Shades of Venezuela In the Big Apple

Of course, the feature picture I used is from the Great Depression.


This article will be mostly photos. They do say that one picture is worth a thousand words.

Tragic scenes in New York as socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinner lines run for blocks – with two million expected to go hungry today amid unprecedented demand for food banks

  • Long lines formed at food banks in New York City on Thanksgiving day for a hot holiday meal 
  • The Metro World Child in Bushwick, Brooklyn offered seating for locals to enjoy a free sit-down dinner 
  • Families waited up to five hours for parcels of food at Meadowlands in New Jersey
  • Up to 5.6 million people struggled to put food on the table over the last week as the nation reels from a surge in unemployment and hunger fueled by the coronavirus pandemic 
The line extended for blocks at the Metro World Child food bank in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Thanksgiving day as the nation reels from a spike in joblessness and hunger
Millions of Americans are continuing to line up for food relief ahead of Thanksgiving today, while coronavirus fears are stripping food banks of volunteers. People pictured at the food bank run by Metro World Child in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Thursday where the charity offered hot seated meals for anyone who asked for it
The long line at the Metro World Child food bank in Bushwick, Brooklyn pictured above on Thanksgiving Thursday
People pictured handing out hot meals for Thanksgiving at the Metro World Child run food bank in Bushwick, Brooklyn. From April up to October 31 they had distributed 866,368 meals, serving 504,022 people and 2,305,133 pounds of food
Long lines of people practiced social distancing and wore masks as they waited for their special Thanksgiving meal
The food distribution started at 11am and saw long lines throughout the holiday afternoon
A woman pictured accepting a Thanksgiving meal handed out by a police officer at the Metro World Child food bank in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Thursday
Long lines were also seen at the Food Bank for New York hand out at the Food Bank Community Kitchen in Manhattan

Brethren, when I first viewed these photos, I could not help but see pictures in my mind of people rummaging through trash cans for any remnants of food.

They also reminded me of the Great Depression.

But mostly I see another Venezuela on the horizon and it breaks my heart.

Can you imagine how many people whose eyes will finally be opened to what has happened, and how they will regret following the Marxist Democrats?

It’s beginning to resemble the Great Depression, but the difference is that America was not being overtaken by Marxists.

The American Tragedy of 2020.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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