Will November 4th Bring the Start Of A New American Revolution?

Having just written a piece on the tactics of Left Wing Democrats AKA Communists; I used a quote by Karl Marx:

“Accuse your enemy of what YOU are doing, as you are doing it to cause confusion.”  

Is it not what the Soros-funded “Antifa” is truly about? Is it not laughable for these well paid “useful idiots” to be considered “Anti-Fascist?” They are the very definition of fascism! They are paid by the diabolical globalist to wreak havoc in the streets of America, in hopes that their paths of destruction will eventually bring Martial Law.

The U.N. Globalists have said that the only thing standing in the way of the One World Government is a strong America.

President Donald Trump  

I thank the Lord that we have President Trump in our White House.  As November 4th approaches, I believe that our president knows precisely how he will deal will these anarchists in the streets.

Remember when Obama promised that he would build a domestic army which would rival our own Military?  Perhaps these members of Antifa are part of such an army.

From thenewamerican.com

Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4

The communists in the Antifa crowd are planning to begin a revolution in America on Saturday, November 4 — almost exactly 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution that took Russia out of the frying pan of Tsarist rule and into the fire of communist totalitarianism. While some see Antifa activists as the modern heroes of anti-Fascism — fighting against racism, sexism, and a litany of other “isms” — and others see them merely as the snowflake crowd of spoiled brats demanding free everything, the reality is that Antifa is one tool in the communists’ toolbox to bring America to her knees. And Saturday, November 4, 2017, is the day they have chosen for the opening salvo in the American Bolshevik Revolution.

On Tuesday morning, September 26, the Antifa group Refuse Fascism blocked rush-hour traffic on the 101 freeway for about a half an hour. Stretched out across the highway, holding signs spelling out, “NOV 4 IT BEGINS,” eight people chanted slogans such as “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.” and “Whose streets? Our streets!” Many others lined the areas above the freeway, holding banners demanding an end to the “Trump/Pence Regime” and shooting video of the blockade.

As cars backed up on the freeway for several miles with thousands of angry travelers creating a cacophony of honking horns, the Antifa crowd continued their siege of the public right-of-way, claiming it was theirs to block. The hypocrisy of the Antifa crowd claiming to be fighting for freedom — while restricting the liberty of thousands of the people whose rights they claim to care about — is telling. While blocking traffic, these “activists” seem to give no thought to the fact that there may be police officers, ambulance drivers, and fire fighters as well as ordinary citizens on their way to real, life-threatening emergencies who are blocked in that traffic while the Antifa crowd makes a political point.

This tactic is nothing new; Antifa’s comrades-in-arms in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd have used it on numerous occasions. It is not surprising that both BLM and Antifa use the same disruptive tactics; they both draw their philosophy (and their tactics) from the poisoned well of Marxist ideology. They are both tools of the Marxist plan to overthrow America.

As The New American’s William Jasper wrote Thursday:

As a journalist, and as a researcher for Dr. [Larry] McDonald and the Western Goals Foundation, during the 1970s and early 1980s, I also went undercover inside the Communist Party USA, Revolutionary Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, and the radical student organizations that were feeder groups for the organized communists. What we are witnessing today with the rise of Antifa is a recreation of the atmosphere and the network of subversive organizations similar to that of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, that is part of an integral plan for a new phase of “the revolution.” They have literally declared war on America, as many of the Antifa banners openly, defiantly state. They intend to cause such chaos that America will become “ungovernable,” leading (they hope) to the overthrow of our constitutional system (which they say is racist and fascist) and the establishment of an anarchist-communist dictatorship.

As part of that plan to establish “an anarchist-communist dictatorship,” the communists in Antifa are not one bit above engaging in criminal behavior. Like their communist predecessors in other places and other times, Antifa has staged riots, burned or otherwise destroyed public and private property, and used violence and the threat of violence to cow their opponents into silent submission.

A “press release,” which accompanied the video and was also made available on the website of Refuse Fascism, makes it clear that this particular piece of criminal behavior was part of a plan to promote November 4 as a day to:

Take To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night — not stopping — until our DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/ Pence Regime Must Go!

The “press release” goes on to say:

The activists spoke out: “The Trump Regime Must and Can Be Stopped. This is not wishful thinking but could be made a reality if all who hate what is represented by this fascist regime translate our outrage into a massive, sustained mobilization to create the political conditions which make this possible. We are millions. Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. On November 4 – It Begins. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do — creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is removed from power.”

The non-violent civil disobedience activists warned: “The Trump/Pence regime will repeatedly launch new highly repressive measures, eventually clamping down on all resistance and remaking the law… IF THEY ARE NOT DRIVEN FROM POWER.”

They declared: “NO! We REFUSE To Accept A Fascist America. Now is the time to raise the alarm… now is the time to throw yourselves in with all the passion, creativity, energy, and determination this cause deserves…now is the time to organize, prepare for, and let everyone know about what begins on November 4 ~ In the Name of Humanity, This Fascist Trump/Pence Regime Must GO!”


Our protest must grow day after day and night after night — thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions — determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

During Tuesday’s episode, California Highway Patrol officers arrived on the scene within minutes and arrested all eight who were blocking traffic. Their arrests, of course, were predicted by the so-called “activists” and are being used as a promotional tool to raise funds for the “revolution.” The press release says:

8 Refuse Fascism activists were arrested by California Highway Patrol at 9am Tuesday morning, after rush-hour traffic was brought to a halt in downtown LA during a civil disobedience action on the 110 Freeway. They are now being held at Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles. This facility is under the jurisdiction of the LAPD. The Metropolitan Detention Center Release Desk phone number is 213-356-3448. Please call the LAPD and demand the release of the protestors! They have been charged with misdemeanor Trespassing (M602(K)PC) and bail is $5,000 each.

It then lists a website for people to make a donation. Typical.

Just what the significance of November 4 is to the communists in Antifa is not known outside their circles. This date is just three days prior to the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution’s November 7, 1917 (October 25 under the old calendar) overthrow of the provisional government (which had replaced Tsarist rule a few months earlier) in Russia. Perhaps Antifa chose November 4 because it is on a Saturday and less likely to interfere with the capitalist jobs of some of the revolutionaries. Or perhaps Antifa’s timing has absolutely nothing to do with the Bolshevik Revolution’s centennial — though even if that were the case the communists in Antifa would surely view the timing of their revolution as a happy coincidence. At any rate, Americans can expect more revolutionary agitation between now and November 4 as the communists plan and execute new ways to promote their revolution.

And police departments all over the country should be preparing for November 4. Because while there may not be “thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions” involved in the events starting that day, there will be more episodes of disruption and — if the past is any indicator — some of it is likely to turn violent. – source

It seems that America does not play a part in End Times prophecy.  Many have speculated that perhaps something happens to our country. Only our Father in heaven knows.  While gross sin wraps its tentacles around our country – do we really delude ourselves in thinking that God will not judge us?

There is unrest in my spirit; something wicked this way comes.

But we who belong to the Lord must keep our eyes on Him. We long for the day when He comes to snatch us away from this wicked place.

When I think of it – when I think of seeing the face of our precious Savior – I am comforted with a comfort that only He can give.





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  1. Reblogged this on Equipping and commented:
    The “black shirts” were terrorists of Mussolini. The “brown shirts” were terrorists of Hitler. These black and blue hooded and face covered terrorists are those of Obama. Parents, if you are not teaching your children the ways of God, and don’t have them in a good church and Sunday School, you are enabling a liberal to grow up right before your eyes. Remember Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

  2. Amen. God is still on our side, on the side of Israel and the USA. The Holy Spirit has not yet pulled out.

    “We are millions,” the evil mobs say.
    Well, so are we. Plus, our God is bigger than their gods.

  3. I hope all of the officers have their best game faces on.including patience, and that everyone else stays out of the way! I also hope the hype is..hype. But one must be prepared.

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