Will YOU Accept Criminal Joe Biden As YOUR President? (VIDEO)

In a perfect world, Creepy Joe would be given a sentence of life imprisonment. But considering that his crimes are High Treason – our Federal Government could order him to be executed.

And now, he and his Criminal Marxist Party have knowingly STOLEN the election from Donald Trump.

Watch this reporter speak about Biden being listed as a CRIMINAL SUSPECT in UKRAINIAN COURT:

Brethren, I’m angry as I’m sure that many of you are.

I read something today and I will be writing a piece on it shortly. The subject is “How Christians should be praying Imprecatory prayers from the Psalms. I wish that I had known about this years ago. You will see how powerful our prayers were always meant to be!

How many times have we read headlines about witches casting spells on President Trump?

As believers in Jesus Christ, we would NEVER get into ungodly practices like witchcraft. But God has given us a way to pray from the Psalms – a way which is SO MUCH more powerful than any spell from a witch!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


6 thoughts on “Will YOU Accept Criminal Joe Biden As YOUR President? (VIDEO)

  1. Upset doesn’t even come close even though I hear the Lord saying its not over, but to even think they have done what they did, disgust me to the core, I feel violated, this man bragged about voter fraud, and said he didn’t need the peoples votes, NP said we can’t afford to let the people decide this election, well it will be up to the SC but I had rather fight to the death than let those devils destroy this nation and the church, it’s proven they rigged the machines even, and they want to take over now, because if the courts do there job, people will start going to jail, and as for witchcraft in the Church sis they send spirits all the time to try and kill me, they did kill my brother, as they were trying to me, and all most did, these POB have brought the pure demonic in the church, the headleader ship of most now are worshipping baal and Goddesses, Big Christian magazines, owners put a contract out on me, because I would not sell out, I know whats going on in the church, the Lord has shown me, its as evil as anything on the streets, the cast spells, do voodoo, use magical arts, fallen angel powers, I know it sounds crazy but I have seen it, they have attacked me in many ways, they first attack your head so you can’t think straight, first sign of witchcraft being used on you, then your body my heart, I had a heartattack, but they couldn’t kill me, but while I was down they went after my brother who backed me all the way and did everything for me, he believed in his big brother, 10 years younger and they killed him with a heartattack a few days after I got out ogf the hospital, they are evil but preach love, just love Jesus is love, and they are full of hate and murder, they have pushed the Holy Spirit and fire our of the church for this very take over right here, thats why the Lord has been saying repent, if the church handn’t lost power they would never have shut this nation down and taken the church prisoner, [I had a vision we were all on a cruiseship, and pirates came aboard and took us all prisoner, and took our weapons, and the one’s who tried to fight were being beaten badly, but they kept fighting, but at the end the pirates disappeared] we as the church have compromised and allowed sin and evil, and that gve satan power over the church, and them running the Holy Spirit and fire off, , but everything going on in the world to take her over, has been going on in the church, satand can’t take over the nation until he first disempowers the church, and he has pretty much did that, but I hear the Lord say he is stepping in, no one seems to believe me but this is what is going on in the world and the church, we have murders running most of the church, they rejected the message Jesus took me to heaven and gave 2 Cor 12:20-21, and if I am lying may he strike me dead and send my soul to hell, and I fear hell greatly, been through enough here, so I tell the truth and lie not. there is just very few who will receive it. but any way may God richly bless you Geri just a little tired and disgusted.

  2. I am Susan

    Geri, we are all mourning over what has happened in this election. Yet, we know that God is on His Mighty Throne and knows all things and all hearts and the deeds of these traitors. Take heart everyone!

    1. Jeff Rice

      I absolutely agree! It’s not over. God does not want us to take the defeatist attitude. Our faith resides in him, not to believe what we hear from a bunch of talking heads. Their purpose is to demoralize and demoralized we can’t be. Keep that Faith folks as He will have this result in nothing less than our best interest!!

  3. Try tweeting that YouTube of OAN. You can’t. It say’s “Twitter refused request” BLOCKED
    How powerful are the people so desperate to install Sniffy Joe? And why are they in such a hurry that the censorship is rapidly spreading across the web.

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