Facebook’s New Tactic to Silence Me and Other Christian Conservatives

I have written recently that Facebook puts me in “FB jail” quite frequently.  If I write about the Muslim Brotherhood, or on President Trump – or anything against the Left; FB will send me a message, alerting me that I cannot post in any groups until such and such a time.

But now they have begun to use a new tactic.  If I had not looked back at articles I have posted in groups to which I belong – I never would have known.

Facebook is allowing me to post, basically anything I choose, but they are coming behind me and marking my articles as “SPAM.”  What this does is immediately zaps the article out of the group, never to be seen.

This article is basically a “head’s up” to other Christian writers who are being censored by Facebook.

We must press on and publish TRUTH.  We must not cower under the powers that be.  The Lord God is in complete control.  We must not lose hope and stop writing.

If you are in a group which has posted my articles for years, but recently have not seen much from me, please go to my WordPress and at the very bottom right you will see a small blue rectangle which says “Follow Absolute Truth From the Word of God.”  Whenever I write a new piece, it will come directly to your email.

If you feel that you are called to write TRUTH then keep on writing it for the glory of God and for the welfare of our brethren!



Muslim Brotherhood: Why Trump Should Name the Group a Terrorist Organization

AFP PHOTO / Nova SAFO (Photo credit should read NOVA SAFO/AFP/Getty Images)

Our enemy is not the Muslim people as a whole. Our enemy is Fundamentalist Islam and Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is also “Islamist.”

I have chosen to use clarionproject.org as my source for credible information about the Muslim Brotherhood and other “Islamist” organizations. Clarion is trustworthy and they are American patriots.

What is an Islamist?

The gentleman in this video gives a very clear definition of Islamist vs. Islamic

From clarionproject.org

Time for a US Ban on the Muslim Brotherhood, but Why?

A lot of people in the United States are talking about banning the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the world’s largest Islamist organizations. The movement has many detractors and supporters, and it can be difficult to know what’s really going on.

So who is the Muslim Brotherhood? What do its members really believe and why might they be a big enough threat to ban? And, how does that impact me?

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international movement originally founded in Egypt with branches all over the world, including in the United States. Although it is not a single monolithic movement, the disparate factions share the same foundational ideology. The group does not represent all or even most Muslims (despite claiming to) and is fundamentally a political rather than a religious movement.

What does the Muslim Brotherhood Believe?

The British Government review of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in 2015 found:

“The founder and first Supreme Guide (spiritual leader), Hassan al Banna, called for the religious reformation of individual Muslims, the progressive moral purification of Muslim societies and their eventual political unification in a Caliphate under sharia law.”

According to the founding bylaws of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group aims to liberate Islamic countries from foreign rule, an understandable goal in 1928 when the group was founded and when Britain was ruling Egypt. However it does not stop there, the group’s official aim is to unite all Muslim countries, re-establish a caliphate and to implement sharia as a system of government.

The prime beliefs of the Brotherhood are firstly that it sees no distinction between religion and state – only Islam as the sole legitimate system. The second is a strong attachment to the ideals of social justice and the elimination of poverty and corruption, which it uses to recruit, primarily among its core support base, the lower middle class.

Its purported attachment to fighting economic injustice should not lead observers to think that the group is benign. Such economic programs do not detract from the group’s totalitarian nature.

What about Jihad?

Although it has officially renounced violence since the 1970s, this purported renunciation is false.

Founder Hassan al-Banna also wrote extensively on the importance of jihad and the “Art of Death.” This focus preached that death in the cause of jihad is a virtue and only by replacing love of life with love of death can the Muslim Brotherhood be triumphant.

Another Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, Sayyid Qutb, authored the seminal Islamist text Milestones while in prison in 1964. The text is seen as foundational in the genealogy of the Islamist movement, and influenced such terrorist luminaries as Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s mentor, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11.

The book created the modern political concept of jahilliya. In traditional Islamic discourse, jahilliya refers to the “age of ignorance” that mythically prevailed in Arabia before the arrival of Mohammed and the formation of Islam.

Qutb updated the concept to mean that any government which does not implement sharia as a system of government exists in a state of jahilliya. Such governments are illegitimate and need overthrowing – violently if necessary.

How Does This Impact Me?

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan ultimately involves the entire world, including the United States. Muslim Brotherhood ideology is spread in conferences, in printed materials and by affiliated groups around the world. In particular in the United States, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America and the Islamic Circle of North America have been linked to the international Muslim Brotherhood movement.

If the Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to, it will create an Islamic caliphate and implement a system of sharia governance, including the brutal hudud punishments such as stoning adulterers to death and cutting the hands off thieves.

For more information about the Muslim Brotherhood and its global vision, see Clarion Project’s Special Report: The Muslim Brotherhood. – source

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Uprising Against U.S.

From clarionproject.org

The Muslim Brotherhood has effectively declared war on the United States (Arabic link):

The Muslim Brotherhood is launching today a solidarity call with all Palestinian factions and Islamic movements to ignite an uprising throughout the Islamic world against the Zionist occupation and the American administration in support of the occupation and against the rights and freedoms of the peoples.

The last “uprising” some 15 years ago resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians – Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Join us today in calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be designated as a foreign terrorist entity.

While the Brotherhood issued the statement in the wake of President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a week ago, the organization has been fomenting anti-American, pro-sharia sentiment for some time.

Clarion Project is closely following Muslim Brotherhood activities on Capitol Hill, across the United States and beyond.

There are growing concerns about the strong ties between the Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda.

CLICK HERE to Write to Your Members of Congress to Designate the Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Muslim Brotherhood Deepens its Ties on Capitol Hill

From clarionproject.org

New evidence suggests the Muslim Brotherhood has big plans for the U.S. and a variety of countries around the globe that involve hundreds of millions of dollars in a bid to gain political influence.

The exact details come from a mole inside a meeting of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Istanbul, Turkey, and made public in Arabic by the Egyptian news outlet 7th Day.

The gathering took place at the city’s Akgun Hotel with members of the Brotherhood’s U.S.-based revolutionary council among the 21 in attendance.

United States

Much of the conversation focused on attempts to curry favor in Congress.

They reportedly met North Carolina Democrat Congressman David Price – notable for his early condemnation of the 2003 war in Iraq, Californian Congressman Alan Lowenthal and centrist New York Republican John Faso.

The Istanbul meeting was told how Brotherhood officials heard from Price and Lowenthal that they would try to reduce U.S. aid to Egypt by 40 percent by the end of 2017. The Brotherhood is deeply opposed to the current pro-American regime in Cairo.

The organization held rallies in New York’s Times Square and with CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Illinois and Boston.

Among those said to have attended a Brotherhood-backed event was former Barack Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed.

Help Clarion Project educate Congress on the Muslim Brotherhood.


Alongside Turkey, Qatar appears to be the main backer of the Brotherhood – to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

Doha has funneled $100 million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since 2014, 7th Day reported. The money was to be used for political and media campaigns as well as supporting the families of Brotherhood members serving time in Egyptian jails. The meeting heard how some 200,000 bank accounts were used in order to transfer the funds. Clarion recently reported on the Muslim Brotherhood’s huge international piggy bank.

Educational Influence

The brotherhood set up its own international university in 2016 with branches in the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Sudan and Thailand. This allows the MB’s disciples from Egypt to legally enter other countries.

The college quickly established partnerships with local universities in several countries. Its degrees are recognized in states including the UK.

Staff recruitment is also an opportunity to bolster the ranks of the wider organization.

The brotherhood also created the UK- and Irish-based Doctors for Freedom to lobby for the release of members currently in Egyptian jails.

Meeting Lawmakers and Diplomats

From 2016-17, Brotherhood officials met politicians and diplomats from dozens of countries. Among them:

  1. Staff at the embassies of 80 nations in Ankara, Turkey
  2. 132 diplomatic delegations at the UN including all Security Council states other than Egypt
  3. Officials and/or lawmakers in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland
  4. (Through a letter) heads of state of 50 countries along with senior politicians in the U.S. and EU


The organization staged protests in Geneva, Zurich Berlin, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. In the UK, a professor at Leeds University organized a demonstration in front a London museum.

November 11

The Muslim Brotherhood is considering staging protests on November 11 across Egypt in opposition to the el-Sisi government. If the events go ahead, they will target blue- and white-collar workers and the youth. The organization wants to amass one-million Facebook followers as part of its campaign.

A group of overseas businessmen donated $5 million for the November 11 event. – source

Muslim Brotherhood Men in D.C. to Push Political Islam

From clarionproject.org

Not only does the Muslim Brotherhood have numerous affiliates operating in the United States, but now this leading Islamist organization is trying to influence American policy.

The Muslim Brotherhood supports terrorist organizations and seeks to impose a caliphate on Western society. Brotherhood entities are designated terrorist organizations in Russia, the UAE, Egypt and Saud Arabia. But not in the U.S.

A detailed report in the London-based Al-Arab highlights the lengths to which the Brotherhood is going to change perceptions in the U.S.

Since Donald Trump entered the Oval office, there’s been growing concern in the movement about the negative way in which it is viewed on Capitol Hill.

The Brotherhood is reaching out to past and present officials from the Obama administration who were sympathetic towards the cause of political Islam, a Washington source told the weekly paper.

Former Egyptian government minister Omar Daraj and Cordoba Foundation CEO Anas Altikriti reportedly sent out feelers in D.C. to arrange meetings with high-profile Americans. The former British prime minister is among those who believe Cordoba is a Brotherhood front in the UK.

In recent weeks, particularly with the turnover of staff in the White House and the broader Trump Administration, calls for the Brotherhood to be designated as a terror organization by the U.S. have largely been silenced.

Al-Arab claims this, in part at least, is because of the influence of Qatar – a major backer of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Among the talking points raised by those defending the Brotherhood is that should it be designated as a terrorist organization, that would lead to a souring of relations with countries that back the organization – among them Turkey.

While it seems unlikely the Brotherhood will be designated in the near future, President Trump’s opposition to political Islam makes it unlikely the Brotherhood will gain many friends in the administration.

Don’t forget all of this is in addition to the Brotherhood’s permanent presence on American soil in the guises of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), among many other organizations.

Clarion has been closely following the Muslim Brotherhood in recent months, and we have seen numerous allegations of its involvement in terror in several countries – first and foremost in its home base, Egypt. There were even suggestions the Brotherhood was involved in the August terror attacks around Barcelona.

The U.S. isn’t the only Western state where the Brotherhood is trying to influence the political narrative. It’s reportedly paid people to protest on its behalf in Europe.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, I personally believe that the reason that the U.S. does not show up in End Times Prophecy may very well be directly connected to a complete take over of the the U.S. by Islamists.

All one has to do is to look at London to see how political jihad truly works. London and many parts of the U.K. are unrecognizable today. Hundreds of churches are being demolished and mosques planned to be built to replace them.  The mayor of London is a radical Islamist.

This did not happen overnight.  Political Jihad happens when more and more Muslims migrate to non Muslim countries and begin to dominate the population. Then they are voted into powerful positions in the government.  The rest is history…….

Come Lord Jesus!