Alex Huxley- Club of Rome- Rockefeller- WHO- UN Sustainable Development Goals- Eugenics and Depopulation (VIDEO)

The video is just a little over 13 minutes. Some would rather read the text, and for those I have printed out the text in its entirety in large font.

The United Nations and the origins of the great reset by Anthony P. Mueller – an audio mises wire narrated by Michael Stack.

***Brethren, I am copying and pasting the “Text” from this video. For the sake of time, I will not be correcting the grammar or capitalization for the rest of the text – it is just too labor intensive. I am purposely leaving the minute marks for your convenience, so that if something catches your attention, you can go to that exact minute mark in the video.

Beginning of text:

About 2400 years ago the greek00:14philosopher plato came up with the idea00:17of constructing the state and society00:20according to an elaborate plan00:22plato wanted wise men philosophers00:26at the helm of the government but he00:28made it also clear that his kind of00:30state would need a transformation of the00:32humans00:33in modern times the promoters of the00:35omnipotent state00:37want to substitute plato’s philosopher00:39with00:40the expert and create the new man00:42through eugenics00:44which is now called transhumanism00:47

the united nations and its various00:49sub-organizations00:50play a pivotal role in this project00:52which has reached its present stage in00:55the project of the agenda00:562030 and the great reset01:00the great reset did not come from01:02nowhere01:03the first modern attempt to create a01:05global institution with a governmental01:08function01:09was launched by the government of01:10woodrow wilson who acted as u.s01:13president from 191301:15to 1921 under the inspiration of colonel01:19mandel house01:21the president’s prime advisor and best01:23friend01:24wilson wanted to establish a world forum01:27for the period after world war one01:30yet the plan of american participation01:32in the league of nations01:33failed and the drive toward01:35internationalism and establishing a new01:37world order01:39receded during the roaring twenties

01:42a new move toward managing a society01:44like an organization however01:46came during the great depression01:48franklin delano roosevelt did not let01:51the crisis go by01:52without driving the agenda forward with01:55his new deal01:57fdr was especially interested in the01:59special executive privileges02:01that came with the second world war02:04resistance was almost nil when he moved02:07forward02:08to lay the groundwork for a new league02:10of nations which was now to be named02:12the united nations under the leadership02:16of stalin02:17churchill and roosevelt 26 nations02:20agreed in january 194202:23to the initiative of establishing a02:25united nations02:26organization uno which came into02:30existence on october 2402:321945

since its inception02:36the united nations and its branches such02:39as the world bank02:40group the world health organization02:43have prepared the countries of the world02:45to comply with the goals02:47that were announced at its foundation02:50yet the unctuous pronouncements of02:52promoting02:52international peace and security02:55developing friendly relations among02:57nations02:58and working for social progress better03:01living standards and human rights03:04hides the agenda of establishing a world03:07government03:08with executive powers whose task would03:10not be promoting liberty and free03:12markets03:13but greater interventionism and control03:16through cultural and scientific03:18organizations

03:19this became clear with the creation of03:21the united nations03:23educational scientific and cultural03:26organization03:27unesco in 194503:31after the foundation of unesco in 194503:35the english evolutionary biologist03:37eugenicist03:39and declared globalist julian huxley03:42the brother of aldous huxley author of03:45brave new world03:46became its first director at the launch03:49of the organization03:51huxley called for a scientific world03:53humanism03:54global in extent and asked to manipulate03:58human evolution to a desirable04:01end referring to dialectical materialism04:05as the first04:05radical attempt at an evolutionary04:08philosophy04:09the director of unesco laments that the04:12marxist approach to changing04:14society was bound to fail because of its04:17lack of an indispensable04:19biological component

with these ideas04:23julian huxley was in respectable company04:26since the night 19th century the call04:29for the genetic betterment of the human04:31race through eugenics04:33has been gaining many prominent04:35followers04:36john maynard keynes for example held the04:38promotion of eugenics and population04:41control04:42as one of the most important social04:44questions and a crucial04:46area of research keynes was not alone04:50the list of advocates of breeding the04:51human race for its own betterment04:54is quite large and impressive

these04:57illiberal reformers include among many05:00other well-known names05:02the writers h.g wells and g.b shaw05:05u.s president theodore roosevelt and05:08british prime minister winston05:10churchill as well as the economist05:12irving fisher05:13and the family planning pioneers05:16margaret sanger05:17and bill gates senior the father of bill05:20gates05:21microsoft co-founder and head of the05:23bill and melinda gates foundation (emphasis added)

05:26in his discourse at the foundation of05:28unesco05:30julian huxley was quite specific about05:32the goals and methods of this05:34institution to achieve the desired05:37evolutionary progress of mankind05:40the first step must be to stress the05:43ultimate need for05:44world political unity and familiarize05:47all peoples with the implications05:50of the transfer of full sovereignty from05:52separate nations05:54to a world organization

05:57furthermore the institution must05:58consider the tradeoff between the06:00importance of quality06:02against quantity which means it must06:05take into account that there is06:07an optimum range of size for every human06:10organization06:11as for every type of organism06:14the educational scientific and cultural06:17organization of the un06:19should give special attention to unity06:22in variety06:23of the world’s art and culture as well06:26as the promotion of one06:27single pool of scientific knowledge06:31huxley makes it clear that human06:33diversity is not for all06:35variety for weaklings fools and moral06:38deficients06:40cannot be but bad and because a06:42considerable percentage of the06:44population is not06:45capable of profiting from higher06:48education06:49and also a considerable percentage of06:52young men06:52suffer from physical weakness or mental06:55instability06:56and these grounds are often genetic in06:58origin

07:00these groups must be excluded from the07:02efforts of advancing human progress07:05in his discourse huxley diagnosed that07:08at the time of his writing07:10the indirect effect of civilization is07:13rather dysgenic instead of eugenic07:16and that in any case it seems likely07:18that the dead weight of genetic07:19stupidity07:21physical weakness mental instability and07:24disease-proneness07:25which already exist in the human species07:28will prove too great a burden for real07:30progress to be achieved

07:33after all it is essential that eugenics07:35should be brought entirely07:37within the borders of science for as07:40already indicated07:41in the not very remote future the07:43problem of improving the average quality07:46of human beings is likely to become07:49urgent07:49and this can only be accomplished by07:52applying the findings07:53of a truly scientific eugenics07:57the next decisive step toward the global07:59economic transformation was taken

08:01with the first report of the club of08:03rome in 1968 the club of rome was08:07initiated at the rockefeller estate08:09bellagio in italy its first report was08:13published in 197208:15under the title the limits to growth08:18as president emeritus of the club of08:20rome alexander king08:22and the secretary of the club general08:25bertrand schneider08:26informed in their report of the council08:29of the club of rome08:30that when the members of the club were08:32in search of identifying a new enemy08:35they listed pollution global warming08:38water shortages and famines as the most08:41opportune items to be blamed on humanity08:44with the implication that humanity08:46itself must be reduced to keep these08:49threats08:50in check

since the 1990s08:53several comprehensive initiatives toward08:55a global system of control08:58have been undertaken by the united08:59nations with agenda 2021 and agenda09:032030.09:05the 2030 agenda was adopted by all09:08united nations member states09:10in 2015.

it launched its blueprint for09:14global change09:15with the call to achieve 17 sustainable09:19development goals the key concept09:22is sustainable development that includes09:25population control09:27as a crucial instrument saving the earth09:30has become the slogan of green policy09:32warriors09:34since the 1970s the horror scenario09:37of global warming has been a useful tool09:40in their hands to gain political09:42influence09:43and finally rule over public discourse09:46in the meanwhile these anti-capitalist09:48groups have09:49obtained a dominant influence in the09:51media09:52the educational and judicial systems and09:55have become major players in the09:57political arena09:59 (emphasis added)

in many countries particularly in europe10:02the so-called green parties have become10:04a pivotal factor10:06in the political system many of the10:09representatives are quite open in their10:11demands to make society10:12and the economy compatible with high10:15ecological standards10:17that require a profound reset of the10:20present system

10:22in 1945 huxley noted that it is too10:25early to propose10:26outright a eugenic depopulation program10:31but advise that it will be important for10:33the organization to see10:35that the eugenic problem is examined10:37with the greatest care10:38and that the public mind is informed of10:40the issues at stake10:42so that much that is now unthinkable may10:45at least become10:46thinkable huxley’s caution is no longer10:49necessary (emphasis added)

10:51in the meantime the branches of the10:52united nations10:54have gained such a level of power that10:56even originally10:57minor un sub organizations11:00such as the world health organization11:03have been enabled to command individual11:06governments around the world11:08to obey their orders the world health11:10organization and the international11:12monetary fund11:14whose conditionality for loans has11:16changed11:17from fiscal restraint to the degree to11:20which a country follows the rules11:22set by the who have become the supreme11:25tandem11:26to work toward establishing the new11:29world order (emphasis added)

11:30as julian huxley pointed out in his11:32discourse in 194511:35it is the task of the united nations to11:37do away with economic freedom11:40because laissez-faire and capitalist11:42economic systems11:44have created a great deal of ugliness11:47the time has come to work toward the11:49emergence of a single world culture11:52this must be done with the explicit help11:55of the mass media11:56and the educational systems with the12:00foundation of the united nations and its12:02sub-organizations12:03the drive to advance the programs of12:06eugenics and transhumanism12:08took a big step forward together with12:11the activities of the club of rome12:13they have staged to initiate the great12:15reset12:16that is going on currently with the12:19pronouncement of a pandemic12:21the goal of comprehensive government12:23control of the economy and society12:25has taken another leap toward12:27transforming the economy12:29and society freedom faces a new enemy12:33the tyranny comes under the disguise of12:36expert rule12:37and benevolent dictatorship the new12:40rulers do not justify their right to12:42dominance because of divine providence12:44but now claim the right to rule the12:46people in the name of universal health12:49and safety based on presumed scientific12:53evidence (emphasis added)

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The website again is I have saved the website because I feel that it is a source of TRUTH in this age of DECEPTION.

Brethren, I noticed immediately that the coming together of the NWO via the United Nations, is the opposite of the consequences of the Tower of Babel – led by Nimrod. When God saw that this great “Tower” was being constructed because the world spoke ONE Language; He confused the languages and the building of this monstrous tower ceased.

Have you. noticed that when the representatives of various countries speak at the U.N. ALL members can hear what they have said in their own languages?!

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

 “And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

 “So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth”(Genesis 11:1-9).

Technology has brought us to this point in time, and it is technology which is getting humans ready to receive the Mark of the Beast with their plans to vaccinate the entire world.

But as I have written many times, the vaccination is NOT the Mark of the Beast – it is simply the technology already in place for Antichrist to have his Mark ‘666’ programmed into those people who wish to worship him.


Also, there is conflicting information on the internet whether mRNA vaccines are able to change our DNA. THIS I know – even if the vaccine was able to do this – this will NOT affect the soul of the born again believer in Christ! DNA is part of the “body.” So if you are forced to take the vaccine- do not worry about your Salvation!!!

It is our souls – not our bodies which are saved!

We will receive glorified bodies as we go up in the Rapture with all of our brethren – first those who have fallen asleep in Christ (died) and after they receive their glorified bodies, we who are still alive will be caught up in the air in our glorified bodies to be with the Lord Jesus FOREVER!


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua