The Unfinished Story of Christmas: JESUS is Coming Again!

Oh foolish man

Blinded by the twinkling lights

Upon that Christmas tree

Do you know that His miraculous birth

Would some day set us free?


The Virgin bore the Child

Angels singing of His birth

The Heavenly host

watched from above

God’s Son had come to earth!


Foolish man you must know

That the story did not end

With the tiny Babe in Bethlehem

Whom the Father chose to send


Did you know why God’s dear Son

Was born that Christmas day?

Only His blood could wash away our sins

There was no other way


As Mary gazed into His eyes

Adoring her new Son

She did not know that Christmas day

What was yet to come


And Mary watched in anguish

Her Son upon that tree

Did she know that Jesus

Was born to her

To finally set us free?


Satan had us bound in sin

We knew no other way

Our Lord defeated death and hell

On Resurrection Day!


After rescuing His bride

Our Lord will come again

The armies of heaven at His side

But this time not a Lamb


This time He comes a Conquerer

For He comes as King of Kings

Lord of Lords our Jesus reigns

As Righteousness He brings!


So when you tell the story

Always tell why Jesus came

In obedience to His Father

And in His Father’s Name


To rescue us from Satan’s grip

Tell the Christmas Story

That this same Jesus will come again

In Power and in Glory!


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua