FOX NEWS is Now FOX NOISE: Don’t Count On Them for Fair and Balanced

After Shepard Smith left Fox News months ago, I breathed a sigh of relief. I would get so angry at Smith’s Left leaning coverage of the news – invariably I would turn him off after occasionally throwing my slipper at the TV.  I thought that perhaps Fox was going to hire someone who would at least give us the news without commentary – you know, just report the news. What a novel idea!

I was sorely mistaken. Instead, they put Bill Hemmer in his place, which at first I thought was great. But then I was horrified when Hemmer began to follow in the footsteps of Shepard Smith. Not Bill Hemmer!  Yes, they must have told the man that if he didn’t come over to the dark side, he would be canned.

I try to get my news from conservative news sites now. I really like (One American News Network). I still love Tucker Carlson from Fox, but I have a bad feeling that Tucker may not be on Fox much longer.

When I saw the clip from Fox where Newt Gingrich spoke of boogey-man (my words) George Soros, and his part in manipulating American politics, policies and events with his $Billions by pouring that money into the campaigns of Leftist DA’s across our land; and how Gingrich was silenced  – I was shocked.

Newt told the TRUTH!! Soros has BOUGHT Leftwing DA’s across America.  Don’t tell THIS Jew that it’s anti Semitism to bring up Soros!  He is Jewish by birth but has the soul of Hitler.  Watch this clip and tell me if Soros is a real Jew:

Soros is the stereotypical Self-Hating Jew. He loathes his own people and he took part in the Holocaust, helping Nazis to round up the Jews and get them on the death trains, after he confiscated their property to hand over to Hitler’s henchmen.

THIS is the real George Soros. 

So the LYING media should just shut their mouths about George Soros and stop pointing fingers at those who speak the truth about him. Newt Gingrich did it and I am so proud of him!


Prosecute George Soros for Plotting Anarchy,  Violating U.S. Code § 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection

Silence fell at Fox News as Newt Gingrich asserted the main problem facing US riots was billionaire George Soros buying DA races. The  female hosts immediately howled to censure Gingrich, who said: “It’s verboten?!!” So is Fox beholden to Soros? Why? Meanwhile, crime skyrockets in liberal states and cities that elected Soros DAs. Soros is accused of plotting to control the globe through shadow officials in various countries. Soros and devotees offer a classic study of folie à deux, sharing the mad belief they’re called to convert the globe to Marxism.

Open Society

Soros started Open Society Foundation, donating $30 billion to “upgrade” world democracy, Soros is condemned in native Hungary, his university banned, and rejected for insisting mass illegal migrants be housed, Soros currently funds leftist US District Attorneys.  “The Soros groups dump large amounts of money in the final moments of the campaign. The Soros funds are only discovered after the election.”

Nonagenarian Soros Desperate to Transform America

90-year-old Marxist Soros oozes delusions of grandeur seeing himself a leader of world revolution, his leftist mania drives his American DA project. For years Soros regularly invested in DA races. Observe incompetent Kim Foxx & $2 million Soros funds, dismissing without comment Jesse Smollett’s case with overwhelming evidence of guilt. Such abuse of justice tells average citizens fairness is impossible. 

US Liberal District Attorney Project

Investing in important DA races, Soros waits to inject last minute blasts of cash for liberal candidates. Over years, Soros spent millions in races like Chesa Boudin, San Francisco; Larry Krasner, Philadelphia; Houston’s Kim Ogg, and Diana Becton, Contra Costa County. All “Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commissions” idealists. Florida’s Soros financed State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced no death penalties would be sought for any case. Portland’s Mike Schmidt, Soros DA refuses to prosecute 110-day Portland rioters.

San Francisco, Liberal Hell

Boudin, the SF Public Defender, promised before his election: “We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes, such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted. We have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness. There can be no justice when we utilize prison and jail as the solution to all of our problems.” Overall, Soros DAs have helped turn the biggest West Coast cities into third world countries as residents despair and flee.

Soros’ Mental Health & History
Jewish Soros diabolically admitted the zenith of his life was carting off innocent Jew’s property after dispatch to concentration camps. Is he a Sociopath or Psychopath? Why does Soros undermine American law? Marxists know an increasingly out-of-control a society begs for more government intervention. Liberal Soros Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of St. Louis watched her city’s crime spike to highest in America

Conclusion: DOJ Should Prosecute Soros for Bribery, Undue Influence & Undermining Constitution

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán likened Soros to Soviet propagandists: “We old warhorses recognize them by their smell.” The DOJ must prosecute the megalomaniac for attempting to overhaul the US Justice System. Soros is bribing candidates to follow his law-enforcement ideas in exchange for campaign funds and future support. If Soros’ groups break down society by organizing and funding treason, etc, they are violating U.S. Code § 2383. Rebellion or Insurrection, punishing anarchy undermining the law. It’s time Soros is finally stopped in his insane bid to castrate the US Constitution and supplant America’s justice system with devilish Marxism. source

My hat goes off to Canada Free Press once again. They invariably tell the Truth. They tell it fearlessly and unashamedly.

Brethren, PRAY for God’s will to be done in America. We may not like the outcome, but we will know that it is what our God allowed to happen.


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua







5 thoughts on “FOX NEWS is Now FOX NOISE: Don’t Count On Them for Fair and Balanced

  1. I am Susan

    I read Canada Free Press every day and I highly recommend it to all of Geri’s followers.

    Yes, Fox is heading in the direction of all of the other “News” networks. I fear Tucker Carlson will
    be taken off the air, too. The truth sets us free and Satan hates the truth. He was a liar from the
    start and that is why the left embraces his lies. They want no part of it so they can do the work of
    the devil.

    Thankfully, we who are Christ’s are not deceived.

  2. I agree as well:)

    I read

    I am Canadian:)

    Also Rebel Media with Ezra from time to time
    He wrote a good book on Trudeau

    Spencer Fernando and
    True North with Candice Malcolm

    Like our anthem

    Our true north strong and free
    We stand on guard for thee.

    blessings everyone

    I cannot wait to meet everyone around the sea of glass

    Please pray for me as I go up north to visit with family that are not saved.

    thank you and


    In Christ

  3. Strange how we can’t expose the evil with out the media and others in high places having a fit, Gates wants us all shut up now, because we hate threatened his C. virus scare and Vaccine injection, he so wanted to kill millions, and through the Lord showing me ina vision theyhad three shots for the people, a big one for Radical Christians who stood up and spoke out for God and this nation, the big shot altered our minds, and then I seen last night Gates wanting to shut us all up on social media, because our truth don’t back their lies, FACT CHECKERS, who say what they say is right regardless of the truth, and Soros paying for all this mess and looting and murder in the streets causing race trouble, all of it lies in the hands of one party and the head of that party, G.S., B.G., M.Z., O., C., and others into pizza gate, peds and child molesters, sex trafficking, all kinds of wickedness, a pure evil people, and people in charge of what we hear, and who run this country don’t want us to know but the lies they tell, and program in us, so they can take over and destroy us all. may God help us.

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