Date Setting Is Rooted In Pride

Thousands, perhaps millions of Christians are hanging on to every word uttered by those in the prophecy community who insist on setting a “date” for the Rapture. I have read many articles in which the author expresses concern for those who are counting on the latest “date” for Jesus to come. Some are even worried that many of the brethren will be so depressed – they might even consider taking their own lives.

I have never been one to follow date setters.  Their arguments for knowing the time our Lord Jesus will Rapture us is based upon “blood moons” and “Feasts.” Why are they so adamant about knowing the day of the Rapture?  I believe that this is deeply rooted in pride

Obviously, all date setters up to this point have been wrong. But this does not sway others from jumping on the bandwagon; telling the people what they want to hear.

Please do not get me wrong here.  I ache for that day. I pray for His coming to gather us up every day. But I would never attempt to say that Jesus is coming for us on this day or that day.  All the calculations made to support a person setting a date are suspicious to me.  God’s ways are not our ways.  And why would Jesus tell us that not He, nor the angels of heaven, know the date; only the Father knows?

I tell people that the time of the Rapture is “Imminent.”  And this is truth. He could come at any time.  And we are to watch the signs of the times – many of them are happening right now.  Speaking of the imminency of the Rapture is the best way to encourage the brethren about this long awaited event – and to be ready at all times.

I can only believe that date setters want to be able to say “I told you!”  That is prideful.

Why not just pray each day that He will come; why not make sure that we yearn for His coming.  Why not love His appearing more than anything on this earth, and NEVER look back?

We who love the Lord Jesus Christ are in the palm of the Father’s hand. That is glorious.

If we put as much energy into sharing the Gospel with the Lost, as we do trying to pinpoint the day of his coming – can you imagine how many people might be added to the Kingdom of God?

Shalom b’Yeshua


8 thoughts on “Date Setting Is Rooted In Pride

  1. Geri, I am in complete agreement with you that our Lord’s return is imminent. At the same time, I find the reasoning of those who are talking about the September 23rd, “Revelation 12” sign very compelling. None of those who point to that date (at least not any that I’ve listened to) have made any dogmatic claims that this is a firm date for the Rapture. Indeed, they repeatedly offer the disclaimer that they are NOT setting a date. They are only pointing to a unique astral phenomenon (a once in 7000-year occurrence) that will appear over the Israel on September 23. I do not regard this as “prideful” because they all know very well that they could be wrong. And if they are right, and the Rapture does occur at that time, to whom will they boast, “See! I told you!”? There will be no boasting when they see Jesus. All I see in these men is that they are anxiously hopeful that Jesus will soon return. I am not saying they are right, but, as I said, their arguments are very compelling.

    By the same token, I have heard many that are critical of these “prophets” dismissing these men as “sensationalists” by misrepresenting what they are saying without investigating whether their claims (about “the sign”) are factual. This too, it seems to me, is rooted in pride – i.e., they are the prophecy experts, and these others are just sensationalists. Pride works both ways. None of us can know with 100% accuracy the “details” of God’s plans. However, He gave us really good “hints,” and He told us to “watch” and be ready. No one has the complete picture of what lies ahead, so, if we dismiss a “suggestion” just because we didn’t think of it first, we are in danger of becoming the scoffers that Peter talked about (2 Peter 3:3). Personally, I hope the “sensationalists” are correct and Jesus does come for us at this Feast of Trumpets – or sooner. That said, I am not ready to cancel my trip to Israel scheduled for October 9! 😀

    BTW, I don’t know if you follow my blog (probably not), but I’ve been writing about this topic, especially here lately.

  2. Blood Moons Ugh…. That book was so far fetched. Mark Hitchcock wrote a book debunking it a few years back.

    Spet 23? I can assume that’s Rosh Hashanah this year.. I know the spring feast were all fulfilled literally by Christ. It could be that the rapture may coincide with the feast of trumpets. I know Dr Reagan alludes to that, yet he knows not to set dates.

    But for anyone to say “on such and such day of such and such year”. Well, I’ll simply obey the Lord.
    Matthew 24:36 (NASB)
    36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

    HOWEVER, I do believe we are in the season.

    AND “For sure” I know for a “FACT” we are a day closer than yesterday!

  3. tonytarr11

    i could not agree more w/ Ernesto! He saved me from typing out all them words!!! this is tony in vt. Shalom Geri and all * keep lookin’ UP

  4. All I know is that for the 45 plus years that I have followed Yeshua as Savior and Lord, every solitary date setter has been proven absolutely and completely totally in error…not because the date set did not come to pass as predicted, but because each and every date setter stepped outside the Testimony of Jesus Christ and the Testimony of the Word of God….I Stand totally upon the Word of God and Preach and Teach Yeshua Crucified,Risen,and Coming Again…According to the Teaching of the Word of God. This most recent September 23rd,2017 attempt–is compelling indeed.It has resulted in compelling evidence of the consequence of Date Setting–Division and Wedges,Controversy and Animosity between Brethren-In-Christ….and I am sorry to witness this happen–but Our Lord Himself said it would happen….and it is happening….Proverbs 6:16-19 nothwithstanding…it is tragic and sad to see such arguments and doubtful disputations–I don’t care how many colorful pie charts, power-point illustrations–and insistent theology thrown into the mix to justify the rushing bandwagon….I just don’t understand why the Word of God isn’t Sufficient to Stand Upon, and Why a solitary passage in Scripture must be privately interpreted and an entire Date Setting Private Interpretation can so rapidly capture the minds,hearts,and most of all Time of Brethren—when there are so many Lost and Backslidden…So many Brethren Hurting and Going Through So Many Fiery Trials in these Last Days and End Times….and I wonder Why it is so Important that Chaplain Bill Herrmann jump on the Scottie Clark Bandwagon???? I cannot count the deluge of You Tube Videos, private Essays, and Theological Dissertations that I have received pleading with me to Support and Promote the September 23rd,2017 Scottie Clark Theology….It boggles my mind….It really does.

    1. Have you prayed about it? You sound confused. Because this is about God’s Word being fulfilled, NOT date setting. Whether I not the rapture happens this Feast of Trumpets or not, the Word is being fulfilled and time I getting very short. If one is at all aware of advances in artificial intelligence, transhumanism, cryptic currency, and the one world religion of “peace” that is overtaking the “Christian” church, one wound indeed be looking for prophecy fulfillment!

    1. *whether or not the rapture happens during this Feast of Trumpets
      *cryptocurrency — not cryptic
      *would– not wound
      among other typos…
      So sorry☺️

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