Facebook’s New Tactic to Silence Me and Other Christian Conservatives

I have written recently that Facebook puts me in “FB jail” quite frequently.  If I write about the Muslim Brotherhood, or on President Trump – or anything against the Left; FB will send me a message, alerting me that I cannot post in any groups until such and such a time.

But now they have begun to use a new tactic.  If I had not looked back at articles I have posted in groups to which I belong – I never would have known.

Facebook is allowing me to post, basically anything I choose, but they are coming behind me and marking my articles as “SPAM.”  What this does is immediately zaps the article out of the group, never to be seen.

This article is basically a “head’s up” to other Christian writers who are being censored by Facebook.

We must press on and publish TRUTH.  We must not cower under the powers that be.  The Lord God is in complete control.  We must not lose hope and stop writing.

If you are in a group which has posted my articles for years, but recently have not seen much from me, please go to my WordPress and at the very bottom right you will see a small blue rectangle which says “Follow Absolute Truth From the Word of God.”  Whenever I write a new piece, it will come directly to your email.

If you feel that you are called to write TRUTH then keep on writing it for the glory of God and for the welfare of our brethren!



5 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Tactic to Silence Me and Other Christian Conservatives

  1. do8ug

    Perhaps you friended someone who is part of a group that targets your posts reporting them as whatever

  2. Geri, a Hebrew brother of mine had his facebook page altogether deleted twice. He is now on LinkedIn. Exorcist Bridges. Be aware that Mark is not a Zuckelberg. He is a Rockafeller and a Babylonian brotherhood member. Nephilum. His knees bend the wrong direction when he walks. I have been in FB jail twice over anti Muslim posts. I just avoid those. FB also closed my account demanded a face shot of me. A few days later they reopened it. I John am extremely radical in my faith and ministry for Messiah.

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