The Devil, Demons and Democrats: JESUS PLEASE Come Get Us Soon!

They’ve done it now.

They are not even pretending to be sane. They figure “why bother?”  They are demanding things that only insane or possessed people would ask.

They want all prisons to be opened – let out everyone!  The Murderers,  the Pedophiles, the Terrorists and all other criminals. YES!  Let them ALL out into the streets to continue their barbaric deeds.

They want ALL borders to be abolished.  A country with NO BORDERS.  That means MS 13, ISIS, criminals of every race will have full access to our country.

Oh, wait ……WHAT country?

And it doesn’t end there.  They insist that all private-sector businesses be closed and be replaced by a government- run fascist economy to control everything.


This is now the position of the Left. The party that once stood for civil liberties now stands for the complete invasion and overrunning of the United States of America. The Democrat platform is, essentially, the platform of war against America. Even more philosophically stated, it is actually a war with civilization. (If you think Democrats know how to run things, check out the current situation in Venezuela, run by the very same lunatics who are now calling for abolishing ICE in America…)

Democrats want to unleash a wave of violent criminals, murderers, rapists, child traffickers and illegals to sweep across your neighborhood and loot everything in sight

As part of the Democrats’ war against civilization, the New York Times has declared a full assault on the First Amendment, now claiming that when conservatives exercise free speech, it’s dangerous to society. Democrats are now even attacking Bernie Sanders for not being radical enough. He’s a radical socialist, but he’s too “moderate” for Leftists now, reports, because he hasn’t yet called for open borders and the flooding of America with illegals.

Deranged liberal mobs spent the weekend staging marches nationwide, holding up “Abolish ICE” signs and tweeting out demands to end borders, shut down all prisons and have the government seize all private businesses in the name of “equality.”

By “abolish profit,” they mean the complete elimination of free market capitalism, privately-held businesses, and the entire private sector of the U.S. economy. To the Left, only government should have authority and control over society… and of course, they want to be the lunatics running that government.

Democrats are now synonymous with complete lawlessness and mass mental illness

Understand what you’re seeing here: Democrats are now synonymous with utter lawlessness. They want no borders, no prisons and ultimately no police. They push sanctuary cities to protect violent criminal illegals, and they actively seek to abolish even the most fundamental right of any sovereign nation: the right to protect your own border.

Democrats are actively trying to unleash mass criminal chaos across America. Because they can no longer win at the ballot box, they’re deliberately working to unleash a bloody civil war in the streets of America. They want total chaos. They want an end to anything resembling a civil society. They demand to either run the government with their fascist tyranny, or destroy the nation and start over.

Recognize what you’re really watching here: The complete de-masking (de-cloaking) of the true intent of the Democrat party, which is to abolish America and usher in a new Fascist police state regime run by left-wing tyrants. (That was their plan all along with the 2016 election, but the people overrode their evil plot and elected Trump to try to save America.)

This is why more and more people are walking away from the deranged Democrat party. A new movement called #walkaway is going viral across social media. Intelligent, informed people are leaving the Democrat party in droves because they realize Democrats are now radical left-wing lunatics and terrorists who openly desire rampant lawlessness and chaos.

If you value your life, liberty, property or even your job, join us in defeating the Democrats at every election from this day forward. Your very life depends on it. The future of human civilization on this planet depends on it. If the lunatic Leftists win, America collapses and the world plunges into a dark chapter of destitution, tyranny, mass starvation and collapse.

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Brethren, if the insanity of the Left does prevail, we will be the criminals – we will be incarcerated.  Our crime will be that we are truth tellers.

And if we have to continue telling truth from jail cells – that’s what we will do.

That’s what Watchmen on the Wall  have to do.






The Demonically Inspired ‘Pull’ of the Catholic Church: Don’t Listen to the Whispers of the Evil One

Through the years since I was born again (1983) I have seen many Catholics come to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have rejoiced with them and encouraged them in their walk with the Lord.  I saw the joy in their faces when they realized for themselves  this very simple truth found in the Word of God:

 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,  not of works, lest anyone should boast”  (Ephesians 2:8-9).

That is the passage of Scripture which gave Martin Luther the courage and boldness to nail his 95 theses to the door of the Catholic Church in Germany.  THAT is the passage of God’s Word which set free many of the captives of the Catholic (Cult) and allowed the true meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be known by the world.

I have written many articles about Martin Luther and how towards the end of his life, he became anti-Semitic.  He penned the words of his poisonous “On the Jews and Their Lies” sermon, which led to over 2000 Jews being slaughtered in the streets and synagogues burned to the ground.  His hateful sermon was adored by Adolph Hitler – he never attended a meeting of the SS without Luther’s sermon in his pocket.

People ask me how I can even quote Martin Luther, being a Jewish believer in Christ.  I tell them that Luther was merely a man and he was used mightily by our God to bring about the Great Reformation.  He started well, but did not finish well.  As I said, Luther was a man. His anti-Semitic sermon will be burned up behind him as he enters heaven.

Former Catholics Returning to Rome

Perhaps many of these people who returned to the Catholic church had not been properly discipled.  But I tend to believe that the satanic stronghold of the Catholic cult is much like a spiritual ball and chain worn around the ankles of those who had broken free of the “Works-based” Catholic doctrine.

I can just hear the diabolical lies of the evil one as he constantly chips away at the faith of those who escaped Catholicism.  I think perhaps his whispers sound like this:

“You know that the Catholic church is the ONE true church. And you know that leaving this church was so sinful!  Come back……come back…..the pope is waiting for you. There IS forgiveness waiting for you if you only come back.

And many have come back.

“As a dog returns to his own vomit,
So a fool repeats his folly”   (Proverbs 26:11).

They miss the worship of Mary.  They miss confessing their sins to a priest who I might add has as many, if not more sins than the confessor! They miss the ornate churches and the priests donning their purple and red velvet robes. They miss communion in which they believe that each week they are drinking the actual blood, and eating the actual body of the Lord Jesus Christ. They crucify again the Son of God week after week after week! Brethren, I cringed to even have typed those words – but it is the truth.

The “Hail Mary” prayers

It amazes and shocks me that Catholic people do not realize that Mary was but a young Jewish virgin handmaiden who was chosen by God to bring Jesus into our world.  But how can they know this when they do not read their Bibles?

According to Catholics, Mary is co-Redemptrix with Jesus.  I do not remember Mary shedding her blood for our sins, do you?

They call her “Queen of heaven.”  Try to show a Catholic “prisoner” the truth about Mary from the Word of God, and you will see rage as you’ve never experienced!  I showed a Catholic woman where in the Word it said that Joseph did not touch Mary until Jesus was born.  I showed her that Jesus had siblings.

I was called demon possessed by the Catholic woman.  How DARE I say such things about the “Queen of heaven?”  I even showed her that in the Magnificat, Mary called Jesus “God my Savior!”  That was it. This woman looked as though she could easily have killed me!

And Now Pope Francis is calling Evangelicals “home”

Watch as Pope Francis calls Evangelicals to come “home” to the mother church:

Did you leave the Catholic church and then return to it?

I pray that this article is helping you to see the stronghold which satan has over you. Please think back and remember why you left.  Open your Bible and see the Scriptures which clearly teach that we CANNOT earn our way to heaven!

STOP praying to Mary!  Yes, she is blessed of all woman – God chose her to carry Jesus in her womb – fathered by the Holy Spirit of God – and give birth to Jesus as He came for ONE main reason; to die on the Cross to pay for the sins of the world.

God offers salvation to those who will repent and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.  Even Mary was saved the same way all of us were saved. She trusted in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


For those who think that this article is a bit too abrasive, please remember this:

I would rather hurt you with TRUTH that leads to your Salvation, than to tickle your ears with lies which condemn you to hell!

Shalom b’Yeshua