Trudeau’s Canada: Muslim Arrested For Groping Six Teenage Girls in Pool – All Charges Dropped

A sampling of U.K. “groomers” for the raping of young British women.   **Don’t think that this could only happen in the U.K.


It makes one wonder if there is an outcry about this Muslim pervert in Canada – will this become Canada’s version of “Tommy Robinson” in the U.K?  Will the authorities jail the ones who are vocal about this crime?

At least two of the six girls who were touched by this man, sat in the courtroom and cried when they heard the verdict:  The woman Justice who dismissed the case cited “Unreliable witness testimony.”

I am thinking that perhaps this judge was warned by Muslims about the ramifications of finding the Muslim pedophile guilty.


Can you imagine how fearful this leaves Canadian parents and young girls? They see first hand that Muslims will get a pass for any sexual crimes perpetrated against Canadian girls.

In many European countries where forced migration was welcomed, Muslim men are telling authorities that it is their right to sexually attack young “infidel” girls.


Our society has come to this?  If America votes in Democrats in November and also a Democrat president in 2020; we will surely experience these horrific crimes against young women. We will see judges dismissing cases right and left to protect the Muslims.

Muslims running for office in the U.S.

Did you know that up to 130 Muslims will be on the ballots across America in November?  And because so many Americans are deceived and “politically correct” (another way of saying ‘scared to death’ )  many of those people will probably be voted in.


Canada: Sexual assault charges dismissed against Muslim accused of groping six teen girls in pool

“Justice Joyce Lester cited unreliable witness testimony as a reason for the decision.” Juxtapose that with this: “At least two of the girls in the courtroom to hear the ruling cried when it was given.”

Could Justice Joyce Lester be a proponent of mass Muslim migration into Canada, and not want that program to be hampered by negative publicity?

“Charges dismissed against man in West Edmonton Mall pool sexual assaults,” by Jamie Sarkonak, Edmonton Journal, July 6, 2018 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

“Sexual assault charges have been dismissed against a man accused of groping six teen girls at the West Edmonton Mall wave pool, a provincial court judge ruled Friday morning.

Soeliman Hajj Soleiman was arrested in February 2017 after several teenagers reported being touched by a man in the wave pool.

Justice Joyce Lester cited unreliable witness testimony as a reason for the decision.

At least two of the girls in the courtroom to hear the ruling cried when it was given.

When the trial began earlier this year, court heard testimony from some of the teen complainants, who were ages 13 to 15 at the time.

On the evening of Feb. 4, 2017, 16 girls from a soccer team were attending a birthday party at the pool, court heard. One of the complainants, then 14, testified she was in the wave pool when she heard other girls saying someone was touching them. She told court that as a wave hit, a man swam up under her and touched her breast and buttocks…. – source

May God help Europe, the U.K., America and other countries who are under assault by radical Islamists.  I pray that He will protect young women from sexual assaults.

I also pray that there will be a global uprising against the Islamist ways of sharia law, and that any known “radical Islamists” be deported back to their countries of origin!


Shalom b’Yeshua







8 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Canada: Muslim Arrested For Groping Six Teenage Girls in Pool – All Charges Dropped

  1. “seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear” comes to mind – sums up Political Correctness – which we never had til the first disaster Trudeau became PM in 1968. Unlike his son, he was dangerous because he was very smart, savvy, and could turn on charm. He was a marxist before he switched political affiliations. He was also Jesuit educated – which in itself screams “beware” to any informed person. Nonetheless as there are no term limits, he was PM for 16 years. In US that would be the equivalent of being stuck with Obama for 16 years.

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  3. Seems this, “wave pool” is quite the frequent spot for such predators! Need camera’s there, if they are not there already. But true, “fear has torment”! 1 John 4:18.

  4. America is already “here.” It just is not published in MSM. In Florida (and most likely other coastal states) the female population is not allowed on certain beaches…they are at high risk of being attacked by Muslim “men.” Many rapes of our American girls, some as young as 3 yrs., and 5 yrs., have been covered up by police, and our justice depts. Their parents have been threatened by those same police and justice depts. in various ways. For very many years Muslims have been beheading their wives and daughters, and our police and justice depts do nothing. For years the Muslim people have not been arrested for drunk driving/murdering pedestrians. They’ve not been put in prison or deported for various vicious crimes…they have not even gotten a “slap on the wrist.” In various states there are areas that are “no-go-zones.” Even the police, Sheriff Depts., CPS, EMS, will not cross into their areas. They even have their own schools, mosques, medical clinics, grocery stores, etc. These areas are not only in cities, they are in the countryside…rural areas. So, it is Already in America…just as it has been in Canada, England, France, Sweden, etc., for years…They just waited…until there was enough political “sympathy/stupidity” and high-up govt. officials who “loved” them (here, read “got recognition, political favors, money, kick-backs, promised votes,” etc., etc.). If Donald Trump has not become our American president, by God’s Grace, I am sure we would already be ahead of Trudea’s sad state of affairs in Canada. The Muslims are so deeply entrenched in America…in many forms of govt. systems, education systems, the medical and pharmaceutical system, the medical supporters, about every American system one can think of…including our military, that I am not one of those who believe we can “rid ourselves of the Muslim population and start over.” They are on track with their population agenda, as they were in every other country…they replacing our American population with Muslim births. We allow them to have multiple wives. We house each wife and her children in a separate house or apartment, or condominium at the tax payers’ expense. All the while she and the other wives, the husband, the grown/of age children, neither work or pay taxes; But, they all receive welfare benefits at much higher rates than our American citizens. They are out on our disability programs almost immediately as they cross our border. (The current wait for legitimate disabled Americans is at least 5 yrs. Why? Because of the illegal invaders!) I could go on and on. Sorry. But, as you see, America is already “here.” But, “they” are waiting. We still have so many American citizens who know and see, the truth. The Muslims are waiting for just the “right” moment. In the meantime, they continue to push the limits of our deniable abilities.

  5. scott chapman

    What a fine looking group of upstanding citizens. I wonder if Trudouche has invited them to any of His pool parties. Man, I would love to knock the other eyebrow off that dipshit.

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