Monuments in Europe: The Evil is Truly Beyond Belief

I’m sure that you remember  the dedication of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland.  How can we ever forget the satanic entertainment?

I wrote an article on it over two years ago:

“The Satanic Unveiling of Switzerland’s Longest Tunnel: Did Merkel and Other Heads of State Give Standing Ovation for Lucifer?”  < you can read the piece here

Evil Beyond Belief

Today I was researching monuments in Europe and in America. The photos of many monuments in Europe were alarming. I thought for sure that the pictures I was finding were not real.

They were real.

WARNING:  Some may find these highly disturbing, but believe it or not, I spared the reader THE most offensive statues!  I could not bring myself to post those.

From Oslo, Norway – Frogner Park Baby Fighter

Demonic, wouldn’t you say?

Child Eater Fountain – Bern, Switzerland

Can you say SICK?

Kafka Museum Entrance in Prague

The statues are urinating in a pool which is the shape of the Czech Republic

Faceless Crawling Horror Babies – Prague

Crawling Horror babies on a TV Tower in Prague


Here is a front view

Fountain of Virtue – Nuremburg

Neptune’s Fountain from Bologna, Italy

But let’s not forget “Blucifer” at the Denver International Airport in the U.S.

I’ve said it so many times – many of us say it:  This world is NOT our home!

Oh Lord Jesus, we long for Your appearing to take your people away from this sin sick and horrible place.  We pray that You will come soon!

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