When the Supreme Court Upheld a Compulsory Vaccination Law

My husband and I have resolved not to get the Covid-19 Vaccine if and when it comes out.  We figured that with all the lead up to the point of the whole Plannedemic, there will be repercussions  for those who do not wish to receive the shot.

Possible exorbitant fines and possible jail time may be the punishment. I’ve spent so much time in FB jail; at least a real jail will supply food. But wait…..do I really know what is IN that food?  Oh well…… I digress.

Anyway, I thought that the reader would like to know about the SCOTUS and their record on mandatory vaccinations.  I rather expected this.

From reason.com

Supreme Court Upheld Compulsory Vaccination Law

Assume that a COVID-19 vaccine is invented tomorrow and soon becomes widely available. Most Americans will undoubtedly line up eagerly for a dose, but a small number may refuse. Do state governments have the authority to compel such refusers to get vaccinated on threat of punishment?

In Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905), the U.S. Supreme Court confronted a state law that allowed local governments to require smallpox vaccinations when the local health authorities deemed them necessary. Cambridge resident Henning Jacobson balked at his city’s vaccination requirement and was fined $5. He contested that penalty and took his case all the way up to the highest court in the land.

What was Jacobson’s legal argument? In the words of the Court, Jacobson “insists that his liberty is invaded when the State subjects him to fine or imprisonment for neglecting or refusing to submit to vaccination; that a compulsory vaccination law is unreasonable, arbitrary and oppressive, and, therefore, hostile to the inherent right of every freeman to care for his own body and health in such way as to him seems best.”

The Supreme Court rejected that argument. The 7–2 majority opinion, written by Justice John Marshall Harlan, agreed that the “power of a local community to protect itself against an epidemic threatening the safety of all might be exercised in particular circumstances and in reference to particular persons in such an arbitrary, unreasonable manner, or might go so far beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public, as to authorize or compel the courts to interfere for the protection of such persons.” But this case, he concluded, did not rise to that standard. The law was ruled to be a reasonable regulation.

“Whatever may be thought of the expediency of this statute, it cannot be affirmed to be, beyond question, in palpable conflict with the Constitution,” Harlan held. “Nor, in view of the methods employed to stamp out the disease of smallpox, can anyone confidently assert that the means prescribed by the State to that end has no real or substantial relation to the protection of the public health and the public safety.”

It would be one thing if Jacobson’s health or medical history put him at risk of severe injury or death from the vaccine. To force such an individual to be vaccinated “would be cruel and inhuman in the last degree,” Harlan acknowledged. But Jacobson “was himself in perfect health and a fit subject of vaccination.” The requirement was therefore constitutional as applied to him.

Justices David Brewer and Rufus Peckham dissented. They presumably believed that Jacobson’s liberty was violated by the compulsory vaccination law, but they kept their reasoning to themselves: They did not write an opinion. source

So, I am assuming that courts across America will view this vaccine as compulsory.  I will still not allow it to be given to me – whatever the consequences. 

I thought that perhaps the reader might be interested in two other diseases for which we did receive vaccines during the 20th Century. I will post the website addresses for those who are interested:

Overview of Smallpox – Mayo Clinic

Overview of Tuberculosis  – Mayo Clinic

I was shocked to find that in the 20th Century, over 300 million people died from Smallpox!

I was also quite shocked that TB has not been eradicated and thousands die each day from this disease.

Perhaps Bill Gates should be working on that vaccine, but that’s not part of his narrative nor his agenda.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua






“To Save Planet Earth – Over 90% of the Population Must Be Killed” Says UT Ecologist

Bill Gates, Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shows a vaccine during the press conference. UN Photo

Having written numerous articles about the Georgia Guidestones, I am quite aware that the eugenicists of the world, i.e. Bill Gates, are chomping at the bit to bring about the ultimate culling of almost 95% of the human population.

Georgia Guidestones

The bizarre and menacing structure was built in 1980. But apart from that date, the details of those responsible for this seemingly “NWO” monument are few; and up until now, we can only speculate about the person(s) responsible for building it.

More Details emerge

I am always researching to gain more information about the Georgia Guidestones which I will call (GGS) for the duration of this piece.

For the readers who may not be familiar with GGS, here is my most complete article on the structure:

The Georgia Guidestones and the Ten Commandments of the Coming Antichrist

While searching for new information about GGS this morning, I did find out some additional facts (speculations?) about it. 

From vanshardware.com (Excerpt)

“The “Georgia Guidestones” were built by Freemasons. This should come as no surprise. Let me tell you why they were built WHERE they were built first. The guidestones were built in Elbert county for a few reasons. One reason, vast quantities of Pyramid Blue granite, truly good for monument building. (The granite continues this day as a mecca attracting many Freemason tradesmen.) Another reason, Elberton the town was founded by Freemasons, as a matter of fact, it was named after Samuel Elbert, a very famous historical Freemason you can read plenty about. (Even in his day Elbert’s life was spared by a British mason officer’s bayonette [sic] due to recognizing him as a mason during battle {Elbert’s mason coded cry of distress}.) Lastly, Elbert county sits on an Eastern most edge of the continent. This is very meaningful to masons because the sun rises in the East. It is common knowledge that masons consider the sun and its rising to be metaphorically divine. This is why for over twenty years Elberton’s sister city was Mure, Kagawa, Japan… the land of the rising sun.” source

The Culling of the Human Race

Brethren, please note that the fluctuations of population in this article correspond to the date written. The number of people on earth today is approximately 7.8 billion 

From globalresearch.com.    (excerpts)

Hard or Soft kill – that is the question.

“Numerous vaccines have been shown to actually cause the very illness it’s supposed to prevent. Others for instance, the measles vaccine actually kills more people than does measles itself. Indisputable evidence is mounting to prove that tainted vaccines with mercury and other known impurities are driving rates of brain damage and autism through the roof. Due to the evil powers of Big Pharma, not unlike Monsanto, many people, especially children are allowed to continue at grave risk of permanent harm and even death from toxic vaccines. Moreover, the proliferation of draconian NWO laws are at work throughout the Western world that are beginning to mandate that these highly damaging vaccines be given to all adults even against their will.” source

From enterstageright.com

The New World Order’s diabolical pilgrimage

“I’ve been re-watching the mini-series Holocaust.

It’s been many years since I’ve done that.

My article, however, on The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage, demands it.


The New World Order and an increasingly visible appetite for “depopulation”

From the above mentioned link, there is this: “

For more than a century these globalists have been promoting their NWO eugenics plan for a sustainable earth population of about a half billion people. The UN Agenda 21 spells it all out in graphic detail. This means within the next several years they plan to kill 13 out of 14 of us 7.2 billion people currently living and breathing on this planet. For decades they’ve been busily deploying both slower, “soft kill” methods as well as their faster, “hard kill” methods to drastically reduce the world population. The hard kill scenario manifests through war and both manmade induced natural disasters as well as naturally occurring natural disasters with a recent noticeable crescendo of activity of all these cataclysmic events.”

Finding acceptable ways to get rid of as many human beings as possible?! source

From Reason.com.  (from 2006)

At first, I thought someone was making a really stupid April Fool’s joke, but apparently it is true that the Texas Distinguished Scientist of 2006, University of Texas ecologist Eric Pianka told a meeting of the Texas Academy of Science that 90 percent of his fellow human beings must die in order to save the planet. A very disturbed Forrest M. Mims III—Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science, writing at The Citizen Scientist—reported:

Pianka then displayed a slide showing rows of human skulls, one of which had red lights flashing from its eye sockets.

Professor Pianka said the Earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number.

He then showed solutions for reducing the world’s population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved.

AIDS is not an efficient killer, he explained, because it is too slow. His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. However, Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs.

After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, “We’ve got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.”

The Seguin, Tex. Gazette-Enterprise also reported another recent doomsday talk by Pianka:

A University of Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead.

“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine,” Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward’s University on Friday. Pianka’s words are part of what he calls his “doomsday talk”—a 45-minute presentation outlining humanity’s ecological misdeeds and Pianka’s predictions about how nature, or perhaps humans themselves, will exterminate all but a fraction of civilization.

Though his statements are admittedly bold, he’s not without abundant advocates. But what may set this revered biologist apart from other doomsday soothsayers is this: Humanity’s collapse is a notion he embraces.

Indeed, his words deal, very literally, on a life-and-death scale, yet he smiles and jokes candidly throughout the lecture. Disseminating a message many would call morbid, Pianka’s warnings are centered upon awareness rather than fear.

“This is really an exciting time,” he said Friday amid warnings of apocalypse, destruction and disease. Only minutes earlier he declared, “Death. This is what awaits us all. Death.” Reflecting on the so-called Ancient Chinese Curse, “May you live in interesting times,” he wore, surprisingly, a smile.

So what’s at the heart of Pianka’s claim?

6.5 billion humans is too many.

In his estimation, “We’ve grown fat, apathetic and miserable,” all the while leaving the planet parched.

The solution?

A 90 percent reduction.

That’s 5.8 billion lives—lives he says are turning the planet into “fat, human biomass.” He points to an 85 percent swell in the population during the last 25 years and insists civilization is on the brink of its downfall—likely at the hand of widespread disease.

“[Disease] will control the scourge of humanity,” Pianka said. “We’re looking forward to a huge collapse.”

Professor Pianka is apparently a brilliant herpetologist, but like brilliant Stanford University entomologist Paul Ehrlich, who wrote The Population Bomb nearly 40 years ago, he is completely ignorant of economics and demography. Pianka might start alleviating his ignorance by reading some of the analyses by Jesse Ausubel, head of the Human Environment Program at Rockefeller University. Relying on human creativity and wealth creation, Ausubel foresees the 21st century as the beginning of the Great Restoration of the natural environment.

Admittedly, predicting a bright future for humanity and the planet has never made anybody rich or famous, but at least such forecasters have the satisfaction of knowing that they are right. source

Brethren, it is obvious that the idea of culling over 90% of the population of the earth is not a new one. Eugenicists have been meeting behind closed doors for decades – discussing this horrific plan.

Actually, they feel so emboldened that they have come out from behind closed doors.  

They proudly proclaim their murderous agenda in public and get standing ovations!

So, what do you think it will be……a SOFT or HARD kill?  If it’s up to people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, I would bet on the latter. 

Perhaps Covid-19 was a dress rehearsal, and just perhaps the “Vaccine” for Covid is the HARD Kill?   Come Lord Jesus!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua