My dad loved America.  He served as a medic in England in WWII. 

He would say to us kids “Well, America is not perfect, but there is no better  country in the whole world.  I loved listening to him talk about the country he loved. I believe that my dad made me the Patriot I am today.

Tim and I had an online Christian friend named Wally. He went home to be with Jesus about 4 years ago.  Wally served in WWII and was honored to do so. He would tell us that no matter what happened to him over there, he would know that he was doing his part for a country which gave him so much.

Then Obama’s Reign began, Wally would write to us so distraught. He would ask me “Geri, did I fight for nothing? Did it mean anything?  I would assure him that his service meant everything and that God was in Control.  I told him that sometimes it doesn’t feel like He is in control; but He always is. The things that God allows are for the fulfillment of His prophetic Word.

Even Covid-19

“The Ultimate Legacy” 

This Hallmark Movie touched Tim and I so much.  It’s truly a tribute to veterans and to America; and such a beautiful one.  

Beau Davidson appears in the movie and sings a patriotic song which brought both Tim and I to tears. Beau has become a great friend on FB. His voice is so beautiful but his heart for America is what really touched us as we watched the Hallmark film.  

Watch Beau singing “Blessed”

Beau is a strong Conservative and has now come to D.C. to let his voice be heard – not just his singing voice, but his Conservative voice as well!

I asked Bo if he might consider doing a Gospel album. He said that it was a great idea and that his dad has wanted him to do that for years!   We sure hope that you do it, Beau.

We thank you, Beau. May God bless you always! 

Especially in such uncertain times when many are wondering if we will ever get our country back; or if we are in the middle of the end – yes, we thank you Beau for “Blessed.” 

For that is what we are.

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