Pope Gives Aid To Transgender Prostitutes With No ‘Customers’

Brethren – you read that right.

The belief that Francis may be the False Prophet spoken of in Scripture continues to gain credence.

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 Truly, there are just too many articles about this man on my WordPress. If you want to read them all, please just type Pope Francis into the search box and all of them will appear.

Todays news headline about this satanically inspired head of the Roman Catholic Church (CULT) made me literally sick.

From foxnews.com

Pope Gives Aid To Transgender Prostitutes with No Customers

Pope Francis assisted a group of transgender prostitutes who were struggling financially amid the coronaviruspandemic in Italy, according to an Italian newspaper.

They reached out to the pope through Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner, who is responsible for charitable work done in the name of pope.

“Francis’ response was immediate,” the paper reports.

“Many thanks to Pope Francis! May God bless you, thank you for everything! A thousand blessings! May the Virgin protect you!” the group of prostitutes sent in an audio message.

It does not appear that the leader of the Catholic Church was signaling any changes in Catholic teaching on gender and sex.

In February, the pope touched on this issue when asked where he sees evil at work today.

“One place is gender theory,” the pope said, according to Catholic News Service. “Right away I want to clarify that I am not referring to people with a homosexual orientation. The Catechism of the Catholic Church invites us to accompany them and provide pastoral care to these brothers and sisters of ours.”

He called gender theory a “dangerous” attack, erasing all distinctions between men and women, male and female.

Francis added that he did not want “to discriminate against anyone,” but was convinced that human peace and well-being had to be based on the reality that God created people with differences and that accepting — not ignoring — those differences is what brings people together.  source

If this story does not shock you, you truly need to look at your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and see if you are in the faith.

NO – I’m not talking about the “Catholic Faith.”  If you are part of this cult, you need to understand that this has never been part of Christianity.  I am not saying that there are not born again believers in the pews of this institution. I have met a few since 1983 who truly seemed “born again” but in these last days, under Francis, I doubt that you would find many at all. 

Francis is inspired by the devil himself.

I don’t know this for sure, but with each passing day it does seem that the first Jesuit pope – ever – may indeed be the False Prophet.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua