150 people and around 250 were injured. The Mosque of Victory and the historic parts of the Great Mosque of Nablus were severely damaged.

The recent Tel Aviv University study also showed that 7.5-magnitude tremors hit the Dead Sea every 1,300 to 1,400 years instead of every 10,000 years on average as previously believed.

The Tel Aviv University study concluded that another such earthquake in the region 1,300-1,400 years. It was previously believed that  7.5-magnitude tremors hit the Dead Sea every 10,000 years on average. The last quake of such magnitude to shake the region was in the year 1,033, almost a thousand years ago, meaning another such macroseism is expected to hit the region at any time n the next few centuries.

“I do not wish to sow fear, but we are living in a tectonically active period,” said Prof. Shmuel Marco, the head of the research group.

“The geological record does not lie and a major earthquake in Israel will come. Of course, we have no way of predicting exactly when the earth will shake under our feet – this is a statistical projection… it could happen in ten years or in several decades but it can also happen next week and we must prepare for that.”


According to the latest earthquake, which is the best indicator we have, about 250 people were killed in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Amman and Jericho,” says Prof. Marco.

“So if we compare it to the number of people inhabiting these cities today, 100 years later, the population has grown by about 2-3 times. This means the number of casualties will be two to three times as much, not to mention the massive damages to infrastructure and property.”

2016 report by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee’s Home-Front Readiness Subcommittee was considerably more pessimistic, concluding that if Israel were to be struck by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, an estimated 7,000 people would be killed, another 8,600 injured and 377,000 left homeless. In addition, the country could face damage of up to NIS 200 billion.

The research was led by the head of the Porter School of Environmental and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University Prof. Shmuel Marco and his colleagues – Dr. Yin Lu from the Tel Aviv University, Prof. Amotz Agnon from the Institute of Earth Sciences, Dr. Nicolas Waldmann from the University of Haifa, Dr. Nadav Wetsler from the Geological Survey of Israel, and Dr. Glenn Biasi from the American Geological Survey.


It is interesting to note that after a similar study 13 years ago, Prof. Marco told the J-Post  that earthquakes are frequently used as significant timeline mile-markers in the Bible. For example, prophets are often said to have become active a certain number of years “after the earthquake.” 

Dr. Marco’s theory is certainly consistent with the Prophets Amos and Zechariah whose periods of prophecy were expressly oriented around a major earthquake. 

The words of Amos, a sheepbreeder from Tekoa, who prophesied concerning Yisrael in the reigns of Kings Uzziyahu of Yehuda and Yerovam son of Yoash of Yisrael, two years before the earthquake. Amos 1:1

Dr. Marco went so far as to attribute Joshua’s victory at Jericho to divinely directed seismic interference. 

“The destruction of the walls of the city and the damming of the river, as described in Joshua 6:1-16, is generally agreed by most archeologists to be the result of an earthquake, possibly on the Jericho Fault,” Dr.Marco wrote.


Though clearly traumatic, Massive earthquakes in Israel are prophesied to accompany the multinational Gog and Magog conflict that will signal the end of times.

On that day, when Gog sets foot on the soil of Yisrael—declares Hashem—My raging anger shall flare up. For I have decreed in My indignation and in My blazing wrath: On that day, a terrible earthquake shall befall the land of Yisrael. The fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that move on the ground, and every human being on earth shall quake before Me. Mountains shall be overthrown, cliffs shall topple, and every wall shall crumble to the ground. Ezekiel 38:18-20

A more prophetic approach than that utilized by the seismologists might have given the same results. A lunar eclipse visible in North and South America on January 21 coincided with the holiday of Tu B’shvat.  source

Pray for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

PRAY for and share with the LOST!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


I am Going to Ask A Question Which I Am Quite Sure Many Have Wanted to Ask: Is Bill Gates Severely Bi-Polar?


Bill Gates’ Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race

Bill Gates is now best known as a philanthropist, not the guy who started Microsoft or was the avatar for everyone’s annoyance with Windows 95.

He’s also known for wanting to save us from ourselves.

Now, apparently, he wants to save us from the sun.

Gates, for those of you who don’t follow these things, has been big on both vaccination and pandemic prevention. Fair enough. That certainly means his moment has arrived.

However, he’s about as much of a lockdown guy as you can get — which is just fine if you’re a billionaire who can afford to hide away as if this were Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death,” but the real-world consequences for the rest of us can be, ahem, problematic.

However, while you may have been paying attention to his efforts on vaccination and lockdowns, you may not have noticed that one of Gates’ most controversial causes just got a go-ahead: A project that would help block out the sun.

This sounds a bit like the plot to “Highlander 2: The Quickening,” but it’s nothing near that science fiction-y.

According to Reuters, a Harvard University project plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be stopped by spraying particles into the atmosphere that would reflect the sun’s rays.

The project represents one of the most controversial aspects of what’s known as “geoengineering” — the idea that, to tackle issues like climate change, massive aspects of our ecosystem can be played with or changed. In this case, it would involve reflecting some of the sun’s rays to stop them from reaching Earth.

“Open-air research into spraying tiny, sun-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, to offset global warming, has been stalled for years by controversies – including that it could discourage needed cuts in greenhouse gas emissions,” Reuters reported.

“In a small step, the Swedish Space Corporation agreed this week to help Harvard researchers launch a balloon near the Arctic town of Kiruna next June. It would carry a gondola with 600 kg of scientific equipment 20 km (12 miles) high.”

The Harvard team, whose project is known as SCoPEx, is funded in large part by Gates, according to an August report in the U.K. Daily Mail. (Which gave the subject the wordy title: “Could dimming the sun save the Earth? Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming… but critics fear it could trigger calamity”)

The journal Nature was less judgmental.

“The idea is simple: spray a bunch of particles into the stratosphere, and they will cool the planet by reflecting some of the Sun’s rays back into space. Scientists have already witnessed the principle in action,” Nature already reported in 2018. (Headline: “First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth”)

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“When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it injected an estimated 20 million tonnes of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere — the atmospheric layer that stretches from about 10 to 50 kilometres above Earth’s surface. The eruption created a haze of sulfate particles that cooled the planet by around 0.5 °C. For about 18 months, Earth’s average temperature returned to what it was before the arrival of the steam engine.”

There are several problems with this plan, not the least of which is that we don’t know what the unintended consequences might be. But to environmentalists, the problem is that it doesn’t solve global warming the way they want to do it.

“There is no merit in this test except to enable the next step. You can’t test the trigger of a bomb and say ‘This can’t possibly do any harm,’” said Niclas Hällström, director of the Sweden-based environmentalist think-tank WhatNext?

And while Hällström is worried about some of the same things that other people are — the potential to change rain patterns or crop yields — he’s also concerned that people aren’t concerned enough about the solution he wants, which is a transition to a zero-carbon society.

“Swedish society is increasingly calling for real, immediate solutions to climate change,” he said.


He’s not the only one, either.

“This is as much an experiment in changing social norms and crossing a line as it is a science experiment,” said Jim Thomas, co-executive director of Canadian-based environmentalist organization ETC Group, which opposes the idea.

But then again, Gates lives in this dream world where his advice on pandemics and global warming is given equal weight as his time developing Windows.

When it comes to the pandemic, Gates has said that he expects businesses and restaurants to remain shuttered for some time:

“Bars and restaurants — in most of the country — will be closed as we go into this wave, and I think, sadly, that’s appropriate,” he said during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview earlier this month.

“The next four to six months really call on us to do our best, because we can see that this will end and you don’t want somebody that you love to be the last to die of coronavirus.”

He’s also called out fellow billionaire Elon Musk for his statements questioning the science behind mask-wearing.

“Elon’s positioning is to maintain a high level of outrageous comments,” Gates said in a July CNBC interview.

“He’s not much involved in vaccines. He makes a great electric car. And his rockets work well. So he’s allowed to say these things. I hope that he doesn’t confuse areas he’s not involved in too much.”

However, when it came to outrageous comments, keep in mind that in that same interview, Gates said that when it came to the coronavirus, “China did a lot of things right at the beginning, like any country where a virus first shows up. They can look back and say they missed some things.”

Again. Right.

In short, Bill Gates doesn’t have a particularly great handle on COVID, much less the current vaccine process. He panders to China. His work on the vaccine has been desultory at best. And now, what he wants us all to believe is that he’s got a handle on everything — including blotting out the sun to make the world cooler.

Get the economics on business-killing lockdowns together, Bill. Then we’ll see about your geoengineering gambit. Source

Brethren, I have a question for you. Who exactly does Bill Gates think he is? The reason I brought up Bi-Polar disorder in the title is simply because one of the hallmark signs of this illness is a feeling of being euphoric and invincible.


Excerpt on Manic Episodes

Understanding Manic Episodes of Bipolar Disorder

The way bipolar disorder symptoms manifest, the duration of symptoms, and the overall effect on a person may vary greatly from person to person.  The manic symptoms of bipolar disorder may be especially difficult for some people to understand as people may react differently during these episodes.  For example, when manic episodes occur, one person may experience mania or hypomania episodes with feelings of frustration or irritability while another may exhibit a decreased need for sleep, accelerated thinking, or hyperactivity.

When manic symptoms of bipolar disorder emerge, it’s not uncommon for one to experience feelings of creativity, heightened energy, or euphoria.  Some people may feel they are destined for greatness or are invincible. (emphasis added)

Bill Gates dropped out of college. Yes, that is right – he has no college degree. One thing he does have is Billions of dollars.

And when his massive wealth and power is combined with his possible battle with bi-polar disorder, what you have is a MAD SCIENTIST.

Many trust Bill Gates because of his wealth.

And trusting him is as crazy as the man himself.

Keep praying, brethren. Pray for Bill Gates. Pray for America and the world. Pray for President Trump.

Pray for the lost among your friends and family. Ask the Lord to open doors so that you can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Most importantly, keep your eyes on our Lord, and never forget that He is in full control at all times. Sometimes it feels that He is not, but be assured that He is!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua