George Soros Named ‘Person of the Year’ by

By the way – FT stands for Financial Times.

And I’m sure you are wondering why this prestigious title was bestowed upon my favorite person (not)……..  It is for “Defending Democracy.”

DEFENDING DEMOCRACY  – Just in case you missed that.   HA!

Why don’t we just give the Ayatollah Khomeini the title “Best Friend to Israel?”

The Demonic Monster (Soros) hides behind his Jewish ancestry.  Pretty slick because he can lash out at his critics and call them Jew haters.   He can’t accuse this writer of that.  Oh well, he’s probably never even heard of me.  I’d rather keep it that way.

In case you didn’t know, George helped the Nazis to confiscate the wealth and belongings of the Jews before he loaded them onto the death trains.  He said that he was young and it saved his life. He also said it was a wonderful time in his life.

I guess that a demon possessed monster would say such things.

Don’t believe me?

George Soros Views the World as his own Monopoly board

Soros is a billionaire and his favorite thing to do with his money is to play with the world’s economies.  If he sees a way to plunge countries into depression, he does it without any sense of guilt or remorse.   He has done this in Asia and no one can forget when he broke the British pound.


The Trade of the Century: When George Soros Broke the British Pound

“I’ve learned many things from [George Soros], but perhaps the most significant is that it’s not whether you’re right or wrong, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”

Stanley Druckenmiller, 1994

In 1992, George Soros brought the Bank of England to its knees. In the process, he pocketed over a billion dollars. Making a billion dollars is by all accounts pretty cool. But demolishing the monetary system of Great Britain in a single day with an elegantly constructed bet against its currency?  That’s the stuff of legends.

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Soros is hailed as a great philanthropist.  This is ludicrous and quite laughable.  Soros is about two main things:   One is that he maintains and increases his billions and the other is funding every liberal cause in strategic countries (like the U.S).

It’s ALL about destabilizing nations.  Why?  Soros dreams of a time when there will be no borders; one of his NGO’s is named “Open Societies.”  Where is this all heading?  Soros dreams of the NWO – One World Government.  He works closely with the U.N. to that end.

If you want to see what occupies most of his time, you can see it here:


Founded or helped to found:


George Soros is an International Criminal.  He commits his crimes in the open – in plain site.  But he never would have believed that countries would begin to ban his NGO’s; especially not Hungary -his home country. But they did, thanks to Viktor Orban.

Defending Democracy

What a joke.  The only democracy George Soros has interest in is Democratic Socialism.  If you think that he would defend our Republic, then think again. He despises everything America stands for.

Did you know that the voting machines in America are made in a Soros owned company?  Yeah, doesn’t make me feel very safe either.



The Financial Times named billionaire financier George Soros person of the year Wednesday for being a “standard bearer for liberal democracy” and an opponent of Europe’s growing populist movement.

FT honored Soros partially because of his outspoken opposition to populism and support of open societies. Many of the philanthropist’s supporters in the media and elsewhere believe reports criticizing him are tantamount to anti-Semitism. Soros is Jewish.

“From his native Hungary to his adopted America, the forces of nationalism and populism are battering the liberal democratic order he has tirelessly supported,” FT noted in their writeup. “The man once described as the only individual with a foreign policy must contend with the rise of strongmen across the globe — and a vicious backlash designed to delegitimise him”

The outlet even managed to get in a barb at President Donald Trump. “He (Soros) is the standard bearer of liberal democracy and open society. These are the ideas which triumphed in the cold war. Today, they are under siege from all sides, from Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Donald Trump’s America,” FT added.

Soros lamented his image as a liberal boogeyman, telling the reporters: “I’m blamed for everything, including being the anti-Christ … I wish I didn’t have so many enemies, but I take it as an indication that I must be doing something right.”

His main group — Open Society Foundation — announced in May plans to leave Hungary because of what Soros calls that country’s repressive government.

Numerous 2018 reports have noted the liberal moneyman’s extensive role financing various liberal groups.

One Dec. 17 Daily Caller News Foundation report, for instance, revealed that Soros provided $500,000 to the left-wing activist group that accosted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater in June. (RELATED: Soros Org Gave $500K To Activists Who Later Accosted Pam Bondi At Movie Theater) – source

Sometimes I think that the powers that be have a special drug given them to keep them alive. I mean really…….isn’t Soros at least 105 years old??!!

Sorry brethren. I just get so sick of this evil man’s dirty deeds. It just never ends.

BUT……..God IS in control and he is allowing Soros to romp around the globe wreaking havoc as he goes.

It’s hard to pray for this man, but Jesus did tell us to love our enemies.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua






Terrifying Demonic Signs and Wonders Displayed Before the Eyes of Police Force in Brazil

Although Satan’s powers to perform miracles are limited, he can perform miracles in order to deceive.  This will occur during the Tribulation years as the Antichrist will deceive the world with powers, signs and wonders.


“During the tribulation, the Antichrist “will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:9). These miracles are explicitly said to be empowered by Satan. Jesus warned that the end times will be characterized by the treachery of counterfeit prophets who “will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive” (Matthew 24:24).

The existence of demonic miracles is one reason why we must test all spirits: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). Any time we are in doubt, we are to make sure that what is being taught lines up with what Scripture says. If the miracle worker is teaching something contrary to God’s Word, then his miracles, no matter how convincing they seem, are a demonic delusion”   source

A man in Brazil, known as a “Medium” shocked members of a police force with “paranormal” and very alarming and unexplained events began to happen as he was being interrogated.

This man has been accused of sexually abusing at least 300 women.

From the

‘Supernatural’ events terrify police while interrogating celebrity medium John of God over sexual abuse claims as computer ‘takes on life of its own’ and electrical appliances short circuit

  • Spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria, 76, has been accused of sexual abuse 
  • Around 300 other women have claimed Faria has sexually assaulted them 
  • Police questioning Faria said electrical items began to malfunction in the room 

Detectives questioning a celebrity medium in Brazil, accused of sexually abusing more than 300 women, have reported spooky goings-on during their two hour interrogation.

Unexplained incidents ranging from a ‘bizarre’ computer crash to wiring on electrical appliances suddenly ‘short circuiting’ appears to suggest supernatural forces were at play during the interview.

The mysterious problems unnerved cops but didn’t deter them from collecting the testimony from faith healer, João Teixeira de Faria, who is known as João de Deus – John of God on Sunday night in Goiânia.

Joao Teixeira de Faria, better known as John of God, arrives at the Dom Inacio Loyola House in Abadiania, Brazil on Wednesday last week

Detective Karla Fernandes, responsible for coordinating the task force investigating the allegations, claimed that as the spiritual guru began to speak, strange things started to happen.

She said to Folha de Sao Paulo:

Suddenly the computer was being used to transcribe the suspects answers to the allegations seemed to have a life of its own, and the commands on the keyboard wouldn’t work.

‘When the clerk tried to enter the medium’s statement, the keys locked on a specific letter and ‘OOOOOOO’ was recorded continuously on the screen for a few seconds.’

Although this has never happened before, bemused agents put the incident down as a faulty computer.

Detectives questioning the spiritual healer (center) claim electronic equipment in the room started to malfunction.

But when the printer in the room began to print without receiving a command and a fridge blew up, their thoughts turned to paranormal interference.

Det Fernandes said: ‘It was hot in the interrogation room and I decided to turn on the air conditioning.

‘I plugged the lead into an extension shared with a mini-fridge and the electrical wiring suddenly exploded, burning out the fridge. Everyone in the room screamed with fright.’

According to the officer, the 76-year-old spiritual healer, who is accused of sexually molesting women during private consultations at his clinic, stayed silent.

She said: ‘Although these things happened and surprised us, they failed to interfere with our work. He (John of God) didn’t say a word.’

Investigators also believe that two unexplained incidents which occurred prior to Teixeira giving himself up on Sunday, could be linked to the occult.

A police clerk, who was meant to transcribe the faith healer’s testimony at the police station in the rural town of Annapolis, was run over in a car accident and broke his arm.

Investigators originally intended to question the suspect at this small outpost. But the unexpected incident meant the interview had to be transferred to Goiânia, the capital of the state of Goiás.

And last Friday as the press staked out John of God’s house in the city of Abadiânia, rumours began to circulate that ‘spirits’ had cursed the reporters, photographers and TV camera crew who had camped for nearly 24 hours waiting for the psychic healer to surrender after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Hardened professionals admitted they started praying when a news agency photographer in the press pack suddenly fell ill and lost consciousness for a few minutes.

Many who were reluctant to admit the ‘episode’ was associated with John of God’s ‘mystic powers’, did concede that a paranormal association wasn’t so ‘far-fetched’.

Det Fernandes agreed the unexplained happenings cannot be ‘flippantly’ dismissed.

‘I accept that we are dealing with a situation that involves beliefs and mystic energies,’ she said adding she believes John of God has supernatural powers.

‘I’m spiritualist and a believer in the spirit world and the paranormal. Although I’m not afraid, I do have a healthy respect for the unknown.’

Teixeira has denied allegations that he sexually violated hundreds of women, including his own daughter, under the pretence of administering mystical treatments.

His lawyer claimed his client is being ‘persecuted’ and the complaints made by hundreds of women, with the number now topping some 500, are coming from ‘people who want to destroy him.’

The mystic has been detained in custody and on Monday as agents started the search of the faith healer’s premises, a court denied an appeal for bail.

The bombshell allegations have sent shock waves across the world.

John of God became famous for performing ‘miracle surgeries’ on hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. He has been practising since 1976 and is revered as a ‘powerful’ spiritual force. He has been interviewed by Oprah and has treated Bill Clinton.

Many followers have allegedly been cured of cancers, disabilities, psychological illnesses and numerous other ailments while attending his alternative treatment clinic in central west Brazil.

Faria’s followers wait for their turn to be attended, at his ‘healing center’ Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, in Abadiania, 120 km southwest of Brasilia –source

Brethren, I believe that because we are in the end of the end day, satan is no longer being subtle. He wants the world to know that he is real and powerful.

I once read that the devil likes to have people think of him two different ways:

  1. They believe he is a fable and pay him no mind
  2. They are deathly afraid of him

We as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ know that we are safe in the hand of God. We are born again from above and God’s protection is all around us.

Have you never trust in the finished work of Christ for your Salvation?  He would say to you:

“In an acceptable time I have heard you,
And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”

Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Do not put this off.  No one is guaranteed another breath, let alone months or years. If you enter into eternity without Christ – you will spend your eternity in the pit of hell with satan and his demons.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua