Saudi Crowned Prince Disparages Israel and Demands a Full Withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice Lines and Palestinian Capital in Jerusalem

Just months after our President was inaugurated, he made a trip to Saudi Arabia. Trump was wined, dined and dazzled by the House of Saud; including Prince Mohamed Bin Salman. They all danced the “Sword Dance” and, quite frankly, the whole thing concerned me greatly.

Here are excerpts from an article I wrote about Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia. My comments are indented.

President Trump: I Support and Appreciate You – But You Have Been Deceived by Saudi Arabia <Complete article here


From the time Trump visited that country and was wined, dined and dazzled by the Saudis, I have not changed what I know to be truth about the “Taqiyya” nation.

 They are masters of deception.

Issued on: November 20, 2018

America First!

The world is a very dangerous place!

The country of Iran, as an example, is responsible for a bloody proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen, trying to destabilize Iraq’s fragile attempt at democracy, supporting the terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon, propping up dictator Bashar Assad in Syria (who has killed millions of his own citizens), and much more. Likewise, the Iranians have killed many Americans and other innocent people throughout the Middle East. Iran states openly, and with great force, “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” Iran is considered “the world’s leading sponsor of terror.”

President Trump, with all due respect, I think that you need to understand the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia. While Iran is blatant about their hatred of Israel and America (Big Satan and the little Satan) Saudi Arabia keeps their cards close to the chest; giving billions of dollars to America, and telling the press that they want to help end Islamist terrorism.  Mr. President, while they say words which the world likes to hear, they continue to fund terrorism all over this world.  They are building mosques in Europe to accommodate the migrant Muslims; while also making sure that the mosques have radical imams in place.source

From Dec 2020

Saudi prince slams Israel in panel with Ashkenazi

Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal accused Israel of colonialism and apartheid, while Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi merely expressed “regret” at the comments during a panel discussion on Sunday that also included Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani.“All Israeli governments are the last of the colonizing powers in the Middle East,” bin Faisal said at the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ Manama Dialogue in Bahrain’s capital.

Ashkenazi, who was ensconced at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, took part via video link in the panel on “new security partnerships in the Middle East.”The Saudi prince accused Israel of establishing an “apartheid wall” in the West Bank, of “demolishing homes as they wish, and assassinating whoever they want,” of having 20 nuclear weapons and of “denying non-Jewish residents equality under law. What kind of democracy is that?” he said.

He reiterated statements from Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) that Riyadh would only establish diplomatic relations with Jerusalem if the latter accepted the 2002 Arab Peace Plan, which involves a full withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice Lines, a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem and a “fair settlement for Palestinians refugees,” which is generally understood to be a euphemism for allowing some to live in Israel.Prince Turki said that only after making peace with the Palestinians “can we together meet the other colonizing pretender that boasts of its control of Arab capitals, Beirut, Damascus and Sanaa,” meaning Iran.The sharp tone from the Saudi prince came after reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and MBS met in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a denial that did not directly address what had been reported, and Yediot Aharonot reported on Friday that a meeting between Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and MBS planned for this week had been canceled because the meeting with Netanyahu had been leaked. (emphasis added)

A Foreign Ministry source said that Ashkenazi was taken aback by the Saudi prince’s tone, as were his Bahraini interlocutors, who had invited them to a panel on cooperation and partnerships.Out of deference to the Bahraini hosts, Ashkenazi chose not to escalate and merely expressed “regret for the comments” Prince Turki made.“I don’t think they reflect the spirit and the changes taking place in the Middle East,” Ashkenazi added.He also thanked Saudi Arabia, saying that without the kingdom’s approval, the Abraham Accords, in which Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates normalized ties with Israel, could not have happened.Later in the panel, Ashkenazi added: “We can play the blame game of the past, or we can take opportunities for peace.”Most of Ashkenazi’s remarks focused on the hope that the Abraham Accords would bring a better future to the Middle East, and called for more countries to join.“The Middle East today is divided into two clear camps,” Ashkenazi said. “Those that have chosen peace and a better future for their children of economic prosperity and security, and on the other side, those led by Iran and its proxies who have chosen the path of war, violent extremism and terrorism.”Ashkenazi said that in the years since the Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015, the Middle East has been deeply destabilized and Tehran has spread “havoc and misery.”“All of us are committed to the goal of indefinitely blocking all paths of Iran to the bomb and stopping its regional malign activity… Indefinite does not go hand-in-hand with sunset [clauses],” Ashkenazi said, pointing to a key part of the 2015 Iran Deal that US President-elect Joe Biden reiterated last week that he would seek to rejoin.“The months to come will be significant in the future of the region,” Ashkenazi added, a possible reference to Biden’s policies when he enters office next month.Ashkenazi also called on the Palestinians to enter direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions.

“We believe that Israel moving from annexation to normalization is a window to resolve this conflict,” he stated. In response to a question soon after, Prince Turki called settlements “a precondition” and suggested that they should all be removed before Israel enters negotiations with the Palestinians. About 450,000 Israelis live in Judea and Samaria.Dore Gold, a former Foreign Ministry director-general and president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, confronted Prince Turki when the panel was opened to questions, saying: “Shifts in thinking about how we look at the Middle East, given the emotions that our nations have gone through, are very difficult. I’m addressing my comments chiefly to His Royal Highness Prince Turki al-Faisal because I believe he comes from a country that has the capability of leading the region in a very positive direction.“But we have to decide,” Gold added. “Do we want to be caught up in the accusations of the past, many of which are false, or do we want to present the young generation in the Middle East with a positive vision and really give leadership for a better future? I prefer the latter, and I know my national leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, prefers the latter.”Prince Turki spoke out against Gold personally, bringing up his 2003 book, Hatred’s Kingdom, on Saudi sponsorship of terrorism, saying Gold “denigrated the king and used the most vile descriptions.”

Gold said later, in a phone call from Manama: “I cherish the agreements with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, but if anyone gets up there and lies about Israel, the gloves are off… I wanted to defend Israel in front of the international audience in Bahrain.”Gold approached Prince Turki after the session, and the prince asked him if he still believes what he wrote in the book. In response, Gold said that in the ensuing years, Saudi Arabia stopped funding Hamas. During the Second Intifada, when Palestinian suicide bombings against Israelis were rampant, Saudi Arabia paid 50-70% of Hamas’s budget, according to Israeli military intelligence, Gold said. They then stopped that funding and Iran became the chief financial backer of Hamas. “That altered my attitude toward the Saudis,” Gold explained. “Moreover, Saudi Arabia stopped funding the Muslim Brotherhood, as well.”

Gold also told the prince that he would be willing to debunk the falsehoods Prince Turki said about Israel and would be willing to debate him at any time.As for a question Gold asked during the open panel about whether Israel and Saudi Arabia can learn from each other’s fights against Iranian proxies – Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen – Prince Turki said both “carry the banner of ‘free Palestine’” and resolving that matter would “really go a long way as a mitigating incentive to these terrorist groups.”Turki has long been dogged by accusations of ties with Osama bin Laden, and was named in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit by 9/11 victims’ families. However, the prince maintains his last contact with Bin Laden was in 1990, and a US federal court ruled Saudi officials immune from related lawsuits. source

Do you see, brethren? The Saudis believe that Joe Biden will be in the White House. They also know that Mr. Biden has no love for Israel. So, where is all the love now?

The Saudi Arabians are NOT to be trusted. I have said this for years and will continue to say it.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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  1. They all danced the “Sword Dance” and, quite frankly, the whole thing concerned me greatly.
    Me too:)

    That and Paula White as his spiritual advisor.

    Last year the big hi – five with Putin
    Way too friendly

    but mostly I learned of the deception of Islam through taking in Muslim students and WorldView Weekend with Brannon Howse
    There is Shahram Hadian with
    He is a former muslim now Christian pastor who exposes the agenda of Islam.

    I believe Biden wants to place a lot of Muslims in his presidency.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali ‘alarmed’ Biden quoted Muhammad on Sharia law, says he owes nation an apology
    August 12, 2020 | Tom Tillison |

    While addressing Muslim voters last month, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden quoted the Muslim prophet Muhammad pronouncing Sharia law.

    That’s according to Hoover Institution research fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who appeared Tuesday night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to say that while Biden likely didn’t know what he was saying, he owes the American people an apology.

    Host Tucker Carlson played several clips of Biden’s virtual address last month to the Million Muslim Votes Summit, where the candidate vowed to end Trump’s “Muslim ban on day one” of his administration.

    “I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths,” Biden also said.

    (Source: Fox News)

    But when asked to comment on his address, Ali pointed to Biden reading a quote from Mohammed.

    “‘If you see something wrong’ — and he quotes the Prophet Muhammad — ‘use your hand. If you can’t use your hand, use your tongue and if you can’t use your tongue, use your heart.’ What he’s basically doing from that point onwards is enforcing Sharia law and it is vigilantism on steroids,” she explained.

    “If you’re a Muslim, you grew up within Islam trying to reform it, you’re just a good American Muslim, you’re being confronted with a former vice president, a candidate for a major political party, who’s basically saying ‘Let’s enforce Sharia law,” Ali said.

    While agreeing with Joe Biden that Muslims shouldn’t be bullied and discriminated against, the former Muslim expressed grave concern about who is informing him.

    “I don’t know who puts these words in his mouth and I’m alarmed,” Ali told Carlson.

    Responding to the Fox News host, she said the message would be clear to practicing Muslims –Ali left the Muslim faith and is now an atheist.

    “There is a concept called commanding right and forbidding wrong,” Ali said of the video. “I absolutely cannot believe that in the year 2020 Joe Biden is commanding right and forbidding wrong — meaning he is enforcing Sharia Law.”

    “I understand Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing — and I think most Americans don’t — but he does have a campaign team. He has a team of people who will say this is what you can say,” she stressed.

    The scholar was clear that she does not support today’s cancel culture, but said Biden owes the nation an apology.

    “Joe Biden should come out and apologize, and apologize profusely, to the American people — especially to those American Muslims who have adopted and embraced the foundational principles of America,” Ali insisted.

    She said the presumptive nominee has aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamists.

    “They have him endorsing and enforcing sharia vigilantism,” Ali charged.

    But all is not lost, as Ali said she would vote for Biden if he came out and apologized.

    “If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then you shouldn’t do it. But if you do, I think would be a great trait of leadership if Biden came out and said I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I didn’t realize this is what I was doing. If he did that, I’d vote for him,” she said.

    When asked if she thinks he will, Ali shrugged her shoulders.

    “If he is so desperate as to want the vote of the organized Muslim Brotherhood, then I think we are in big trouble,” she noted.

    Arya Ali on Tucker Carlson said that she would vote for Biden if he did that.

    So it does not matter whether they are militant or not their agenda remains the same.


    In Christ

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